Social media for property & facility managers

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Half day course for IPFMA

Half day course for IPFMA

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  • 1. Introduction to Social Mediafor Property & Facility managers
  • 2. Channelship Web Agency
  • 3. Customer focus in social media Get this image here:
  • 4. Facility ManagersIPFMA quote:It is about "planning, providing and managing productive workenvironments"Objective:Improve communication and added value throughsocial media tools
  • 5. Residential & Commercial property management IPFMA quote: “The primary objective of the property manager is to maximise financial returns, thereby enhancing capital value.” Objectives:  Increase conversion of lettings and property sales.  Increase company and individual visibility & authority.  Discover & engage in conversations about properties, etc  Improve rent roll and foot fall (commercial)
  • 6. Expectations1. What would you like social media to do for you?2. Is your answer in line with your current business goals?
  • 7. 4 starting reasons why you should be onlineTenants & property buyers are onlineSome people are already talking about your company and your competitorsYou are interested in increasing traffic to your websiteNetworking is vital for your business
  • 8. Recent numbers from the Real Estate industry
  • 9. Inspiring blogs & books
  • 10. Information sharing has changed…through social networking tools
  • 11. Anybody can BREAK the news
  • 12. Media fragmentation throughout the daySource
  • 13. Big announcement: 1876
  • 14. Western Union internal memo, 1876. “This telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us”
  • 15. British Parliament, 1885. “There is no need for telephones. We have enough messengers here”
  • 16. Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US patent office, 1899 “Everything that can be invented has been invented."
  • 17. …back to the future
  • 18. Social media is not about Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • 19. It’s about them
  • 20. How can you make relevant people come to you? "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."
  • 21. How do we build that relationship?  Think about your customers and prospects’ problems.  Give them content (gifts) that they’ll value.  Don’t pitch your company when offering value.  Don’t talk about yourself all the time. Don’t be boring. The aim? (next slide)
  • 22. Building trust is everything
  • 23. Social Media is just a set of toolsBuild – Disassemble – Adjust - Repair
  • 24. Communications changed from top-down Company
  • 25. Brands & companies’ race for attention
  • 26. …to vertical and lateral engagement Company
  • 27. Strategically connect with my audience…Image by John Willshire @willsh
  • 28. …and they come to you directly
  • 29. Key social media tools for facility & property managers
  • 30. Your content hub Business blogging1
  • 31. Can you share any experience with blogs?
  • 32. The weight of blogging Your blog is your HOMEBASE!• Improve Google rankings• Brand awareness• Give company a human voice• Position your company as an authority• Spreads the word easier, cheaper & more effectively• KEY: Connect easier in social networking sites…
  • 33. A simple picture YOUR BLOG (Home base)
  • 34. Great content pulls qualified traffic YOUR BLOG (Home base)
  • 35. Industry blog example Non-promotional blog posts that provide value to attract prospects and grow a community
  • 36. Industry blog example
  • 37. Defining your community Prospects & Customers Relevant to “property”• Can you describe your • Architects typical customer? • Interior designers • Home improvement companies • Construction companies • Garden centres • Tradesmen • …
  • 38. But… what do we talk about?
  • 39. You already count with a wealth of ideas! Really?
  • 40. 13 great blog post ideas to capture your audience Ongoing quality tips for first time buyers Steps to take into account when renting a property / commercial property Finding a property management company: Dos & Don’ts for Landlords What questions do u get when showing a property? What are peoples main concerns? Interview/guest post from buyers/renters experience (case study) “Tuesday viewing!” Shoot a video tour of a selected property & feature them in posts. Tell short story behind properties (with videos or photo/text). What makes that house so special? Whats like to live in a certain neighbourhood. Shoot video & photos. Get testimonials from locals! How do you detect red flags when dealing with a property manager Property buying/letting trends How to protect your deposit House checklist before going on holidays Write posts about houses that have a nice patio or garden aimed at people with pets!!
  • 41. Blogging: key practices Comment Read Write
  • 42. Your content should build an email database
  • 43. TIP: Your email signature could look like this…
  • 44. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Digital hub to connect with customers• Provide valuable information that serves prospects & customers• A place to interact while building authority and brand equity• Good content makes you more findable through search enginesFor facility managers:• Perhaps a private blog? (to keep specific audience updated about developments• Public blog could make the experience of coming to a commercial area more inviting and visible. You could also showcase empty commercial units.
  • 45. Private networksImproving internal communication2
  • 46. Improve communication flow with Yammer
  • 47. You may also use with Facebook Groups
  • 48. Key takeawaysFor property & facility managers:• Private digital hub to stay in touch and updated with key team members• Facebook Groups: Free, Flexible platform for internal communications
  • 49. Business networking LinkedIn.com3
  • 50. Starting point 1. You are not visible to your network 2. You cannot see your network’s activity 3. Spontaneous connections are not likely to happen in this format
  • 51. What’s my network doing and who are they connected with? ?
  • 52. The meeting scenario How much do we know before andafter that meeting? ?
  • 53. Every professional / company has a REPUTATION
  • 54. First step: Have a 100% complete profile
  • 55. LinkedIn Applications
  • 56. How to invite peopleWhen inviting people always customise your message and include contact information in your signatureNote: you cannot include links or emails so leave a space between characters
  • 57. Publish via status updatesEvery status update getsexposed to your business network
  • 58. Now your company can also publish status updates
  • 59. 5 Minutes daily: Post updates. Read updates
  • 60. Useful
  • 61. Get recommendations!
