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  1. 1. American College of Radiology Annual Meeting & Chapter Leadership Conference Resident and Fellow Section 2013 Recap Washington Hilton Washington D.C. 5/4/2013-5/8/2013
  2. 2. The American College of Radiology “Quality Is Our Image”
  3. 3. What is the ACR?  Originally established in 1923 as an honorary society to recognize “Fellows” with distinguished academic careers  1930’s – “advancing the science of radiology by means of the study of the economic aspects of radiology and the encouragement of improved educational facilities for radiologists”  The ACR has been the primary organization representing the socioeconomic and professional practice issues of radiology since it’s foundation
  4. 4. ACR Mission To serve patients and society by  Maximizing the value of radiology, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and medical physics  Advancing the science of radiology  Improving the quality of patient care  Positively influencing the socio-economics of the practice of radiology  Providing continuing education for radiology and allied health professions  Conducting research for the future of radiology
  5. 5. ACR Overview  Over 34,000 members  Organizes activities by five pillars of excellence  Advocacy  Clinical Research  Economics  Education  Quality and Safety  Oversees accreditation  Publishes the JACR& Appropriateness Criteria®  Promotes Image Wisely & Image Gently campaigns  Administers the AIRP (former AFIP), Radiology Leadership Institute and other CME activities
  6. 6. American College of Radiology Resident and Fellow Section “Lead from the Beginning”
  7. 7. Resident & Fellow Section (RFS)  http://rfs.acr.org  All radiology residents are automatically members during training  The largest and most active RFS section among radiology organizations  Represents the future of the ACR  Focuses on education & resources for residents  RFS e-news  RFS Toolkit  ACR Fellowships  Business Concepts in Radiology Lecture Series  Health Policy Milestones in Modern America  Resident and Fellow Journal Club
  8. 8. AMCLC 2013  “Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference”  Held at the Washington Hilton, in Washington D.C.  Resident & Fellow Section Meeting – Saturday May 4th& Sunday May 5th  ACR Council – Monday May 6th& Tuesday, May 7th  Capitol Hill Visits - Wednesday, May 8th  Attended by over 300 residents
  9. 9. Resident & Fellow Section  21st annual dedicated RFS meeting  Opportunities:  Learn about the ACR’s legislative and advocacy efforts  Learn about future business models in radiology  Leadership development  Learn about international outreach opportunities for radiology residents  Network with colleagues nationwide  Meet senior leaders in the ACR  Participate in the ACR Council
  10. 10. 4th Annual RFS Poster Session  49 posters on display  Can be viewed online @ the AMCLC RFS portal (http://amclc.acr.org/PROGRAMMAPS/ResidentFellow.aspx)  Categories:  Advocacy & Government Relations  Economics & Health Policy  Education  Case-Based  Clinical Research  Quality & Safety
  11. 11. RFS Poster Winners  Clinical Research  Lead Author: Eric Monroe  Program: University of Washington  Title: Emergent embolization of ruptured hepatic angiosarcoma: a single center experience  Case Based  Lead Author: Chris Lazo, MD  Program: University of Florida College of Medicine  Title: Now you see it, Now you don’t: Comparing two cases of gallstone ileus  Economics & Health Policy  Lead Author: Mary Wood, MD  Program: Eastern Virginia Medical School  Title: Examining barriers for mammography screening compliance within an urban hospital and an underserved primary care clinic in Santiago, Chile
  12. 12. RFS Poster Winners  Advocacy & Government Relations  Lead Author: Florian Fintelmann  Program: Massachusetts General Hospital  Title: Novel Advocacy Platform to Reach Junior Residents: Teaching Essentials for Independent Call  Quality & Safety  Lead Author: AartiLuhar, MD  Program: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA  Title: Reducing Unnecessary Pelvic Imaging in Trauma Patients: A Residents-Driven Quality Improvement Project  Education  Lead Author: Andrew Bunney, MD  Program: University of Minnesota  Title: Improving Medical Student Radiology Education Through Development of a Focused Ultrasound Moodle
  13. 13. RFS Meeting Highlights  Radiology Advocacy Network Overview  Dr. Andrew Wu  What You Didn’t Learn in Residency  Dr. Lawrence R. Muroff FACR  Radiology Leadership Institute Overview  Dr. Lawrence R. Muroff FACR  Q&A with ACR Leadership  Drs. John Patti FACR and Paul Ellenbogen FACR  Setting a Strategic Course- RLI Mini- Session  Dr. Alexander Norbash FACR  Separate Radiology and Radiation Oncology Young Physician Panels: Transitioning to Life after Training  Radiology Risk Management: Improving Quality through Expectations and Communication  Dr. Richard Duszak FACR  Healthcare Reform/PPACA Discussion  Dr. David Rosman  AMA Overview and Update  Dr. Alex Ding  Lunch with ACR Leaders  RFS International Outreach Subcommittee Info Session  State RFS Leaders Networking Breakfast ***Video highlights from the meeting will be posted on the RFS website***
  14. 14. RFS Meeting Highlights  New for the 2013 RFS Meeting  Dual Track Programming  First-Time Attendee Track  Senior Resident Involvement Panel  Leadership in Practice  Dr. Richard B. Gunderman FACR  Business of Radiology  Dr. Frank Lexa  Return Attendee Track  Advocacy Engagement Panel  Economics & Coding Session  Dr. Geraldine McGinty FACR  Making a Career Out of Quality  Dr. Paul Nagy FSIIM  Point/Counterpoint- Is eliminating fee for service reimbursement good or bad for radiology?  Moderator – Dr. SaurabhJha  Presenters – Drs. Matt Hawkins and Neil Lall
