How much a brand worth


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  • Companies failed to understand market conditions and plan for the future. Polaroid is a prime example of a company that ignored the proliferation of the digital age. Consumers were no longer dependent on the instant camera. Digital photography was the wave of the future and it put Polaroid behind. Research in Motion, failed innovate, listen to their consumers, and ignored the competition. Once they had the best smartphone on the market now they are on the brink of irrelevance. Circuit City ignored the competition Best Buy and Amazon, expanded too quickly (retail space and inventory mismanagement) and failed to listen to consumers.
  • When a brand files for bankruptcy, the equity can be divided and sold off in many different ways. Liquidators are brought in to sell off physical assets (inventory, real estate, furniture) in order to pay of creditors. Private Equity firms (Hilco Consumer Capital, Gordon Brothers Group) may enter to purchase the brand name, logo in order to re-organize. Once a private equity firm purchases the brand, the goal is to sell it to a Brand Portfolio group such as Iconix Brands or Safilo Brands.
  • · 2007, sales of around $2.8 billion.· strong e-mail list(5 million) and a very strong customer base that was very loyal
  • Circuit City liquidated its final American retail store in 2009, following a bankruptcy filing and subsequent failure to find a buyer.The "Circuit City" brand is now owned by Systemax, which uses the brand to sell electronics as an online retailer, On May 11, 2009, Systemax purchased the brand, trademark and e-commerce business at an auction from Circuit City Stores, Inc. Systemax had earlier acquired CompUSA and TigerDirect which now operate as online retailers. keeping the Circuit City brand alive online makes good business sense: “ was quickly relaunched last week to capitalize on the remaining brand strength and traffic to the website…That traffic is cheaper than AdWords, will pay for itself in less than a year(17M), and since they are a corporation the Google rankings and traffic will stick”
  • In times past, a bankrupt brand might have been abandoned. But today, bankrupt brands represent a new business opportunity for companies to acquire a well-known brand for below-market value and revive it. With the expense of launching a new brand, it may in fact be cheaper to keep a bankrupt brand going, as long as it can remain viable, fresh and current.
  • Best known for photographic film productshare the moment, share lifeFilm, Commercial scanners and kiosk divisions.Motion Picture Film will remain Kodak owned.
  • How much a brand worth

    2. 2. TOP 10 MOST VALUABLEGLOBAL BRANDSRank Brand Name Brand Value 1 Apple Inc. $182,951M 2 IBM $115,985M 3 Google $107,857M 4 McDonald’s $95,188M 5 Microsoft $76,651M 6 The Coca-Cola Company $74,286M 7 Phillip Morris USA $73,612M 8 AT&T $68,870M 9 Verizon Wireless $49,151M 10 China Mobile $47041M
    3. 3. BANKRUPT
    4. 4. BANKRUPT
    5. 5. BANKRUPT
    6. 6. BANKRUPT
    7. 7. WHY DO BRANDS GOBANKRUPT?Failed to Understand Market Conditions• Failed to innovate• Ignored competitors• Didn’t listen to what consumers wanted• Expanded too quickly
    8. 8. THE PROCESS OFBUYING DEAD BRANDS Brand Brand Design Name Logo Promise Assets Real Estate Marketing Employees Inventory Collateral
    9. 9. It went bankrupt twice…1. Inability to adapt the trend of digitalize photography2. Stop manufacturing instant cameras and films, and failed to improve business model. Apr. 2009, $88 M
    10. 10. UNDER THE BRAND PogoNAME Manufactured & distributed by Summit Global Group Parent Company: PLR XS Sports Video Camera Manufactured & distributed by C&A Marketing 2010 Wii Gaming Pad Manufactured & distributed by JWIN
    11. 11. GL20Instant capture and upload GL30photos with build-in camera Digital camera +printer+ display GL10 Portable photobooth
    12. 12. LICENSING Pogo, 2008 Manufactured & distributed by Summit Global Group Parent Company: PLR X 2010 XS Sports Video Camera Manufactured & distributed by C&A MarketingTHE CLASSICS STILL GOON… 2009 Wii Gaming Pad Manufactured & distributed by JWIN
    13. 13. ANOTHER EXAMPLE 1Million Trade mark& Website• Huge amount of traffic• 5 million loyal customers’ Email account
    14. 14. ANOTHER CREATIVE WAY TOUTILIZE REVIVING BRAND 17Million• Domain name• Trade mark Cheaper than
    15. 15. DISCUSSION
    16. 16. 1. Do you think consumer are aware of the fact thatthese brands had gone bankrupt?2. If not, do you think this business is kind of deceivingcustomers? Do you this is a potential problem onceconsumers are aware of the fact that these brandswent bankrupt at one point?3. Do you agree with using a dead brand to shorten thetime and effort of generating brand awareness is agood strategy that can be a long run for the brand?
    17. 17. 4.How much would you pay for thebrand?(Back to its peak day in2000, it wasconsidered to value $15 billion.)5.How would you utilize the brand?What kind of product category areyou going to license?6.Jamie Salter, the CEO ofAuthentic Brands, said that peopleare very likely to buy paper usingKodak brand name.Do you think that is true? Why?