InSTEDD's SMS Collaboration Presentation in Mekong ICT Camp 2010


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It is about InSTEDD's collaboration tools, InSTEDD's Innovation Lab and iLab's work in Cambodia with Ministry of Health.

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InSTEDD's SMS Collaboration Presentation in Mekong ICT Camp 2010

  1. 1. InSTEDD SMS Collaboration Tools Channe Suy – Product Manager
  2. 2. About InSTEDD  InSTEDD Mission: Develop technologies for early detection and rapid response to diseases and disasters.  Work with existing and new idea  Follow partner’s priorities eg. Government  Develop and test ideas together
  3. 3. MBDS “Strengthen national and Mekong sub-regional capabilities in disease surveillance and response to outbreaks of priority diseases, in order that they can be effectively controlled.” Program Areas: 1. Strengthen sustainable national capacity in disease surveillance, outbreak investigation and responses; 2. Strengthen health manpowerdevelopment in field epidemiology; 3. Establishment of a sub-regional surveillance network.
  4. 4. MBDS Conceptual Structure MBDS Countries Cambodia China (Yunnan, Lao Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Land area: 2,570,426 sq km Population: 313,642,000 Strategies Cross Border Cooperation Animal-Human interface Epidemiology Capacity ICT Capacity Lab Capacity Risk Communications Policy Research Cross-Border Sites Contact information Direct communications Joint trainings Data sharing
  5. 5. Working with Cambodian Government  Cambodia CDC  Grassroots needs within national priorities  Deploy GeoChat for Rapid Response Team  Nation-wide deployment in 2010  National Center for HIV/AIDS (NCHADs)  Appointment Reminder for continuity of treatment  Extended the current OI/ARV system  SMS appointment reminder to Home Based Care  Integrates with existing Medical Record System  Designed locally with appropriate remote support
  6. 6. GeoChat
  7. 7. • Group Chat tool • Send message to group and can see it on the map What is GeoChat?
  8. 8.  Message can be sent from SMS, Email or GeoChat website  Work even without internet connectivity  Can work with basic mobile phone  Sender spend only one SMS cost from other carriers and free from Smart Mobile user  Work from any location in your telephone network coverage provider About GeoChat
  9. 9. Some more about GeoChat …
  10. 10. GeoChat-View on the map
  11. 11. Group Chat - for two ways communication Does any one see suspected dead chicken? Yes , I am taking sample to send to lab A B B A
  12. 12. Please be informed that H5N1 decease definition has been uploaded to website Blast Group- for one way communication Head Office Battambang Kandal Kampot
  13. 13. We are working on something new
  14. 14. Imagine if you could … Track water pump installation inspection and repair OR Track vaccine distribution
  15. 15. View water pump installed site on the map
  16. 16. Site 132 condition=good, repaired = yes Inspection update at the site over SMS
  17. 17. Comments Water Pump Manage…Add New Installed 9/3/2008 Population coverage 200 Current Condition Good Last repair 2/1/2010 Krasang Village (site 132) Add Field… Label Value Type in or select the group this field belongs to Save Field Last Updated by Channe on 5/7/10 16:28 History Pointer Lat: 32.67812 Long: -121.45841 Privacy About © 2010 InSTEDD Project Settings | My Info | Sign OutDynamic Resource Mapping
  18. 18. How you can help • Feedback ideas • Are you using any similar products? • What is the minimal thing you want to map? • How are you currently doing it? (eg. Excel Spreadsheet)
  19. 19. Thank you ! Contact us at the iLab to.. See if we can help with local projects Join our open events and trainings Help you use GeoChat in SE Asia