  15. 15. ACR Council  Councilors represent all state and subspecialty societies  Discuss business of the college  Debate and adopt policies and resolutions  Multiple lectures focused on socioeconomic issues and radiology
  16. 16. AMCLC Keynote Speakers  Robert D. Moreton Lecture  Value, Variation, and Patient-Centered care: Building Radiology’s Future  Brent James, MD  Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute Presentation  Promoting Relevancy and Value in Evolving Health Care Delivery Systems  Richard Duszak, MD FACR
  17. 17. Capitol Hill Visits  Visits were organized by the ACR and RADPAC  More than 525 radiologists participated in the 2013 AMCLC Capitol Hill Day, an all-time record!  Attendees distributed information regarding our two MPPR bills, S. 623 and H.R. 846  S. 623 gained 3 co-sponsors as a result of Hill Day  H.R. 846 gained 12 co-sponsors as a result of Hill Day
  18. 18. Imaging 3.0  A change process led by the ACR  Recognizes the changes facing the profession  Focuses on what we need to manage our practices, patient care, and the future  A call to action to all radiologists to take a leadership role in shaping America’s future healthcare system
  19. 19. Beyond the AMCLC Staying involved with the ACR RFS throughout the year
  20. 20. ACR RFS on Twitter  Follow the RFS @ACRRFS  Use #radres for all tweets radiology resident related  Join the ongoing discussion about the future of radiology in the twittersphere
  21. 21. ACR RFS Virtual Journal Club  Led by Dr. Geraldine McGinty FACR  Chair of the Commission on Economics, Twitter @ gmcginty  Next Journal Club – August 1st- Hosted by Dr. David Levin on the topic of Self Referral  Prior topics  Reimbursement for radiology and radiologists – Dr. Ronald Evens FACR  Imaging Utilization: RBMs vs Decision Support – Dr. Richard Duszak FACR & Jim Rawson FACR  Imaging Utilization: The effect of price and policy – Dr. David Lee PhD  Radiology Practice Models – Dr. Lawrence Muroff FACR  Recaps from prior journal clubs available for download on the RFS website
  22. 22. Membership Subcommittee  Focuses on a variety of projects to benefit the RFS membership.  All projects remain on the RFS website.  Anyone can become involved!  Contact rfs@acr.org if you would like to participate
  23. 23. ACR Radiology Leadership Institute  Mission – “to prepare leaders who will shape the future of radiology”  Enrollment is FREE for residents & fellows  www.radiologyleaders.org  RLI Annual Event at Kellogg School of Management  July 25-28, 2013 – Discount for RFS members  Upcoming free webinars  Identify & Apply – June 18th  Optimize your outcomes – June 24th  Changing the culture – June 27th  Is there a new payment model in your future? – August 7th  Multiple archived webinars  Live meetings
  24. 24. Young Physician Section (YPS) Mentor Network  The YPS has partnered with the RFS to create a network of young and early career physicians that have volunteered to serve as mentors for RFS members  View the list of mentors –  http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residents- and-Fellows/Resident-Resources/YPS-Mentors
  25. 25. Health Policy Milestones in Modern America  2011-2012 Membership Subcommittee project  Insightful perspective on how politics and public opinion have shaped and defined the delivery of healthcare in the United States  PowerPoint lecture series  http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residen ts-and-Fellows/Learning-Center/HPMMA  Selected Topics:  The Formation of Blue Cross and Blue Shield  The AMA’s Defeat of President Truman’s Health Care Proposal  Shift to Employer-Based Health Insurance in the United States  The Creation of Medicare  The History of Radiology in Medicare  … and many more!
  26. 26. Business Concepts In Radiology  Excellent resource compiled by the 2010-2011 membership subcommittee  All lectures correspond to the free video lectures compiled by Dr. David Yousem MD, MBA  PowerPoints - http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residen ts-and-Fellows/Learning-Center/BCR  Video Lectures – http://webcast.jhu.edu/mediasite/Catalog /pages/catalog.aspx?catalogId=7e18b7d5- 9c63-487e-aaf1-77a86f83b011  Selected Topics:  The Management Expenses in Radiology  Malpractice: What the Thinking Radiologist Should Know  Communication, Leadership, and Excellence  The 411 of Employment Contracts  Where does the money come from in Radiology? An application of RVUs
  27. 27. Apply for an ACR Fellowship  J.T. Rutherford Fellowship – Government Relations  James Moorefield Fellowship – Economics and Health Policy  Health Services Research Fellowship  E. Stephen Amis Jr., M.D. Quality and Safety Fellowship  Valerie Jackson Fellowship – Education  Radiation Oncology Resident Training Fellowship – RadOnc Research  Goldberg-Reeder International Travel Grant – Bringing Imaging to the Developing World  For more information: http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residents-and-Fellows/ACR-Fellowships
  28. 28. RFS Executive Committee  Jonathan A. Flug, MD, MBA  Chair  Winthrop-University Hospital, NY  Andy Moriarity, MD  Vice-Chair  Henry Ford Health System, MI  C. Matthew Hawkins, MD  Immediate Past Chair  Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, OH  Ryan Brady, MD  Secretary  University of Minnesota, MN  Florian Fintelmann, MD  A3CR2 Representative/Educational Liaison  Massachusetts General Hospital, MA  Neil Lall, MD  AMA Delegate/Advocacy Liaison  Ochsner Clinic Foundation, LA  Nathaniel Margolis, MD  Communications Officer  New York University Medical Center, NY  Lauren Layer, MD  Radiation Oncology Representative  University of Texas Medical Branch, TX Contact us – RFS@acr.org Elections occur annually at the AMCLC, please consider running in 2014!
  29. 29. Questions???  E-mail the executive committee at rfs@acr.org  Visit http://rfs.acr.org  Read the monthly E-News  See you in 2014!