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Publishing Poynters - July1, 2008 (.doc).doc.doc Publishing Poynters - July1, 2008 (.doc).doc.doc Document Transcript

  • Your Publishing Poynters Newsletter: July 1, 2008     Publishing Poynters Book and Information-Marketing News and Ideas from Dan Poynter July 1, 2008. Copyright © Para Publishing. ISSN: 1530-5694. Published continually since 1986. Circulation: more than 35,100. F-R-E-E We don't accept advertising. We don't share your email address. DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com; http://ParaPub.com; 1-800-PARAPUB For the Small Print, scroll to end. IN THIS ISSUE FROM PARA PUBLISHING A. ParaNews (What’s happening) B. ParaTips (Guidance/advice on specific issues) C. ParaResources (Sources of helpful information) D. ParaThoughts (Editorial) E. ParaFreebies (Giveaways) F. ParaCalendar (Dan may be coming to visit you) G. ParaHumor (We saved the fun for last) ===================================================== NOTE The book publishing industry is changing. There is a lot of fascinating news to report. The text version of the newsletter is below. For a better-looking edition of this newsletter, see http://parapublishing.com/files/newsletter/PP-ezine%20july%201,%202008.doc The large file requires several seconds to load. Compare the formats.
  • 2 --Dan Poynter     A. ParaNews 1. STATE WANTS AMAZON--OVERSTOCK.COM LAWSUITS CONSOLIDATED Overstock.com Inc., based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has filed a lawsuit challenging New York's tax law that requires Internet retailers to collect and pay state sales tax. Overstock (Nasdaq: OSTK) said it is challenging the law because the company has no physical presence in New York. http://albany.bizjournals.com/albany/stories/2008/06/09/daily47.html?ana=yfcpc 2. AMAZON COULD FACE A STRIKE BY AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS IN AN INCREASINGLY BITTER BATTLE OVER BOOK PROFITS. The UK's biggest publisher, Hachette Livre UK, is leading the charge against Amazon, which it claims is squeezing the market and demanding too great a share of sales. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/2123221/Amazon-could-face-strike-by- authors-and-publishers.html 3. WHAT CHANGES ARE COMING TO BOOK PUBLISHNG? Sara Nelson at Publishers Weekly wades-in. http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6570313.html http://www.publishersweekly.com/blog/90000609/post/870028287.html 4. LAST CALL FOR EXHIBITORS! The 2008 Ventura Book Festival, is on Saturday, July 26 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura, California. This will be a Family Event. In addition to the usual array of books for adults of all ages, there will be children's book publishers, and books written by children. The deadline to get exhibitor space is July 19. For more info and an application, go to www.literaryarts-ca.org or call 805/643-3385. 5. DAN POYNTER CAN BRING A BOOK PROGRAM TO YOUR AREA See http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/speaking/speechdesc.cfm 6. AMAZON AS BOOK PROMOTER What happens when Amazon features a book? See
  • 3 http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2008/06/20/making-books-interesting- again.aspx 7. GET THE SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL for just $13.57. Yes, the all-new, completely revised 16th edition can be yours for much less than the cover price of $19.95. See http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Poynters-Self-Publishing- Manual-16th/dp/1568601425/ You save 32%. Act now. 8. TO CHANGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ADDRESS to this ezine, please go to http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/resources/newsletter.cfm. Unsubscribe your old address and subscribe your new one. To recommend this ezine to another writer or publisher, simply forward the entire newsletter. He or she will thank you. 9. BOOK PROMOTION MAILING LISTS UPDATED A major secret to book promotion is to send books to category magazines and newsletters: targeting people who want to know about your book. When Dan Poynter sends a new skydiving book to all 68 parachute magazines around the world—all 68 review it! All of our mailing lists of review publications have