Rwtc who moved my cheese


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First month's selection from CG's Reading List

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Rwtc who moved my cheese

  1. 1. Who Moved My Cheese?Mon, 10 JUN 13US Army 6th Recruiting BrigadeUnit Ministry TeamOutrider ShepherdRap With the Chap
  2. 2. Menu (Food, not the Book)• Thanks to Kristi Degn• Cheese Theme– Jalapeno Cheesesteak Sliders– Broccoli and Cheese Soup w/ RosemaryBreadsticks– Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas
  3. 3. CG’s Reading List – JUN 13• Published by G. P.Putnam Sons, NewYork, 1998• $19.95 hard cover• $5.36 paperback• $13.99 Kindle
  4. 4. CG’s Reading List – JUN 13• Author – Spencer Johnson(w/ Kenneth Blanchard)• They co-authoredThe One Minute Manager• New York Times bestsellerfor five years• Parodies –Who Cut the Cheese?Who Stole My Cheese?I Found Your Cheese
  5. 5. Reviews
  6. 6. Criticism“Some managers are known to mass-distribute copies of the bookto employees, some of whom see this as an insult, or an attemptto characterize dissent as not "moving with the cheese". In thecorporate environment, management has been known todistribute this book to employees during times of "structuralreorganization," or during cost-cutting measures(Sequestration?), in an attempt to portray unfavorable or unfairchanges in an optimistic or opportunistic way. This misuse of thebooks message is seen by some as an attempt by organizationalmanagement to make employees quickly and unconditionallyassimilate management ideals, even if they may prove detrimentalto them professionally. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams said thatpatronizing parables are one of the top 10 complaints he receivesin his email.”- Wikipedia on “Who Moved My Cheese?”
  7. 7. Synopsis• A Gathering – of former classmates gettogether in Chicago and discuss howthings have changed since graduation• The Story – of Sniff, Scurry, Hem, & Haw• A Discussion – of the Story by theGathering• 11 min clip that sums up book - found, ofcourse, on
  8. 8. The 4 ProtagonistsWhich one are you???Sniff- sniffs/looksahead;anticipateschangeScurry- scurries aheadand bumps intochangeHem Haw“To discuss, deliberate, or contemplaterather than taking action or making upones mind. (e.g., If you hem and hawlong enough, someone else will do itfirst.)” - Wiktionary
  9. 9. Haw’s Writing on the Wall (p. 74)
  10. 10. Discussion (So Why Question)• “So Why” do you think MG Mann wantedus to read this book???
  11. 11. Discussion (So Why Question)• “So Why” do you think MG Mann wantedus to read this book???– Past: Detailed Recruiters, 79R conversion, aunique bureaucracy, a different Army– Present: Sequestration, Furlough– Future: Post-war Draw-down
  12. 12. Next Month…