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Jan - June 2007 (Trust)






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Jan - June 2007 (Trust) Document Transcript

  • 1. New Trust Book Stock – January – June 2007 SUBJECT TITLE AUTHOR CLASS MARK Allied Health Phonetics for speech pathology Ball, Martin 414 Professions Patient self referral: a guide for Holdsworth, Lesley 615.82 therapists Orthopaedic physical therapy Placzek, Jeffrey 615.82 secrets Exercise prescription: the Woolf-May, Kate 615.82 physiological foundations, a guide for health, sport and exercise professionals Radiotherapy in practice: Hoskin, Peter 615.8424 brachytherapy Electrotherapy explained: Robertson, V 615.845 principles and practice Conditions in occupational Atchison, Ben 615.8515 therapy: effect on occupational performance Foundations for practice in Duncan, Edward 615.8515 occupational therapy Pedretti’s occupational therapy: Pendleton, Heidi 615.8515 practice skills for physical dysfunction Language disorders in children Chiat, Shula 616.85506 and adults: psycholinguistic approaches to therapy Fitness for work: the medical Cox, R 616.9803 aspects Practical Audiology for speech Doyle, Janet 617.8 language therapists Anaesthesia Textbook of anaesthesia Aitkenhead, A 617.69 Clinical anaesthesiology Morgan, Edward 617.69 Breastfeeding Breastfeeding special care babies Neonatal nurses 613.269 Association Breastfeeding: a guide for the Lawrence, Ruth 616.269 medical profession Cardiology Heart disease and diabetes Fisher, Miles 616.12 Cardiac pacemakers step by step: Barold, S 617.4120645 an illustrated guide The evidence for vascular Earnshaw, J 617.413 surgery Critical Care Emergency medicine: avoiding Mattu, Amal 616.025 the pitfalls and improving the outcomes Emergency nursing secrets Oman, Kathleen 616.025
  • 2. Principles of critical care Hall, Jesse 616.028 Tutorials in palliative medicine Kaye, Peter 616.029 End-of-life: a nurses guide to 616.029 compassionate care Dermatology Color atlas of cosmetic Avram, Marc 616.5 dermatology: a medical and surgical reference Field guide to clinical Frankel, David 616.5 dermatology Manual of dermatologic Arndt, Kenneth 616.506 therapeutics Leg ulcers: a problem based Morison, Moya 616.545 learning approach Endocrinology Clinical endocrinology and Chew, Shern 616.4 diabetes: an illustrated colour text Epidemiology Statistics and epidemiology Ferenczi, Emily 614.4015195 Health care needs assessment: Stevens, Andrew 614.40941 the epidemiologically based needs assessment reviews The AIDS pandemic: the Chin, James 614.599392 collision of epidemiology with political correctness Ethics Ethics and research Gregory, Ian 174 Medical ethics today: the BMA’s British Medical 174.2 handbook of ethics and law Association Ethics in general practice: a Orm-Smith, Ann 174.2 practical handbook for personal development Nursing ethics Thompson, Ian 174.2 Essentials of health teaching and Davis, Anne 174.207 learning in nursing ethics: perspectives and methods Managing and leading in the Jones, Robert 610.737069 allied health professions Motor control: translating Shumway-Cook, 612.76 research into clinical practice Anne Fundamentals of hearing: an Yost, William 612.85 introduction Immunology/ Understanding immunology Wood, Peter 616.079 Microbiology Microbiology and immunology Chen, Eric 616.9041076 Human virology: a text for Collier, L 616.9101 students of medicine, dentistry and microbiology Allergy Holgate, S 616.97 Medical Education Critical reading questions for the Stacey, Ese 610 and Careers MRCGP The appraisers handbook Lyons, Nick 610.69
  • 3. An insiders guide to the medical Reckless, Ian 610.69 specialities The specialist registrar and new Gatrell, John 610.695 consultant handbook Communication skills for the Dalton, Harry 610.695 final MB: a guide to success in the OSCE 500 MCQ’s for the MRCP part 1 Baliga, R 610.76 EMQ’s for the MRCGP 2: with Dawson, Hayley 610.76 answers discussed EMQ’s for the GPVTS all Hamzah, Lisa 610.76 specialities: 250 topics, 1400 questions Concepts and answers for the Naidoo, P 610.76 MRCGP oral exam MCQ’s for GPCTS clinical Phillips, David 610.76 medicine: 360 topics, 1800 questions MRCP UK part 1 questions 2003 616.0076 Medicine: pretest self- Berk, SL 616.0076 assessment and review Rapid review of clinical Sharma, Sanjay 616.0076 medicine for MRCP part 2 An aid to the MRCP short cases Ryder, R 616.075 Medicine Core clinical cases in general Bain, Steve 616 medicine and surgery: a problem solving approach Learning to consult Charlton, Roger 616 The minor illness manual Johnson, Gina 616 Kumar and Clark clinical Kumar, Praveen 616 medicine Improving patient care; the Grol, Richard 616.0068 implementation of change in clinical practice Alarm bells in medicine: danger Ali, Nadeem 616.075 symptoms in medicine, surgery and clinical specialities Differential diagnosis for Goodman, Catherine 616.075 physical; therapists: screening for referral Differential diagnosis for Jamison, Jennifer 616.075 primary care: a handbook for healthcare practitioners Mental Health Psychiatry Burton, Neel 616.89 Behavioural science Stanford, Fatima 616.890076 Working with serious mental Brennan, Geoff 616.891 illness: Using CBT in general practice: David, Lee 616.89142 the 10 minute consultation