been compared with the Postal Services address records (NCOA) again. The lists are now cleaner than ever. See the Resource section of this newsletter, below. >SEND YOUR NEWS ITEMS to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com NOW, SIT DOWN AND WRITE SOMETHING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you have friends in the book business? Think how appreciative they will be if you forward this newsletter to them. Go on. Do it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 4     B. ParaTips 1. FOLLOW UP IS THE KEY! --Rick Frishman--Founder of Planned TV Arts, http://www.plannedtvarts.com Follow Up- Follow Up- Follow up When you make calls to the media the most important thing you can do is follow up. Producers don’t care about you. You have to get them on the phone and present them with a great hook. Find out when the producer gets off the air and call them about 15 minutes after they get off the air. If you don’t get them on the first try- call them back in two days. Give your pitch in 30 seconds and give them a reason to call you back. Wait again and repeat in 2 days. This is like baking a cake- Keep throwing more ingredients into the pot!. Follow up- If you get a no- it is a no for now- maybe it will be a yes in a couple of months. Don’t give up 2. AT THE BEGINNING OF AN INTERVIEW, SET THE EXPECTATIONS FOR BOTH PARTIES. --Pam Lontos, PR/PR, http://www.prpr.net As the expert, determine how long the reporter has to conduct an interview. You want to make sure not to get cut-off mid-point if the reporter is on tight deadline. Also, ask the reporter to let you know if you aren’t speaking on topic. Reporters do have pre-conceived expectations for their experts … you want to make sure you are on track, and covering the aspects they want to hear about. This will also ensure your expertise is included in the final cut. 3. TIME YOUR PR RIGHT --Clint Greenleaf, Greenleaf Book Group LLC, http://www.greenleafbookgroup.com When publishing a new book, plan to time your PR and marketing efforts to coincide with the book's pub date. Resist the temptation to wait and "see how it does" for a few months before ramping up the marketing effort. Corporate chain buyers expect to see the strongest PR push and resulting sales in the month of release. If you wait too long to do your marketing push, you'll have a slow sales history impeding your chances of strong support (read: buy-in and co-op placement) from the corporate buyers.
  • 5 4. SIX DEGREE OF SEPARATION REDUCED TO THREE --Michael Angelo Caruso--Edison House, http://www.EdisonHouse.com Thanks to business networking Web sites, the six degrees of separation has become only three degrees. Here are 5 Cool Ideas on business networking and a special invitation to be linked into my business network. a. Work is much easier than you think. I endorse LinkedIn (LI) as the best site for business networking. It's easy on the hoo hah and delivers quality connections. Use LI to find people, get advice, explore opportunities and market your goods/services. There's no cost and it's simple to use. b. Be careful out there. LinkedIn doesn't give out your e-mail address, but it's smart to use a disposable, no- cost e-mail address when using business networking sites. 5. WORD TRIPPER --Barbara McNichol, www.barbaramcnichol.com Farther, further - "Farther" refers to a geographic distance; "further" reflects reasoning and is used with intangibles like time, quantity, etc. "Thinking about this further, I know I can drive farther today than yesterday." Here's how Karen Reddick explain this pesky Word Tripper in her book Grammar Done Right! A clear, commonsense approach to grammar and style: --Use "farther" when referring to a physical distance. --Use "further" to refer to abstract ideas or indicate a greater extent or degree and also for time. 6. DO YOU KNOW THE 3 QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER FOR CREATING ARTFUL BOOK COVER DESIGNS? Kareen Ross; http://www.BookCoverDesigner.com, covers@kareenross.com Book cover design is an art! The art of catching attention, enticing the viewer to pick up your book, buy it and ultimately read it! Which equates out into perceived value and the know, like and trust factor your cover creates for its market banding.
