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  • I am here today to speak about ANA and You, and what this powerful partnership means for the profession of nursing and the health of the nation.
  • 75% of nurses feel the quality of nursing care where they work has declined over the past two years (ANA 2001 Survey)
    Over 54% of respondents would not recommend their profession to their children or friends (ANA 2001 Survey)
  • ANA also acts a convener, of both the nursing profession and allied health fields – brining together the leaders in the industry to face the tough issues.
    Acting as a convener, ANA pulled together organizations to address the issues around nursing shortage. That work was known as Nursing’s Agenda for the Future.” The group, with some additional funding from CMAs, provided $186,000 to fund research on the economic value of nursing. The outcomes from that research have been submitted to a national journal for publication and validate other research on the return on investment for appropriate staffing.
    A very real threat that is just beginning to become significant is protecting our rights as nurses. You may have heard about the efforts by the American Medical Association and other medical groups to impede patients’ ability to receive quality care from highly educated and skilled nurses. As part of their “Scope of Practice” efforts, the AMA plans to study whether nurses and other health professionals increase access to care in rural and underserved areas and to examine the education and training of those licensed professionals. In response, ANA convened 29 nursing and other health care organizations – American Psychological Association, American Chiropractic Association, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, and more -- that represent more than 3 million licensed health professionals who provide a diverse array of health care services. As a result, the Coalition for Patients’ Rights – comprised of 34 members and growing – launched an effort to raise awareness among the public, the media and policymakers that the AMA and other physicians are wrongly trying to limit nurses’ ability to provide services that patients want and need. The group issued a joint statement opposing the efforts of the AMA and its partner groups and held a successful news conference on June 8. The Coalition has launched a website – www.patientsrightscoalition.org – that provides current information on Scope of Practice challenges. ANA will continue to play a significant role in the Coalition and will keep the CMAs up to date on trends we see in the states.
  • Who are ANA's Members?

    1. 1. Kentucky Nurses Association A Century of Caring Rebecca M. Patton
    2. 2. History of ANA  The need to improve working conditions and standardized nursing education propelled nursing leaders to form an association of trained nurses.  In September 1896, The Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada was formed  Renamed the American Nurses Association in 1911
    3. 3. The Goals of the Association “To establish and maintain a code of ethics; to elevate the standards of nursing education; to promote the usefulness and honor, the financial and other interests of nursing.” Minutes of the Association, February 1897
    4. 4. A Few Historical Accomplishments  1901 – Helped secure passage of a bill creating the Army Nurse Corps – under the direction of a properly trained nurse  1913 – With the Red Cross, ANA developed a plan that took public health nursing to rural communities.  1934 – ANA’s House of Delegates approved an 8-hour work day for nurses  1945 – ANA intensified efforts to recruit nurses for military service as an alternative to President Roosevelt’s proposal to draft nurses into military services.  1946 - ANA House of Delegates adopted a resolution to create an economic security program including collective bargaining.  1955 – ANA helped pass a bill to commission male nurses in the Reserve Nurse Corp
    5. 5. A Few Historical Accomplishments  1965 – First association of health care professionals to endorse the creation of Medicare.  1976 – Instrumental in passage of Nurse Training and Health Services Bill recognizing the existing and expanding role for nurses in delivering health care.  1986 – Helped to create the National Institute for Nursing Research at NIH.  1998 – Supported the Patient Right to Know Act.  2002 – Spearheaded passage of the Nurse Reinvestment Act, which modernized and improved Federal nursing workforce development programs.
    6. 6. ANA Today
    7. 7. Nursing Today  2.9 million registered nurses  2.4 million (83.2%) employed in nursing  58.3% employed full time  56.2% employed in hospitals  46.8 years average age  Looming nursing shortage  By 2020 – 29% short of anticipated need
    8. 8. Core Issues  Nursing Shortage  Appropriate Staffing  Workplace Health & Safety  Workplace Rights  Patient Safety/Advocacy
    9. 9. ANA’s Vision Today 1. Professional Practice and Excellence 2. Healthcare and Public Policy 3. Knowledge and Research 4. Unification 5. Workforce and Workplace Advocacy
    10. 10. Professional Practice and Excellence ANA successfully champions professional nursing excellence through standards, code of ethics and professional development, such as credentialing and lifelong learning.
    11. 11. ANA’s Foundational Work  Code of Ethics for Nurses  A statement of the ethical obligations and duties of every individual who enters the nursing profession  The profession’s non- negotiable ethical standard  An expression of nursing’s own understanding of its commitment to society
    12. 12. ANA’s Foundational Work  Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice  23 current standards  Produced in cooperation with the Specialty Nurses Organizations  Nursing’s Social Policy Statement  Reflects a new definition of nursing
    13. 13. Healthcare and Public Policy ANA is an acknowledged leader in the formulation of effective healthcare and public policy as it affects the profession and the public.
