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W rath kuntheary

  1. 1. Western University School of Arts, Humanities and Languages Department of English Subject : Foundation of Education Topic : Pestalozzi’s Theory Lecture : Soeung Sopha Student’s name: Rath Kuntheary Room : W101 Session: Afternoon Academic Year 2012-2013
  2. 2. Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s Theory(pioneer of Teaching and learning) Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was born on January 12,1746, in Zurich, Switzerland and died on February 17,1827. His father was a surgeon and oculist who died at age 33 when Pestalozzi, the second of three children, was 6 years old. His mother, whose maiden name was Hotze, was a native of Wadenswil on the lake of Zurich. The family also had a maid, Barbara Schmid, nicknamed Babeli. After the death of Pestalozzi’s father it was only through the help of Babeli that Pestalozzi’s mother could financially support the family. Pestalozzi is a pedagogy, education and social justice. His commitment to social justice, interest in everyday forms and the innovations he made in schooling practice make Pestalozzi a fascinating focus for study. Next, the point that discuss about her principles of teaching and learning. The development of Pestalozzi’s educational theory is closely tied to his career as an educator. Pestalozzi’s method rested on two major premises: 1) children need an emotionally secure environment as the setting for successful learning; and 2) instruction should follow the generalized process of human conceptualization that begins with sensation. Pestalozzi designed object lessons in which children, guided by teachers, examined the form ( shape), number ( quantity and weight ) of objects, and named them after direct experience with them. Object teaching was the most popular and widely adopted element of Pestalozzianism.Moreover, he sought to develop schools like loving families, would nurture children’s development. The general method in which teachers were to create an emotionally secure school environment was a necessary condition for implementing the special method. Once the general method was in place, the object lesson, which, following Rousseau, stressed direct sensory learning. In this approach, children studied the common objects in their environment- plants, rocks, artifacts, and other objects encountered in daily experience.Each study should begin with observation
  3. 3. of the object or the external physical manifestation of the topic which should be a normal, representative specimen, or series of specimen. If it is unavoidable, the real specimen may be replaced by pictures, but never merely by words. The teacher helps the pupils to name he object, to investigate and name its parts and properties and after the consideration of description to formulate a definition representing their idea of the object . The other theory of Pestalozzi is that his curriculum included religion, history, classical and modern languages, physical science, natural history, mathematics, geography, spelling, perspective drawing, and singing, and although only the last five subjects were taught according to Pestalozzi’s method. His education theory is that, he let the school reflect the best of familyatmosphere to which its pupils belong. He was especially dedicated to children who were poor, hungry, and socially or psychologically handicapped. If children were hungry he fed them before he attempted to teach them, if they were frightened, he comforted them as their family. In fact, Pestalozzi believed that love of humankind was necessary for successful teaching. In conclusion, the purpose of his educational is that he want pupils go to school and feel like home. He believed children should learn gradually and understand thoroughly what they are studying. In my opinion, I think that his theory is very good because all the teachers should make the students feel warm as they live in their home. We should not force the students if they don’t want to study, we need to lure them as possible as we can. In addition, all the schools in Cambodia always follow his theory to their students.