  • 6 Your branding and graphic presence can make or break your book, service or company. Good book cover design helps sell books! This is why we go to such lengths to have them professionally designed. Here are 3 Questions to ask when considering what constitutes an artful book cover design? 1. What is it's eye appeal? Selecting the appropriate color, typeface and image for your audience will increase pick-up value. 2. Who is your audience? By knowing what your audience likes, where their attention goes, you are able to write a title and sub title that will fit their listening. 3. Does your subject have 'come-back-power? An added value to your readers is if they can continue to learn from you over time. If you still have questions... Contact me to learn more. covers@kareenross.com Remember, keep doing something everyday toward the design and promotion of your book. 7. WHAT CAN THE PMA, THE BOOK PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION, DO FOR YOU? See http://www.pma-online.org/memben.cfm http://www.pma-online.org/membonly.cfm ==SHARE YOUR TIP. Send it to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your colleagues in publishing would love to know about this newsletter. Why not forward it to them now? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 7     C. ParaResources 1. SELLING TO CATALOGS 7,000 catalogs are published in the U.S. and 1,00 more are available in Canada. Each year they mail 11.8-billion catalogs to recipients. Catalogs move lots of books. You can get your book into several category-specific catalogs. See Document 625 at http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/resources/allproducts.cfm 2. BOOK FULFILLMENT IS EXPENSIVE AND TIME-CONSUMING. John Huenefeld says shipping books costs 7% to 14% of sales depending upon whether most of the books go out in single packages or by the carton. See http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/information/fulfillment.cfm 3. WANT SPECIFIC DETAILS ON BOOK PUBLISHING? See our Instant Report, downloadable for immediate delivery. Each has been recently updated. See http://dansentme.com/sites/para/resources/allproducts.cfm 602 Interviews, How Authors Get On Radio & TV 603 Book Printing. At the Best Price 604 How to Price Your Book 605 Locating the Right Distributor 606 Publishing Fiction & Poetry 607 Publishing Contract: Author-Publisher 608 Your Publication Date 609 Blurbs For Your Books, Testimonials, endorsements & quotations 610 Children's Books, Resources for Writing, Producing and Promoting Juveniles 611 Newsletter Publishing; A Resource Guide 612 Bestsellers, What They Are & How To Make Them 613 Cook Books, Resources for Writing, Producing & Promoting Books on Food 614 Selling Books Through The Gift Trade 615 pBooks to eBooks, Creating Digital Reading 616 Travel Books, Resources for Writing, Producing & Promoting Guidebooks 617 New Age Books; Resources for Writing, Producing & Promoting Books on metaphysics, the occult and new thinking 618 Religious Books 619 Write It Once - Sell it Forever, How to Update Your Books 620 Your Book Writing & Publishing Calendar 622 Cooperative Book Promotion
  • 8 623 Questions and Answers on Book Publishing 624 How to Set up & Run a Successful Book Publishing Business 625 Selling Books to Catalogs 626 Raising Money to Publish Books 628 Canadian Book Publishing 629 Making The Web Pay 630 Selecting a Book Title That Sells. 631 Covers That Sell Books 632 Bookshelf, Selling Books From Other Publishers 633 Beyond Remainders 634 Selling Books In The United States 635 AudioBooks, Turning Books & Speeches Into Spoken-Word Tape & Disc Products 636 Insurance for Publishers; Protecting Your Book Company 637 Selling Books To The Military Market 638 Screenwriting: Fiction (theatricals) & Nonfiction (documentaries) 639 Autograph Parties & Signing Books 640 Book Promotion Made Easy: Event Planning, Presentation Skills & Product Marketing 641 Merchant Status: Credit Cards for Publishers 642 Large Print Books: Making your Work Easier to Read. 4. WANT TO DOWNLOAD DAN POYNTER’S BOOKS AS eBOOKS? See http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/searchebooks.asp? Language=EN&searchStr=dan+poynter&searchType=All&lang=EN&orderBy=best 5. GET A COMPLETE LIST OF DAN POYNTER'S BOOKS, REPORTS, DISKS, AND TAPES. See http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/resources/allproducts.cfm 6. WHERE TO SEND REVIEW COPIES AND NEWS RELEASES. Advertising space is expensive. Editorial space is frēe. Use these lists to send review copies to magazines, newsletters, ezines, special contacts, and newspapers with subject- specific and book review columns. Review copies and news releases are your least expensive and most effective form of book promotion. For a current list of magazines and counts, see http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/resources/maillist.cfm Here is a partial list to show you what is available: 20 Accounting magazines 33 Advertising magazines 47 African American magazines 4 Almanacs 16 Native American magazines 29 Antique magazines 28 Architecture magazines