    14. 14. ANA – Working to Address the Nursing Shortage  The nursing population is aging rapidly.  In March 2004, the average age of the RN population was estimated to be 46.8 years of age  It has been estimated that by the year 2020, the RN workforce is forecast to be roughly the same size as it is today, falling nearly 20 percent below projected RN workforce requirements.  According to a 2001 ANA Staffing Survey, 75% of nurses feel the quality of nursing care at which they work has declined over the past two years
    15. 15. ANA Working for Nurses on Capitol Hill  Nurse Reinvestment Act  Provides federal funding for scholarships and training  Funded for $150 million in 2006 – a 120% increase from 2000 funding levels of ~$68 million  Smallpox Emergency Personnel Protection Act of 2003  Assures the proper administration of vaccinations  Compensates individuals injured by the vaccine
    16. 16. ANA– Fighting for Adequate Nurse Staffing  ANA has joined with NYSNA and WSNA in a lawsuit against HHS to ensure that hospitals participating in Medicare do not endanger the health and well-being of patients and nurses.  Our goal:  To stop HHS from allowing hospitals that do not meet federal nurse staffing requirements to participate in Medicare.  To prevent HHS from allowing JCAHO from using its own minimal standards for nursing staffing in its accreditation of hospitals.  ANA’s motion to extend the deadline for filing our opposition has been approved to Nov. 3
    17. 17. ANA Defending Nurses: The NLRB Decision  ANA Rejects NLRB Decision to Block Nurses’ Freedom to Unionize  ANA Standing by to assist states
    18. 18. ANA Working on the Issue of Mandatory Overtime  Supported the reintroduction of The Safe Nursing and Patient Care Act  Prohibits the use of mandatory overtime as a staffing tool  Support CMA efforts to enact measures at the state level  10 states have banned or limited mandatory overtime  15 are considering protective measures
    19. 19. ANA Representing Nurses  ANA represents nursing at numerous tables (and is often the only nurse in the room!) Institute for Healthcare Improvement Saving 100,000 Lives Campaign; National Quality Forum; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; National Institutes of Health; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; U.S. Department of Labor; American Hospital Association; American Health Care Association – Long Term Care Commission; American Medical Association; American Medical Informatics Association; American Public Health Association, American Society of Bioethics and Humanities; e-Health Initiative; Families USA; Hospitals for a Healthier Environment; International Council of Nursing; Institute for Healthcare Improvement; Institute of Medicine; Joint Commission of Accreditation of Health Care Organizations; National Association for Home Care; National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Prevention and Reporting; National Coalition of Health Professional Education in Genetics; National Council of Patient Information & Education; National Conference of State Legislators …Just to name a few!
    20. 20. ANA as a Convener  Nursing’s Agenda for the Future  ANA pulled together nursing organizations to address the shortage and funded research on the economic value of nursing  Coalition for Patients’ Rights  Responding to the AMA attempt to limit the scope of practice of nurses and others  ANA convened 29 organizations representing more than 3 million licensed health care professionals  34 members and growing  www.Patientsrightscoalition.org
    21. 21. Knowledge and Research ANA is the recognized source for accurate, comprehensive health policy information based on knowledge from research.
    22. 22. ANA Protecting Patients Cover the Uninsured Week April 23 – 29, 2007, 2006  ANA is the only nursing organization among 18 national partners  Saving 100,000 Lives Campaign  Strategic partner with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
    23. 23. ANA Promoting Nursing  Coverage for the work of ANA and Nursing in prominent magazines, newspapers, radio and television  Nurses have topped Gallup’s professional honesty and ethics poll every year but one since 1999 when nurses were first added to the poll  In 2001, Firemen were rated number one
    24. 24. ANA Proving the Value of Nurses  ANA, along other nursing organizations, has funded research to help quantify the economic value of nursing  ANA’s National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) helps to demonstrate the positive impact of the appropriate mix of nursing staff on patient outcomes  Provides data at the unit level  Develops a database to inform practice and policy  Over 1,000 hospitals participating
    25. 25. Association’s Publications
    26. 26. Unification ANA facilitates unification and advancement of the profession.
    27. 27.  Goals of the International Council of Nurses  To bring nursing together worldwide;  To advance nurses and nursing worldwide;  To influence health policy.  Since 1899, ANA has been the sole USA traditional member of the International Council of Nurses representing USA nurses on the international front  There are 130 member countries within ICN Representing U.S. Nurses to the World
    28. 28. Nurse Competence in Aging  5-year, $5 million grant to increase nurses’ capacity to care for older adult patient populations  ANA, ANF, ANCC, Hartford Institute partnership  5 cohorts of grants totaling $647,000 awarded to 52 SNOs and 5 resource organizations  ANCC Gerontology Exam now computer-based  Available in 300 sites nationwide, 6 days a week  Over 9500 nurses certified in Gerontology  New website: GeroNurseOnline.org
    29. 29. Workforce and Workplace Advocacy ANA with its partners and through its organizational relationships is the leader in promoting improved work environments and the value of nurses as professionals, essential providers and decision makers in all practice settings.