  • 62. Seth Godin about “Networking” “…Not everything you do actually gets a response. In fact, most of it doesnt. But each effort is a tiny brick in the wall of perception, even when it appears to be dumb and even senseless.”
  • 63. Recommendations in action
  • 64. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Connect with prospects, customers and team members• Visualise and track business network activity• Build personal and company reputation• Remain present in their minds• Key reference checkFor facility managers:• Build personal and company reputation• Key reference check
  • 65. Support management Zendesk.com4
  • 66. Organise all queries by tickets
  • 67. Key takeawaysFor property & facility managers:• Keep track of all queries and responses about all properties• Improve customer satisfaction• Track response time
  • 68. Dialogue channels Facebook.com5
  • 69. Facebook in Ireland: latest information By Edelman Ireland
  • 70. Facebook in Ireland: latest information By Edelman Ireland
  • 71. A place to share engaging content• Expand brand awareness• Post updates to your “fans” in seconds• Your page and its content are indexed by search engines• Avail of traffic/visitor insights• Promote specific events• Network with prospects & customers• Use your page as a customer service tool
  • 72. Advise Experience with anindividual account as much as possible
  • 73. Facebook example:
  • 74. Facebook example: Keenan
  • 75. Facebook example:
  • 76. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Connect with prospects and customers• Publish attractive visual content (photos & video) about your topics• Answer customer service & sales queries• Publish properties (don’t kill your page with listings though)For facility managers (might not be the best resource)• Connect with prospects and customers (shops)• Publish empty units
  • 77. Online video YouTube.com6
  • 78. Did you know?…that people remember:20% of what they hear…30% of what they see…70% of what they both hear and see?Source:
  • 79. Why go video? Communicate easier: Click After Google, the second search spot is To build trust and reputation Engage with users at a higher level
  • 80. Recent numbers from the Real Estate industry
  • 81. Trust protects reputation
  • 82. Trust protects reputation
  • 83. Online video optimisationEnter title, tags and description, including links pointing to your site
  • 84. Next… Online video ideas!
  • 85. Creating valuable videos In front of Screenthe camera recording Webinars LIVE video
  • 86. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Show more value to your prospects and customers• Facilitate decision making. Improve conversion.• Build personal and company reputation• Remain present in people’s minds• Key reference checkFor facility managers:• Build personal and company reputation• Incredibly visual way to report• Increase rent roll by showcasing all commercial units
  • 87. Business presentations Slideshare.net7
  • 88. Share private or public presentations
  • 89. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Show more value your to prospects and customers• Make presentations of featured properties. Share just one link.• Facilitate decision making. Improve conversion.For facility managers:• Make presentations of specific properties. Share just one link.• Great, visual way to report (Example: before and after photo-presentation)
  • 90. Your photo hub FlickR.com8
  • 91. Photos facilitate action & decision making
  • 92. Create sets with properties and more!• Photos of featured properties• Photos of improvements• Tenancy: Before & after pics• Damaged properties as proof for landlords• Construction progress• Teams on site• Facility Manager: status updates
  • 93. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Provide more visual aids to prospects and customers• Facilitate decision making. Improve conversion.• Keep all photos organised in one hubFor facility managers:• If using internal communications tool, share photo-updates• Great, visual way to report (Example: before and after photo-presentation)• Keep all photos organised in one hub
  • 94. QR codesMake the real world clickable9
  • 95. Offer value even when you’re not there!
  • 96. Watch QR codes in action
  • 97. Watch “QR codes in plain English”
  • 98. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Show properties 24/7• Offer more value and build stronger relationships with your audience• Improve foot fallFor facility managers:• Provide updates• Easy-to-digest information about security matters• Improve foot fall
  • 99. Real-time conversations Twitter10
  • 100. Can you share any experience with Twitter?
  • 101. Powerful real-time networkingTwitter is also your company’s point of contact!• Communicate in real-time• Provide a human voice• Position your company as an authority• Spread the word easier, cheaper and more effectively• Connect easier in social networking sites
  • 102. A good analogy
  • 103. Don’t be “that guy” Check out this property now!
  • 104. If you tweet, ensure to share something Really? So, where’s the link to learn more? 
  • 105. Monitoring conversations
  • 106. Key takeawaysFor facility & property managers:• Have real-time conversations with prospects, customers & other professionals• Great platform to listen to conversations and detect trends
  • 107. Geo location Foursquare.com11
  • 108. Foursquare: Mobile check-in service
  • 109. Foursquare: Mobile check-in service
  • 110. Key takeawaysFor property managers:• Check-in when showing a property and show pictures• Register key properties on Foursquare• Provide more visibility to specific properties.• Share your whereaboutsFor facility managers:• Share your whereabouts
  • 111. Case studiesTwo references
  • 112. How is Appfolio getting it right? Their core business is property management software. They rely on a very informative blog that serves “property managers”. No strings attached
  • 113. They created: Interesting “About us”
  • 114. Key: They don’t talk about themselves
  • 115. How is Find a Property getting it right? Their website and mobile app are at the core of the strategy but they can’t be successful on their own…
  • 116. Find a Property’s supporting channels Blog: Content hub serving target audience andFacebook & Twitter: search engines to YouTube: Dialogue channels get found by even Video content hub more people
  • 117. One last thing
  • 118. Allow your community to play a rolea) You already have an offline community. Announce that you hang out online too!b) Expand your community from there: listen, chat and provide good content if you want your message to spread
  • 119. THANK YOU! Guinness Enterprise Centre. 500 Chiswick High Road.DUBLIN Taylor’s Lane Dublin 8. +353 1 5241415 LONDON London, W4 5RG, UK. +44 207 9935601
  • 120. THANK YOU! Guinness Enterprise Centre. 500 Chiswick High Road.DUBLIN Taylor’s Lane Dublin 8. +353 1 5241415 LONDON London, W4 5RG, UK. +44 207 9935601