  • 9 342 Arts/literary/poetry 110 Automobile magazines 290 Aviation magazines (73 foreign) 29 Banking magazines 28 Boats/boating magazines 48 Building/Construction/Home 12 Home-business magazines 761 Business Magazines (62 foreign) 170 Magazines for children 65 Book, etc., columnists. 264 Computer/Web Magazines and n/l 7 Consulting magazines 328 Consumer Magazines (24 fgn.) 334 Cooking Magazines & columns 63 Counter culture, new age 26 Disability 21 Direct mail advertising Magazines 19 Economics magazines 310 Education magazines 51 Electronics & video 25 Energy magazines 202 Entertainment magazines 158 Environmental Magazines & cols 17 Expert witness/forensics Magazines 199 Farming & Gardening Magazines 55 Fashion magazines 128 Financial magazines 236 Physical Fitness magazines 20 Gambling magazines. 47 Gay & Lesbian magazines 55 Gift magazines 640 Health magazines 35 Health food stores 223 Hobby & crafts magazines 115 Home decorating/remodeling 54 Horse magazines 60 Humor magazines 33 Industrial magazines 25 Insurance magazines 173 Legal magazines for attorneys 44 Magazines for librarians 192 Lifestyle columns 81 Management magazines 99 Magazines for the media 106 Medical magazines 57 Magazines for men 419 Military (Base papers, magazines for retired personnel & mil. Magazines) (168 foreign)
  • 10 109 Military attaches at foreign Embassies 196 Air Force, Navy, Marine & CG libraries 73 Motorcycle magazines 81 Film/movie magazines 145 Music magazines 283 New age magazines and contacts 6 Magazines-nonprofit organizations 19 Nursing magazines/newsletters 15 Office magazines 117 Outdoor magazines 54 Parachute & skydiving magazines 1507 Newspapers with book review & features columns. (472 foreign.) 72 Alternative newspapers. 138 Parenting magazines 96 Pet magazines 35 Photography magazines 57 Police: Law enforcement & correctional officers 216 Political magazines 248 Magazines for book publishers 57 Real estate magazines 71 Relationship magazines 740 Religious magazines 157 Magazines for salespeople 251 Science magazines (13 foreign) 230 Seniors: magazines for older people 26 Sewing magazines 7 Sex abuse magazines 87 Singles magazines & n/l 14 Social service magazines 456 Sports and leisure magazines 90 Magazines for youths/teens 434 Travel magazines & travel columns (10 foreign) 23 Trucking magazines 59 Vocation/Career magazines 222 Magazines for women 130 Magazines for writers Fiction Reviewers 8 Mysteries 5 Romance novels 72 Freelance reviewers 450 Book review magazines (Counts are constantly changing as we add to and correct the lists) ==SHARE YOUR RESOURCE. Send it to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com
  • 11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dare you to forward this ezine to writers and publishers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     D. ParaThoughts WRITING IS A BUSINESS NOT A JOB --Dan Poynter When you write what you love and love what you write, working is something you look forward to. When your avocation and vocation are the same, your research is fun. When your passion center becomes your profit center, you are making a living doing what you want to do. As a maven, you study, research, and explain to your audience using well-chosen words. You write what you know. You become known as more than an industry leader, you are an evangelist for your subject. Through research, you become an expert. Through writing, you become an author-ity. You are a "participant" in your subject area; people come to you for answers. Have you ever noticed that writers do not retire? They must love what they do. We are fortunate to be in this business. ==>SHARE YOUR editorial thought. Send it to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please CopyPaste this newsletter into your email program and then send it to your colleagues in publishing. They will appreciate you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»
  • 12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     E. ParaFreebies 1. VIDEO. INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT KIYOSAKI/Rich Dad, Poor Dad See http://www.publishersweekly.com/flashVideo/element_id/2140226021/taxid/33791.h tml 2. BOOK PRINTNG TIPS --Jostens See http://www.jostens.com/commercialprinting/tips_commercial/index.asp 3. LIST YOUR BOOK(S) FRËE ON THE PARA PUBLISHING WEB SITE See http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/resources/successstories.cfm ==>SHARE YOUR FREEBIE. Send it to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Writers and publishers love this newsletter. Why not forward it to them? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     F. ParaCalendar AUTHOR ON A SPEAKING TOUR. Where in the world is Dan? Showing people how to write, publish and promote their books One presentation at a time.
