The ancient necronomicon james k. campbell jr.


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A synthesis of SIMON & LOVECRAFT.

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The ancient necronomicon james k. campbell jr.

  1. 1. “The Ancient Necronomicon” By: James K. Campbell Jr.
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. To Make the Bowl of Tiamat2. The Incantation of the Four Demon Queens3. The Conjuration IA ADU EN I4. Concerning the Gate of IAK SAKKAK5. The Conjuration of the Fire God6. The Preliminary Invocation of the Calling of the Lost Dead of Cutha7. A How-To Guide For The Urilia Text8. The Urilia Text9. A Forbidden Spell of the Ancient Ones
  3. 3. Chapter One To Make the Bowl of Tiamat 1.) First, you will need to get a clean bowl. 2.) After that, make place the sign of Cauda Draconis on the right side and Caput Draconis on the left side.Caput Draconis Cauda Draconis 3.) On the inside of the bowl, put the seal at the beginning of the Urilia Text asthat is Tiamat’s sign.4.) Then say the spell at the beginning of the Urilia Text. That is the initiation spelland the dedication spell for the bowl of Tiamat.
  4. 4. Chapter Two The Incantation of the Four Demon Queens1. Hold the dagger in the air and say the following spell: NINKHARSAG, Queen of Demons, Remember! NINKASZI, the Horned Queen, Remember! Lady SHAKUGUKU, Queen of the Cauldron, Remember! NINNGHIZHIDDA, Queen of the Magick Wand, Remember! Four Demon Queens of the Underworld, I invoke thee hear and now! Come and guard this temple of the ancients! As I will it, so mote it be!
  6. 6. IA! IA! IA
  7. 7. Chapter Four Opening the Gate of IAK SAKKAKTHE URILLA TEXT PART 1: Opening the Gate ofIAK SAKKAKKGreetings! I am happy to converse with you once again. Many of you, who have obtained thisdocument, may have learned of its existence, by way of the Simon Necronomicon GateWalkersPage. I do appreciate your support and hope that this blog has been of value to you.One of the greatest mysteries concerning the Simon Necronomicon, if not the greatest, is theUrilla Text. Many people that I have encountered who work with the Grimoire have oftenwondered why the Urilla Text, even appears in the Simon Necronomicon at all? In order toanswer this question and some of the many others that arise when the subject of the Urilla Textcomes up, we should first examine the place of the Ancient Ones in the Simon NecronomiconTradition.Interestingly, the first time that the term Ancient One appears in the Simon Necronomicon, is inreference to Aleister Crowley to whom the book is dedicated:“For he believed himself to be the incarnation of a god, an Ancient One, the vehicle of a NewAge of Man’s history, the Aeon of Horus, displacing the old Age of Osiris.”From the above quote, we are able to ascertain that an Ancient One is an individual who investsin themselves as their own deity. If Aleister Crowley, to whom the Simon Necronomicon isdedicated to, is described as an Ancient One, then the Rites contained within the SimonNecronomicon would eventually lead the Initiate to eventually become just that. The termAncient One appears again in the introductory section of the Simon Necronomicon entitled; TheMythos and the Magick. It is within this section that we read the following words:“Basically, there are two “sets” of gods in the mythos : the Elder Gods, about whom not muchis revealed, save that they are a stellar Race that occasionally comes to the rescue of man, andwhich corresponds to the Christian “Light”; and the Ancient Ones, about which much is told,sometimes in great detail, who correspond to “Darkness”. These latter are the Evil Gods whowish nothing but ill for the Race of Man, and who constantly strive to break into our worldthrough a Gate or Door that leads from the Outside, In…….,There are certain people, amongus, who are devotees of the Ancient Ones, and who try to open the Gate, so that this evidentlyrepulsive organization may once again rule the Earth. Chief among these is Cthulhu, typifiedas a Sea Monster, dwelling in the Great Deep, a sort of primeval Ocean; a Being thatLovecraft collaborator August Derleth wrongly calls a “water elemental”.I find it extremely interesting that the Ancient Ones are not presently ruling the world, but haveruled the world at one time. This is a very fascinating point because the world that we live intoday is quite horrific, and people often look for wisdom amongst ancient teachings. In the
