The most haunted place in the world


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The most haunted place in the world

  1. 1. The Most Haunted Place in the World
  2. 2. • The world legendary haunted place is Eastern State Penitentiary. This is the most haunted place ever found all over the world. It was built in 1829.
  3. 3. • From time it was abandoned permanently, it becomes such a place where ghosts live behind your back silently.
  4. 4. • The famous Eastern State Penitentiary is situated in the United States. It is a place of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. It was a former prison of PennsylvaniaState. It is very much known because it was considered as the first prison in America.
  5. 5. • Pragmatically, this is the place for solitary confinement. According to that traditional solitary system, prisoners were sent to solitary during rehabilitation. They used to become completely isolated.
  6. 6. • They lived alone, ate alone and they were also alone at the time of physical workout. When someone left his cell, authority placed a black hood over his head to make an assurance of that man remained in confinement.
  7. 7. • In 1913 the prison system broke down because of some abnormal escape by facing paranormal experience. In
  8. 8. • In 1940 this place was fully abandoned without any renovation and taking care of it. Reports tell that in 1971 it became fully a place of ghost and paranormal symptoms.
  9. 9. • When the Eastern Penitentiary becomes haunted place, it would be famous for ghost hunters to see or to investigate. If you visit that place, then you would see and feel follow scary and eerie experiences.
  10. 10. • At the time you’re pacing around the place some shadowy figures turn away from and around your path. It seems you are police to catch those criminals and those ghosts are escaping from your hand.
  11. 11. • On the top of the guard tower, a hazy dark shadowy figure is occasionally seen. They don’t scare you or make confused visitors. Some say they guard the place so that no harm things would happen.
  12. 12. • You can hear an evil cackling which comes from cellblock number of 12. Perhaps the prisoner who lived in this cellblock, he laughs loudly to express their feelings.
  13. 13. • Reader, we are thinking in such a way but do you think that ghosts are thinking they are normal. They are not aware of their death. To them, we may be ghosts and vice versa they are ghosts to us. Both parties are haunting around silently or loudly.
  14. 14. • When you would walk in cellblock 6 then you will see some shadowy figures have been sliding down walls.Cellblock 4 provides you another genuine proof of their existence. Some ghostly faces have been witnessed. The face looks as they were being punished till today.