  • 13 Dan Poynter is circling the world to show people how to make a difference and make a living through their books. He shares two major programs and many specific ones. See him in action: http://www.speakingchannel.tv/community/dan-poynter-book-publishing/ Dan also speaks on aviation, parachutes and skydiving. See http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/speaking/index.cfm For more information, get in touch with the Contact person listed below and see the host's Website. ALSO SEE THE CALENDAR ON OUR WEBSITE: http://parapublishing.com/sites/para/speaking/calendar.cfm 2008 June 8 – July 8 ROUND-THE-WORLD SPEAKING TOUR June 26. DURBAN, South Africa. The Book Game for Speakers, Extroverts and Others who are Stalking Oprah. National Speakers Association of South Africa, Durban Chapter. Fmi: Grant Vernon, Grant@GrantVernon.com; http://www.nsasouthafrica.co.za/members/chapter.asp?C=Durban&ID=78 June 28. DURBAN, South Africa. Writing & Publishing Your Nonfiction Book, a seminar by Dan Poynter. Books 101: The full New Book Model programme. Fmi: Val Waldeck, +27 (0) 83 273 4700, vWaldeck@telkomsa.net July 4. LONDON, UK. "How to Write, Publish and Promote Non-Fiction Books" - a seminar with Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Dan Poynter. Fmi: Mindy Gibbins-Klein, +44-(0) 845 003 8848, mindy@bookmidwife.com, http://www.BookMidwife.com. July 7. MIAMI. Writing & Publishing Your Nonfiction Book, a seminar by Dan Poynter. Books 101: The full New Book Model program. 6:30 to 10:00 PM. Fmi: IME Enrichment Center, Manny Sarmiento, 8181 NW 36th St, #8-D, Miami, FL 33166, TICKETFL@aol.com, 1-305-477-7600, http://www.imeglobalgroup.com; July 22. TELESEMINAR. National Speakers Association/New York Chapter (virtual). David Goldsmith interviews Dan Poynter on “Your Book = More Speeches and More Income.” 6:30-7:30 PM Eastern Time. FMI: (315) 682-3157, David@DavidGoldsmith.com, http:// nynsa.org/index.html July 25-17 EUGENE. Dates blocked.
