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http://www.chaosmap.com - learn the account management checklist for Pay Per Click Marketing For Agencies

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PPC Checklist For Turnkey Account Management - Chaosmap

  1. 1. PPC Recommended Checklist for Turn-key Account Management Chaosmap PPC www.chaosmap.com
  2. 2. Not applicable if… You are using automatic bid management software Your advertising budget is in the double digit $$thousands
  3. 3. Daily and/or Weekly PPC Checklist Check Spend Check Conversion Rates Adjust Bids
  4. 4. Daily/Weekly PPC Checklist Detail • Did the previous day run into budget pause? • Is monthly spend on track?Check Spend • Look for sudden fluctuations or major spikes in costs • Where anomalies exist check keywords, landing pages, destination URLs, etc. Check Conversion Rates • Check 2-3 times weekly • Focus on top traffic drivers • Focus on ROI but also look for keywords with high bounce rates and adjust bids for position • Preserve history by pausing these keywords vs. deleting Adjust Bids
  5. 5. Weekly PPC Checklist Pause Underperforming Keywords Run Impression Share Reports Test Landing Pages Review & Pause Ads Create New Ads Negative Keyword Research
  6. 6. Weekly PPC Checklist Detail •Follow guidelines from ‘adjust bids’ exercise •Look for keywords with high impressions but low click volume •Goal is to remove any negative keyword impacting performance as well as Quality Score Pause Underperforming Keywords •Click Add or Remove Columns: add Impression Share (IS), Lost IS (Rank) and Lost IS (Budget). •Look for opportunities to increase share via position and or budget. Run Impression Share Reports •Test offers, copy, heading, position/location of contact forms as well as length, etcTest Landing Pages •2-3 times per week focused on 1) best conversion rates and 2) highest CTR. Make decision based on conversion rate first. •Make sure all ads have a decent sample size of at minimum 400 impressions Review & Pause Ads •Make sure to have a t least 2 versions of ad copy running •Try different headlines, body text, word order, punctuation, and offers as well as mentions of your keyword(s)Create New Ads •Utilize the search query report in the reporting tab. •Utilize Google’s keywords tool to locate keywords based on your primary phrases that match for your keywords Negative Keyword Research
  7. 7. Monthly PPC Checklist Run Keyword Reports Run Ad Copy Reports Update Monthly Excel Reporting Monitor Quality of Leads Adjust Budgets
  8. 8. Monthly PPC Checklist Detail • Generate data that can be plugged into an Excel file to find trends, opportunities and focus for the upcoming month. Change recommendations.Run Keyword Reports • Similar logic as the keywords reportsRun Ad Copy Reports • Keep track of overall Account & Campaign performance • Generate graphs to easily spot trends Update Monthly Excel Reporting • If you have a CRM system, match keywords to the top quality leads. Where you can afford a higher Cost Per Conversion, bid more based on real business data. Monitor Quality of Leads • Update daily budgets based on new monthly budgets or change in number of days in the month.Adjust Budgets