  8. 8. Greater Mysteries, the time period that the Ancient Ones ruled would seem to apply to the“Golden Age.” If this is the case, then the ruling class that exits now have allowed the world toget to a place of turmoil, while yet appearing to “save” man occasionally so that man can workfor him. Also we find in the above quote the following:“These latter are the Evil Gods who wish nothing but ill for the Race of Man, and whoconstantly strive to break into our world through a Gate or Door that leads from the Outside,In”These so-called “evil gods” are said to have an urgent need to come in through a „gate.‟ This isthe same gate that is described by the Mad Arab in his First Testimony:“These are the signs carved upon the grey stone, that was the Gate to the Outside:This would mean then that the workings of the Necronomicon lead the Initiate to the AncientRites of worship. Yet there are many who get confused about the parable itself and immediatelyside with the so-called “good guys” without ever taking into consideration that , much of this is aparable. The Mad Arab walked with the Ancient Ones himself, yet he describes his work insecret. We can discover this by comparing two passages that appear in the text:“Therefore, set thy face towards the ultimate goal and strive ever onward to the furthestreaches of the stars, though it mean thine own death; for such a death is as a sacrifice to theGods, and pleasing, that they will not forget their people.”The above passage appears in a section called the Zonei and Their Attributes, wherein we see adescription of the end result of GateWalking, which is death or transformation. We find similarwords in the Magan Text:“To nourish the fiends of TIAMATAnd the Blood of the weakest hereIs libation unto TIAMATQueen of the GhoulsWreaker of PainAnd to invoke herThe Red Water of LifeNeed be split on a stoneThe stone struck with a swordThat hath slain eleven menSacrifices to HUBURSo that the Strike ringeth outAnd call TIAMAT from Her slumberFrom her sleep in the CavernsOf the Earth.And none may dare entreat further
  9. 9. for to invoke Death is to utterthe final prayer.”This “death” is not a literal death, but a transformation into something that cannot be grasped byhuman experience. Yet we leave our former identification to be remade by the gods and becomea deity unto ourselves. I found an interesting website called Cthulhumud. It can be accessedthrough the following link: Although this site describes an rpg game, thedescription it gave of Tiamat is quite interesting in view of our discussion:“It is said that when Earth’s mild gods bargained with Nyarlathotep, Tiamat was among thosewho resisted the terms of submission to the will of that Herald of the Outer Gods. WhenEarth’s mild gods stood proud and independent, Tiamat was regarded as a fertility goddessand source of life on Earth; after her attempts to resist the gods who accepted Nyarlathotep’soffer, Tiamat came to represent conflict, rebellion, and, upon her betrayal and murder at thehands of Marduk, death and unnatural life beyond death.The cults of Tiamat have, at different times, embraced philosophies of life, immortality,resurrection, fertility, evolution, revolution, conflict, war, and death. Currently, the Church ofTiamat claims that all of humanity have directly descended from Tiamat, and as her childrenthey latently share such divine abilities and powers associated with her as the ability to persistbeyond death in an altered state of life, and the power to change form at will in much the sameway Tiamat was said to have changed herself into a terrible monster in her fight againstMarduk; thus, sects of the Church of Tiamat have been associated with vampire and ghoulcults, and a number of adepts in the mysteries of Tiamat have been attributed with astoundingand terrifying powers over their physical forms, while others have demonstrated the ability toprofoundly alter the shapes and courses of the Dreamlands.Aeons of conditioning by agents of the Cult of Marduk have projected upon human memory ofTiamat an aura of menace and evil which many of her worshippers have rejected; among herfollowers Tiamat has been attributed with a desire to protect and preserve mankind, tostrengthen them and open doors to triumph and mastery over those ancient malevolent beingswho wait for humanity in the Empty Places among the stars. Tiamat is also said to have aviolent hatred of Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep’s allies and his Outer Gods, and all their sinisterdesigns on Earth and its inhabitants.Tiamat has been known to appear to mortals at times in dreams or strange half-recognizedmemories in several shapes and forms; occasionally in the ghostly, spectral, or even corporealform of a young woman of noble and subtly foreign appearance; it is said that when angeredor troubled she has revealed herself as a terrible worm-like monster or dragon; somehorrifically ancient texts have described her as a vast comet which speaks from out of Earth’snight sky in a multitude of voices, while accounts from dreamers who claim to have exploredthe waking Solar System in their dreams describe an unnerving living world of ice andprotoplasm in the darkness of space where hordes of dimly remembered living things lay in itsicy depths in frozen slumber and dream of the many times they have visited the Earth in itsdim past bearing the name Tiamat, harvesting what has grown on that world and sowing the