  • 14 August 2-8. NEW YORK. National Speakers Association (NSA) convention. http://www.nsaspeaker.org; August 12. TELECONFERENCE. Publish Your First Book. NSA Academy. National Speakers Association. FMI: Michael Soon Lee, 800-417-7325, seminars@netvista.net. August 20 – September 15 ROUND-THE-WORLD SPEAKING TOUR August 27 Christchurch, New Zealand. The Book Game for Speaking, Extroverts and Others who are Stalking Oprah. New Zealand Speakers Association, Christchurch chapter (NSANZ). 7-9 PM. Fmi: David Clarkson, david.clarkson@clear.net.nz. http://www.nationalspeakers.org.nz/comingevents.html August 29. SINGAPORE. Book writing for educators. Fmi: Dr Mel Gill and Patrick Ang. Fmi: +65 (6846) 6168, drmelgill@gmail.com. August 30-31. SINGAPORE. Book Camp. 9-5. Fmi: Dr Mel Gill and Patrick Ang. Fmi: +65 (6846) 6168, drmelgill@gmail.com. September 5-6. SALZBURG, Austria. German Speakers Association (GSA). Fmi: Claudia Haider, +49 (0) 81 41 5 35 98 59, c.haider@germanspeakers.org http://www.germanspeakers.org/de/Convention2007.php . http://www.germanspeakers.org/de/documents/Flyer_Convention_USA_070601_ck_d.p df September 10. ALBUQUERQUE. New Mexico Book Association (NMBA). Dan Poynter on book promotion. Fmi: Jim Mafchir, wesaternedge@cnsp.com, (505) 988-7214, http://www.nmbook.org/ September 11-14. ALBUQUERQUE. Parachute Industry Association. Dan to speak on an aviation topic. See http://www.PIA.com September 20. PITTSBURGH, PA. The Pittsburgh chapter of the National Speakers Association. Dan Poynter on Turning Speeches into Books. Fmi: Barbara Thompson, barbara@BarbaraThompson.net, (412) 851-4195. September 25-28. VALLEY FORGE. 9th annual Express Yourself Authors’ Conference. Fmi: John Harnish, enjoyoften@comcast.net, (610) 520-2500. http://www.authorsconference.com/ October 11. NATICK, MA. NSA/NE. A full day on book writing and publishing. National Speakers Association/New England chapter. Fmi: Dennis Mahoney, (617) 298-0404, dennis@dennismahoney.org, http://www.nsanewengland.com/default.asp November 1-2. LAGOS, NIGERIA. How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book. Fmi: Joshua Awesome. awesomegroup@webmail.co.za, Cell:+234-803-343-8208
  • 15 November 7-9. BIRMINGHAM, UK. Professional Speakers Association of the UK & Ireland. (PSA). Forest of Arden Hotel and Country Club, Meriden, Birmingham, UK. Fmi: Sue Cliff, admin@professionalspeakers.org, +44 0 0845 3700 504, http://www.professionalspeakers.org/events November 13-17. FORT NELSON & TOAD RIVER, BC. How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book. Fmi: Earl Brown, 250-774-3488, autumn@pris.bc.ca. November 20 – 23. SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. National Speakers Association (NSA/US) Fall Conference., Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, Location phone: (480) 947-5400. Fmi: http://www.nsaspeaker.org/nsa_events/default.asp The conference will focus on helping NSA members get results in their careers. November 30 - December 2. TORONTO. Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) Convention. http://www.CanadianSpeakers.org 2009 January 10. HINCKLEY, Leicestershire, UK. British Parachute Association, Annual General Meeting. Dan Poynter to speak on an aviation subject. Fmi: Martin Shutleworth, Martin@BPA.org.uk, 01 16 278 5271, http://www.bpa.org.uk January 16. MARIETTA. Knowledge Shop-Atlanta. A Day with Dan Poynter. Writing & Publishing Nonfiction. Books 101: The full New Book Model program and more. 10 AM to 5 PM. Fmi: Knowledge Shop, 180 Cobb Parkway, Suite C24, Marietta, GA 30060-9307. (678) 766-6666, theknowledgeshop@aol.com, http://www.knowledgeshopatlanta.com/index.cfm January 17. ATLANTA. National Speakers Association, Georgia Chapter (NSA/GA). Fmi: Wendy Kinney, Wendy@WendyKinney.com, (404) 784-0699, http://nsageorgia.org/ February 5-14. RENO. Parachute Industry Association Symposium. Fmi: Patricia Thomas, (813) 782-9242, pat@sunpath.com, http://www.PIA.com; February 12 – 15. ORLANDO. NSA/US Winter Conference. Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Location phone: (407) 939-1000. Fmi: http://www.nsaspeaker.org/nsa_events/default.asp The conference will focus on helping NSA members get results in their careers. March 14, EDMONTON. The Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Turning Speeches into Books. Contact: Tammy DuPerron Tel: (780) 887-1722, tammy@fphs.ca, http://www.canadianspeakers.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=323 March 27-29. SYDNEY. 19th National Speakers Association/Australia convention. Fmi:
