Migration Management - Towards the Future We Wantesentation 1 Mmu


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Concept presentation on Migration Management Unit

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  • Aim of MMU is to provide analysis and foster collaboration and data sharing towards a vision of better management of migration among key ministries   Project Management Unit role is to assist in fleshing out the MMU concept as part of national action plan for migration and development- this discussion is a step in this direction.
  • Summary of Concept (not MNS policy, still in conceptual stages) The Migration Management Unit (MMU) is responsible for the development of policy guidance for operational units that are involved in all aspects of migration. The MMU will be based at the General Administration of the Ministry of National Security and will also coordinate with relevant ministries and research institutions to improve the country’s data gathering and analysis system to address the following:
  • The MMU’s contributions will include: Technical support to the operational divisions of the Ministry of National Security in terms of strategic planning, policy development, preparation of briefs and analytical documents, and participation in various regional initiatives.   Liaison with key government agencies, donor agencies, international organisations, non-governmental partners and research institutions relevant to the theme of migration management and its role in the achievement of wider national objectives.
  • Context- Value Proposition in terms of the Seven Pillars
  • National and Human Security Cross-border migration is a constant in the history of Trinidad and Tobago. The growth of the Trinidad and Tobago economy, especially with respect to the development of its energy sector, has spurred movement into the country while creating the conditions for various types of migration towards the rest of the Caribbean Basin and beyond. The management of migration is recognized internationally as a key part of the policy mix required to achieve national objectives. As is noted by Ginsberg and McCabe (2011), policymakers may now find it useful to “recast the challenge from one of balancing national security and facilitating lawful immigration and travel to that of "securing human mobility."”  
  • Also relevant to National and Human Security Development of relations with regional and international agencies relevant to the migration management theme e.g. CSME/CARICOM, ILO, IOM, OAS, UNDP, UNECLAC, UNITAR.
  • Preparation of short, mid and long-term plans for the mainstreaming of migration in development strategies for the GOTT in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and the Economy, Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro-Enterprise Development, the Ministry of Finance and other competent authorities.   Participation in the elaboration of relevant national planning documents regarding its mandate in collaboration with the IDC, Prisons, the Police Service and the Immigration Division.   Alignment of the national framework with international best practices regarding voluntary and orderly return of stranded irregular migrants and rejected asylum seekers from/to Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with relevant ministries and non-governmental organisations.   Inclusion of cross-cutting issues (gender, literacy, labour issues) in the analysis of existing data on migration and asylum.
  • Migration Management - Towards the Future We Wantesentation 1 Mmu

    1. 1. “The person with vision is more powerful than the person with all the facts”
    2. 2. Data collection or storage not the focus,data analysis and sharing and policy advice • strategic analysis; • standard-setting and quality control; • knowledge management relating to specific sectors of migration
    3. 3. MMU - The Concept• The role of the Migration Management Unit within the Ministry of National Security will be to support the development of a framework for human security of migrants, for the management of the infrastructure relevant to the mobility of persons, and for the prevention of dangerous, forced, and illegal migration through coordination, strategic analysis and comprehensive policy solutions.
    4. 4. Seven Pillars National and Human Security• The management of migration is a key part of the policy mix required to achieve national objectives.• Securing human mobility towards national development goals.
    5. 5. Seven PillarsSecurity/Foreign Policy Development of bilateral and multilateral relations relative to migration management, in particular data and information sharing among countries of origin and destination for migrants into/from Trinidad and Tobago.
    6. 6. Seven Pillars Good Governance• Development of an inter-agency/inter- ministerial consultative process on all aspects of migration.• Management of the ACP Observatory network in Trinidad and Tobago.
    7. 7. Migration Mainstreaming• Alignment with best • Coordination with the practices with civil MPE, MLSMED, Finance society? and other competent authorities.• Inclusion of cross- • Collaboration with the cutting issues (gender, IDC, Prisons, the Police literacy, age) in analysis Service and the of existing data. Immigration Division.
    8. 8. Migration Matters • The MMU’s institutional capacity will be largely dedicated to the establishment and continuous review of a functional strategy for data analysis and policy development relevant to migration matters.
    9. 9. Triple-win situation possible• benefits for migrants - human security + human development;• benefits for lead ministries: MNS, MLSMED, MPE, including component units;• better governance across ministries: towards national strategy on mainstreaming migration and development
    10. 10. Feel free to add your input