    30. 30. ANA Protecting Nurses – Needlestick & Sharps Injury Prevention  ANA successfully pushed for enactment of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act of 2000, and multiple state needlestick legislation  Estimates show declining rates of needlestick and sharps injuries, though injuries continue to occur. Our work is not done!  Train-the-trainer program teaches implementation of a needlestick prevention committee and compliance with OSHA regulations  ANA Needlestick Prevention Guide available free on Nursingworld.org website
    31. 31. ANA Protecting Nurses – Back Injury Prevention/Safe Patient Handling  ANA Board approves position statement titled “Elimination of Manual Patient Handling to Prevent Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders” in June 2003  Co-sponsor annual Safe Patient Handling Conferences in coordination with the Tampa VA Patient Safety Center  Educational campaign targeting front-line nurses, healthcare administrators, and nursing schools  Ergonomics identified as a priority for ANA nationwide state legislative agenda
    32. 32. ANA Protecting Nurses Environmental Health  Promote the reduction in the use of toxic chemicals  Inform legislators of links between chemical exposure and health  Support environmental health research  Educate nurses about hazardous chemicals in health care  Sign on to the “National Campaign for Safe Cosmetics”
    33. 33. ANA Working For You Organizational Effectiveness allows ANA to Grant You Better Membership Benefits and Advantages
    34. 34. ANA Subsidiaries The American Nurses Foundation has awarded over 950 nursing research grants since 1955 with over $3.5 million dollars granted. The AAN is comprised of 1,500 qualified and savvy nurse leaders who are literally at the top of their profession. AAN members have been identified by their peers to be the best and the brightest in the nursing discipline. The AAN is comprised of 1,500 qualified and savvy nurse leaders who are literally at the top of their profession. AAN members have been identified by their peers to be the best and the brightest in the nursing discipline. The American Nurses Credentialing Center has many programs including certification for all levels of nursing and a MagnetR Hospital Recognition Program
    35. 35. ANA Organizational Members  Constituent Member Associations  ANA has a state nurses association in every state plus the District of Columbia, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and a uniformed nurses constituency  Organizational Affiliates  Currently 16 of the top specialty nursing organizations belong to ANA  Associate Organizational Members - Currently most of ANA’s members have overlapping membership with either
    36. 36. Ways to Belong to ANA  Through your State Nurses Association  As a Direct ANA Member  Available in 20 states currently  As an Individual Affiliate Member  A virtual (on-line) membership
    37. 37. ANA Works For You & With You  Supports the CMAs  in their advocacy on the State level  In developing strong business practices  Provides opportunities for members  to interact,  discuss trends and  disseminate knowledge  Obtain personal benefits – professional and personal
    38. 38. Online Tools
    39. 39. State Nurses Associations  Key in protecting the Nurse Practice Acts in each state  Instrumental in advancing the rights of advanced practice nurses in each state  The voice for nurses at the state legislature  ANA and the state nurses associations work to coordinate this effort to be more effective
    40. 40. Membership Benefits you…  A voice in the decisions being made for the profession  A chance to interact with nurses around the country  Impact on healthcare and your patients
    41. 41. Financial and Professional Benefits  Tools to advance your career  Discounts on certification  A New ANA Career Center  Free continuing education  The opportunity to receive discounts and benefits as a member  Professional Liability Insurance  Discount on Dell Computers  Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Hotel
    42. 42. Professional Events – Hold These Dates! January 30-31, 2007 2007 First Annual Conference Transforming Nursing Data into Quality Outcomes Las Vegas, Nevada Internationally Recruited Nurses -- Creating Positive Practice Environments: February 26-27, 2007 - San Antonio, Texas March 1-2, 2007 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida March 5-6, 2007 - Chicago, Illinois March 19-20, 2007 - San Francisco, California
    43. 43. Professional Events – Hold These Dates! March 12-16, 2007 Safe Patient Handling Conference Lake Buena Vista, Florida June 20 – 22, 2007 ANA’s 2007 Quadrennial Policy Conference Policy by the People: Nursing Care in Life, Death and Disaster Atlanta, Georgia October 3-5, 2007 ANCC Magnet conference Atlanta, Georgia
    44. 44. ANA’s BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL Nursing is the unifying force to advance quality health for all.
    45. 45. In Closing: ANA Is About….. One STRONG UNITED Voice…. For NURSES…. NURSING…. ….and the NATION! And we Need You to belong!