  • 16 1-800-090-024, Secretariat@NationalSpeakers.asn.au, http://www.NationalSpeakers.asn.au March 31 – April 1. KUALA LUMPUR. Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) convention. http://www.maps.org.my/events_up.asp. Fmi: Anthony Fernandez, 019 3160 444, anthony@maps.org.my April 16-19. CAPE TOWN. 3rd Global Speakers Summit. South Africa. Fmi: Richard Mulvey, 0861 – 444888, richard@richardmulvey.com, http://www.nsasouthafrica.co.za/, http://www.iffps.org/ May 1-3. VENUE TBD. CSP/CPAE Summit. National Speakers Association (NSA/US). Fmi: http://www.mynsa.org/events/fullcalendar.asp May 9. NASHVILLE. National Speakers Association/Tennessee chapter. Fmi: Raeus Cannon, raeus@CannonSystems.com, http://www.nsatennessee.com/, (615) 378-0120 May 23. LONDON, ON. Canadian Association of Professional Speakers/SW Ontario chapter. Dan Poynter on book writing, publishing and promoting. Fmi: Greg Schinkel (519) 685-2116, gschinkel@uniquedevelopment.com, http://www.canadianspeakers.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=276 May 25-27. NEW YORK. Publishing University by the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA). Fmi: info@pma-online.org, 310-372-2732 , http://www.PMAonline.org May 28-31. NEW YORK. Book Expo America (BEA Book Fair), Javits Center. Fmi: http:// www.bookexpoamerica.com/ July 18-21. PHOENIX. National Speakers Association (NSA/US) Convention. Phoenix, Marriott Desert Ridge. Fmi: 480-968-2552, http://www.mynsasite.org/events/convention.asp November 13-15. LONDON (area). Professional Speakers Association of the UK & Ireland. (PSA/UK) convention. Sue Cliff, admin@professionalspeakers.org, +44 0 0845 3700 504, http://www.professionalspeakers.org/events 2010 May 31-June 2. WASHINGTON. Publishing University by the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA). Fmi: info@pma-online.org, 310-372-2732 , http://www.PMAonline.org June 3-June 6. WASHINGTON. Book Expo America (BEA Book Fair), Convention Center. Fmi: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/
  • 17 July 17-20 ORLANDO. National Speakers Association of the United States (NSA/US) convention. Fmi: 480-968-2552, http://www.mynsasite.org/events/convention.asp http://www.nsaspeaker.org/meetings/index.xpl 2011 June 6-8. LAS VEGAS. Publishing University by the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA). Fmi: info@pma-online.org, 310-372-2732 , http://www.PMAonline.org June 9-12. LAS VEGAS. Book Expo America (BEA Book Fair), Convention Center. Fmi: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HELP PUBLISHING POYNTERS-help your colleagues. This ezine relies on subscribers to send in tips and resources. So, it stands to reason, the more subscribers, the more tips. You can expand the circulation by telling your book colleagues about Publishing Poynters--and collecting business cards. Then mail the cards to us. Your writing & publishing colleagues will thank you for being so thoughtful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ «¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     G. ParaHumor SINCLAIR LEWIS --Sent by Leon Ogroske, WRITERS' Journal, www.writersjournal.com True story: Sinclair Lewis arrived at Harvard - drunk, as usual - to talk about his craft. “Hands up, all those who want to be writers!” he yelled. Everyone’s hand went up. “Then why the hell aren’t you at home writing?” he asked, and staggered off the platform. ==>SHARE YOUR HUMOR. Send it to DanPoynter@ParaPublishing.com
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