Android studio vs adt

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  • 1. Android Studio vs ADT(Eclipse) GOOGLE+ : +CHANGYEOPKIM-NECTARINE
  • 2. ADT?  Android Development Tool  Based on Eclipse  Traditional Development Environment (a.k.a. Stable) 
  • 3. Android Studio(AS)?  Introduced at Google I/O 2013  Based on IntelliJ Community Edition (  Gradle build system   Android Team tried to switch build system to gradle since Aug, 2013 ccc2e8dc635312358e85102a766ea
  • 4. Previously on Android  Build System   Ant or Maven Dependency management for Android Library Project  Android Library Project?  An Android library project is a development project that holds shared Android source code and resources   Directly import on project (Project is getting bigger)  apklib via Maven
  • 5. Why Android Studio(Gradle)?  Plugins and other helping functions depend on your preference  Remember, it’s EAP (means quite buggy)  Google might stop developing ADT (Gradle system is OFFICIAL)  Much faster, much smarter  Cool layout preview feature supports  Dependency management is fantastic  Support AAR  The binary distribution of an Android Library Project  Flavoring Build Process 
  • 6. Switching from ADT to AS  To be honest, automatic exporting or importing are sucks  Only works when the project structure is simple  Maybe, you need to modify build.gradle yourself following the project structure  Current ADT exports the project as gradle format with build tools 0.4  If you didn’t use UTF-8 in eclipse, a migration could be a disaster  Starting a new project with AS would be a perfect choice.  Beware that a keymap is completely different.   Of course, you can change the keymap as Eclipse in Preference Stay still in ADT when you are developing NDK
  • 7. Extra : Genymotion  Replace the useless Android Emulator  Based on VirtualBox  Super fast  Support many device images naturally  Both ADT and Android Studio have a Genymotion plugin 