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My initial storyboard

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Hanks cindystoryboard

  1. 1. * Title page, background photo of a brook, * Soft background instrumental music.Title comes in one word at a time Photo of girls walking down a path. I Choose LoveTitle – “I Choose Love” As I walk this journey called life…* Picture of mountains. Music continues. * Picture of sky lift up. Music continues.I have realized that it’s all There are always ups…I loveabout choices. the ups!
  2. 2. * Picture of rapid stream. Music continues.* Picture of down sky lift. Music continues. Sound of water flowing.And there are downs. Not a But how I choose to let lifebig fan of those. affect me… * Music ends. Picture of Chalker High School .* Picture of cabin. Music continues. New upbeat 50’s music begins.Well…that is totally up to me. Here is where my story begins – in Southington, Ohio.
  3. 3. * High school picture of Mom. Continue 50’smusic. * Music continues. High school picture of dad.When a beautiful young And a handsome young man -woman - my mom… my dad…meet…* Picture of stars - Wedding music begins. *Picture of wedding. Music continues.And fall in love! And then they say, “I do.”
  4. 4. * Sound of wedding bells. Wedding picture * Soft music in background. Picture of yellowof Mom and Dad in car. house.Looks like love to me! Life was simple then…very simple.* Light-hearted music. Picture of Mom and * Music continues. Baby laughter sound.friends Baby in carriage.And life was happy… But something was missing…
  5. 5. * Baby picture of Terry. Music continues. * Baby picture of Tim. Music contines. So they decide to have a baby. A few years go by, so how It’s a boy – my brother! about another? * Picture of Lewis Street house. Music* Picture of Terry and Tim. Music continues. continues. And boy were they BUDDIES – Life was getting better, so from the very beginning! Mom and Dad decide to move to Florida...my first house!
  6. 6. * Picture of Terry on tractor. Happy music. * Picture of Tim on tractor. Happy music. Life was good. Life was fun. Life was carefree!* Picture of Terry and Tim playing baseball. Music * Baby picture of Cindy with Grandma, Terrycontinues. and Tim. Baby sounds. But something was missing… But this time it was A SISTER! That’s me!
  7. 7. *Picture of boys holding Cindy. Music. * Picture of entire family. Music.Looks like love to me! And life is complete.* Colored portrait of the 3 kids. Background * Picture of Lewis Street house – tearingdarkens. Music darkens. effect. Sad music.…or was it? I remember the fighting and the screaming…but, what went wrong?
  8. 8. * Wedding picture – darkened. Music builds. *Picture of Mom and 3 kids. Lonely music.What about love?! What It was gone… and it was just ushappened to our happy home? now.*Picture of step-dad and mom. Weddingbells. * Picnic picture. Back to happy music.Until, one day, love returns… Life is good again! Life is carefree.
  9. 9. * Picture of Cindy and step-dad at beach. * Picture of step-dad and kids and Christmas tree.Music continues. Music continues.And happiness abounds. My step-dad is very good to us. * Christmas picture on the couch. Happy*Picture of mom and step-dad. Happy music. music.And he loved my mom dearly. Where love was evident.What a happy home!
  10. 10. * Sad music. Picture of Ohio. * Music continues. Clipart question mark.But there was always a void. They never told me what wentNo one talked about why wrong!Daddy moved away. * Music stops. Picture of family. Picture*Music continues. Picture of fades to dark.Dad, Tim, Terry, meWhen he left, I barely knew How do we truly move on?him!
  11. 11. * Sad music continues. Broken heart clip-art. * Music continues. Picture of yellow house.I understand that mistakes I understand that we can’t gowere made…that lives were back to the simpler times.disrupted. Things are different now.*Music continues. Picture of kids on bikes. * Music stops. Picture looking up into trees.There’s got to be something But what?good that can come out ofthis!
  12. 12. *Picture of trail. Soft music. * Picture of a divided path. Music continues. Because, you see…along this I had a choice to make… journey called life…* Clip-art of anger . Music continues. * Clip-art of people hugging. Music continues. I could choose to hang on to Or I could choose to forgive, to hurts and unanswered accept and to love. questions.
  13. 13. * Wedding picture of Dad and Vera. Happy music. * Picture of Cindy and Chad. Happy music. Because now my dad is And I gain a little brother! (He happy, too! is one of the good things that came out of this!) * Picture of grave marker. Somber music. * Picture of sunset. Music continues. You see, I have discovered that And we cannot hold onto our life is way too short… family forever.
  14. 14. *Picture of both dads and mom with grandparents.* Picture of Tent with boys and me. Happier music. Music continues. So, even though I suffered When I chose to forgive…I division in my family... gained wholeness. * Picture of Vera, Allison, Joanna. Happy music. * Picture of Dad, Vera, me. Happy music. I gained a precious step-mom. And a dad who was the best man I’ve ever known.
  15. 15. * Picture of step-dad, Tim and me. *Picture of both dads and mom with grandparents . I gained an honorable step-dad And a “little” brother who’s who calls me “daughter.” not so little any more. * Picture of whole family at reunion. Music ends* Picture of trees. Music continues. happily. Family Reunion Picture And although my mom and Happiness abounds…because dad are no longer with me… we choose love!