  10. 10. primal substance of a new generation of life, dreaming and waiting for the time of theirreturn…. “The energies of the Gate of Tiamat are indeed vital for true transformation. This is where thosewho follow the Elder Gods ONLY can get trapped into the realm of confusion. See if theGateWalket has gotten to the level of completing the initiations up to the gate of Anu and doesnot proceed into the realms of the Ancient Ones, the energy becomes stale and still. The MadArab describes this how this can happen in his Second Testimony:“Remember thy life is in running water, and not in still water, for the latter is the breedingplace of the LILITU”The water that the Mad Arab is referring to is that of life-force. A stagnation occurs when theGateWalker only travels within the circles of the so-called “light” for they learn nothing that canevolve self, but become drunk in illusion. In order to keep among running water the GateWalkermust come to a certain perception, which can only be perceived by those who have walked theGate of Self (Tiamat). Notice what the Mad Arab states in his Second Testimony:“Know that TIAMAT seeks ever to rise to the stars, and when the Upper is united to theLower, then a new Age will come of Earth, and the Serpent shall be made whole, and theWaters will be as One, when on high the heavens had not been named.”The above passage ends in the same manner that the Magan Text begins, which shows us thatthese workings concern themselves with immortality. In order for the waters to be one, theInitiate must venture beyond the realm of the Elder Gods and back to the source that existedbefore them. Notice the following words as they appear in the Magan Text:“When on High the Heavens had not been named,The Earth had not been named,And Naught existed but the Seas of ABSU,The Ancient One,And MUMMU TIAMAT, the Ancient OneWho bore them all,Their Waters as One Water.”The Mad Arab quotes the same statement in his Second Testimony, as we have seen in thequotes above. When read with the eye of understanding, the Magan Text describes how thecreation rebelled against the creator. Think about it. What the reader may find interesting here, isthat even in Christian doctrine, when read correctly, we can see the same thing. The creationrebelling against the creator. Yet what is most amazing is that „the Race from beyond the Stars‟are the creators. This is why in Christian Mythology the Fall of man occurs at the same time Godrested. Yet the creation can be made to serve the creator once again, when one unites with theMother Goddess Tiamat once again, and then the war will be over. This is further proven by theInvocation of the Tiamat Gate in itself:
  11. 11. “I receive the Sun at night and the Moon by day.I AM the receiver of the sacrifice of the Wanderers.”The above passage mentions something very interesting, in regards to receiving the „sacrifice ofthe Wanderers.‟ The Wanderers are the planets of course. Yet if one has not learned the art ofreceiving the Sun at night and the Moon by day, they will eventually die. When one receives theSun by night and the Moon by day, they are able to absorb a higher form of “chi” energy intotheir being, which reverses the aging process. The Mad Arab in his First Testimony describes theopening of the Gate of IAK SAKKAK, which is another term for Yog-Sothoth. H.P. Lovecraftgives us the following description of this God:“Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian ofthe gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Onesbroke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They havetrod earth’s fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as Theytread.—H. P. Lovecraft, “The Dunwich Horror”This would place Yog-Sothoth or IAK SAKKAKK among the workings of the Three NegativeVeils of Existence. This was witnessed by the Mad Arab in his First Testimony. Notice what isstated:“The chanting of the priests, for I knew them now to be the servants of some hidden Power,became much louder and very nearly hysterical.IA! IA! ZI AZAG!IA! IA!! ZI AZKAK!IA! IA! KUTULU ZI KUR!IA!”The term AZKAK is another way of saying IAK SAKKAKK. Dan Clare gives is the followingdefinition of IAK SAKKAKK, at the following website“YOG-SOTHOTH, Iak-Sakkak: A whirling mass of gelatinousspheres, Yog-Sothoth is the entity who is “keeper of the gateand the key”. In simple terms, evoking his powers allows one to travel great distnaces inspirit and body. Some believethat his name is derivative of Set or Seth.”It is apparent that the Invocation of IAK SAKKAKK gives the Initiate insight into the deeperrealms where, he or she, is destined to master the elements and powers of clairvoyance, leadingone to immortality.. The powers of the Ancient Ones, is well defined by the Mad Arab. Theseattributes come are made evident in our working within the Gates of the Ancient Ones.“Before that time, I must put down here all that I can concerning the horrors that stalkWithout, and which lie in wait at the door of every man, for this is the ancient arcana that has
