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    Online video and roi Online video and roi Presentation Transcript

    • Online Video and ROI
    • Channelship Web Agency
    • Online video: selling point…that people remember:20% of what they hear…30% of what they see…70% of what they both hear and see?Source:
    • Why go video? Communicate easier: Click After Google, the second search spot is To build trust and reputation Engage with users at a higher level
    • Online video is not about YouTube, Vimeo, etc
    • It’s about them
    • How can you make relevant people come to you? "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."
    • How do we build that relationship?  Think about your customers and prospects’ problems.  Give them content (gifts) that they’ll value.  Don’t pitch your company when offering value.  Don’t talk about yourself all the time. Don’t be boring. The aim? (next slide)
    • Building trust is everything
    • Trust protects reputation
    • Trust protects reputation
    • Next… Online video ideas!
    • Before making any videoIndentify your goals Think about your audience Plan your promotional web video
    • Creating valuable videos In front of Screenthe camera recording Webinars LIVE video
    • Tip 1: Online video optimisationEnter title, tags and description, including links pointing to your site
    • Tip 2: Distribute your content!Reviewinsights!
    • ROI experience
    • Our video platforms
    • Example 1: Show people what you know •Social media strategy •Web consultancy •2012 contract
    • Show people what you know
    • Example 2: Video testimonials build reputation A library of video testimonials helped us close many sales and win tenders, securing long-term work
    • Example 3: Promote others Our videos promoting Techhub were a massive ice- breaker that let us walk through the main door and get acknowledged by all members.
    • Example 4: Use storytelling Our conversion rate increased by over 40% when we unified what we do in one video message
    • Example 5: Use video messages This method has proven very successful. Many prospects replied describing it as “memorable”
    • Key takeaways Don’t think just about technology but how can you serve your audience instead. The money comes later  Use video to connect at a personal level Don’t just think: online video + views = money (there’s more!) Think how can online video help you open other valuable doors. You’ll always have doubts. Just ASK!
    • THANK YOU! Guinness Enterprise Centre. 500 Chiswick High Road.DUBLIN Taylor’s Lane Dublin 8. +353 1 5241415 LONDON London, W4 5RG, UK. +44 207 9935601