  12. 12. been handed down of old, but which has been forgotten by all but a few men, the worshippersof the Ancient Ones (may their names be blotted out!).”Here the Mad Arab informs us that the “Necronomicon” is indeed a book representing the Ritesof the Ancient Ones, or the ancient arcane.“have found the Gate that leads to the Outside, by which the Ancient Ones, who ever seekentrance to our world, keep eternal watch. I have smelled the vapours of that Ancient One,Queen of the Outside, whose name is writ in the terrible MAGAN text, the testament of somedead civilisation whose priests, seeking power, swing open the dread, evil Gate for an hourpast the time, and were consumed.”The above passage lets us know that the “war” between the Elder Gods and the Ancient Ones iscompletely fictional. For the Gate to the Outside is said to be watched by the “Elder Gods.”“From the Blood of KINGU he fashioned Man.He constructed Watchtowers for the Elder GodsFixing their astral bodies as constellationsThat they may watch the Gate of ABSUThe Gate of TIAMAT they watchThe Gate of KINGU they overseeThe Gate whose Guardian is IAK SAKKAK they bind.”I will get further into the term Ancient Ones and what it means to the Necronomicon Tradition.Now in comparison, as we examine the two passages that appear above, we see in one that tit issaid that the Ancient Ones are the Watchers of the Gate, whereas in the Magan Text, the ElderGods are said to be the Watchers of the Gate. Other passages also show us that the work of theMad Arab is designed to lead the Initiate into the Rites of the Ancient Ones. One distinct facet ofthe Ancient One worship is found in the Mad Arab‟s Second Testimony:And they cause madness, for they call AZAGTHOTH. And these Spirits come upon the Wind,and some upon the Earth, crawling. And no oil, no powder, suffices to save a man from thisinquity, save that exorcisms handed down and recited by the able Priest. And they work by theMoon, and not by the Sun, and by older planets than the Chaldaens were aware. And in cords,they tie knows, and each is a spell. And if these knots be found, they may be untied, and thecords burnt, and the spell shall be broken, as it is written”In the above passafe it should be noted that the Ancient Ones are said specifically to work by the“moon” and not the Sun. Interestingly, there are no rituals in the Simon Necronomicon that aresolar. The most clear evidence concerning the Simon Necronomicon and itssecretly functioningas a Book of the Ancient Ones is found in the description of the Book of Calling:“THIS is the Book of the Ceremonies of Calling, handed down since the time the Elder Godswalked the Earth, Conquerors of the Ancient Ones.This is the Book of NINNGHIZHIDDA, Horned Serpent, the Lady of the Magick Wand.This is the Book of NINAXAKUDDU, The Queen, Mistress of the Incantations.
  13. 13. This is the Book of ASALLUXI, the King, the Lord of Magick.This is the Book of AZAG, the Enchanter.This is the Book of EGURA, the Dark Waters of ABSU, Realm of ERESHKIGAL, Queen ofDeath.This is the Book of the Ministers of Knowledge, FIRIK and PIRIK, the Demon of the Snake-Entwined Magick Wand and theDemon of the Thunderbolt, Protectors of the Arcane Faith, the Most Secret Knowledge, to behidden from those not of us,from the uninitiated.This is the Book of ASARU, the Eye on the Throne.This is the book of USHUMGALLUM, Mighty Dragon, born of HUBUR, of the Battle Againstthe Elder Gods.This is the Book of ENDUKUGGA and NINDUKUGGA, Male and Female Monsters of theAbyss, of the Claws likeDaggers and the Wings of Darkness.This is further the Book of NAMMTAR, Chief among the Magicians of ERESHKIGAL.This is the Book of the Seven Demons of the Ignited Spheres, of the Seven Demons of theFlame.This is the Book of the Priest, who governeth the Works of Fire!”Amazingly, none of these entitlies listed above are among the Elder Gods. Thus the Ritual ofCalling is a working of the Ancient Ones. We will next discuss what the Bowl of Tiamat is.
  14. 14. Chapter Five
  15. 15. Chapter SixThe Preliminary Invocation of the Calling of the Lost Dead of Cutha
  16. 16. Chapter Seven A How-To Guide for the Urilia Text1. Take the bowl of Tiamat from its resting place in your temple and set it on your altar.2. Say the conjuration of the Fire God.3. Hold out your dagger and say the conjuration of the four demon Queens.4. Open the Gate of Ganzir using the Preliminary Invocation of the Calling of the Lost Dead of Cutha.
  17. 17. Chapter Eight
  18. 18. Chapter NineA Forbidden Spell of the Ancient Ones