  • 4. Midwifery A pocket guide for student McKay-Moffat, 618.2 midwives Stella Neurology Understanding neurology: a Bone, Ian 616.8 problem orientated approach Current diagnosis and treatment Brust, John 616.80475 in neurology Stroke: your questions answered Hankey, Graeme 616.81 Handbook of stroke Wiebers, David 616.81 Dementia with lewy bodies and O’Brien, John 616.83 Parkinson’s disease dementia Atlas of epilepsy Appleton, Richard 616.853 Manual of smoking cessation: a McEwen, Andy 616.85606 guide for counsellors and practitioners Nursing Clinical handbook for hospital Close, Ann 610.73 nurses Nurses clinical decision making Gurbutt, Russell 610.73 Evidence based clinical practice Pearson, Alan 610.73 in nursing and healthcare: assimilating research, experience and expertise Engaging reflection in practice: a Johns, Christopher 610.7301 narrative approach Clinical supervision in practice: Bishop, V 610.73060941 some questions, answers and guidelines for professionals in health and social care Brown, Janice Principles of 610.73069 professional studies in nursing Understanding laboratory Higgins, Christopher 610.73069 investigations for nurses and health professionals Advanced nursing practice International council 610.730692 of nurses Nurse practitioners: clinical Walsh, Mike 610.730692 skills and professional issues Nursing education in the clinical Emerson, Roberta 610.730715 setting Practising clinical supervision: a Driscoll, John 610.7307155 reflective approach for healthcare professionals The reality of nursing research: Allen, Davina 610.73072 politics, processes and practices Understanding nursing research: Macnee, Carol 610.73072 reading and using research in evidence based practice Nursing research: principles, Parahoo, Kader 610.73072 process and issues
  • 5. Nursing research: principles and Polit, Denise 610.73072 methods Fundamental aspects of Fowler, John 610.7343 community nursing Community healthcare nursing Sines, David 610.7343 Advanced practice nurse Bishop, Tina 610.734309 New practice nurse Lucas, Julia 610.73430941 Advanced practice in Jester, Rebecca 610.736 rehabilitation nursing The good consultation guide for Hastings, Adrian 616.0751 nurses Routine blood tests explained: a Blann, Andrew 616.07561 guide for nurses and allied health professionals Leadership and nursing care Huber, Diane 362.173068 management Obesity Obesity: your questions Campbell, Ian 616.398 answered Obesity prevention and public Crawford, David 616.39805 health Obstetrics and Dewhurst’s textbook of Edmonds, Keith 618 Gynaecology obstetrics and gynaecology Complications of gynaecologic Isaacson, Keith 618.10597 endoscopic surgery Advances in reconstructive Kovac, Robert 618.15059 vaginal surgery Oncology Symptom management in Twycross, Robert 616.99406 advanced cancer Massage and bodywork: Mackereth, Peter 616.9940622 adapting therapies for cancer care Radiotherapy in practice: Hoskin, Peter 616.9940642 external beam therapy Ophthalmology Ophthalmology: investigation James, Bruce 617.7 and examination techniques Manual of systematic eyelid Collin, J 617.77059 surgery Orthopaedics Netter’s orthopaedics Greene, Walter 616.7 Emergency orthopedics: the Simon, Robert 616.7025 extremities Management of common Hertling, Darlene 616.7062 musculoskeletal disorders: physical therapy principles and methods Orthopaedic examination made Parvizi, Javad 616.7075 easy Current diagnosis and treatment McMahon, P 617.1 in sports medicine Basic orthopaedic sciences Ramachandran, M 617.47
  • 6. Neale’s disorders of the foot Lorimor, Donald 617.585 Paediatrics Pediatric neurology: essentials Heilbroner, Peter 618.92 for general practice Advanced paediatric life Advanced Life 618.920028 support: the practical approach Support Group Sudden infant death syndrome: Gurbutt, Dawne 618.92026 learning from stories about SIDS, motherhood and loss Pediatric dermatology: a quick reference guide Pathology Pathology Galfione, Sarah 616.07076 Pharmacology Basic and clinical pharmacology Katzung, Bertram 615.1 Rang and Dale’s pharmacology: Rang, HP 615.1 with student consult online access Lecture notes: clinical Reid, John 615.1 pharmacology and therapeutics Calculating drug doses safely: a Downie, George 615.14 handbook for nurses and midwives Practical transfusion medicine Murphy, Michael 615.39 Psychology Manage your mind: the mental Butler, Gillian 158.1 fitness guide Primary Care Understanding practice accounts Stone, Jenny 362.10681 Patient safety: research into Walshe, Kieran 362.10684 practice Short listing questions for the Picard, Olivier 362.172 GPVTS Caring for people with learning Peate, Ian 362.19685889 disabilities The essentials of community Sharkey, Peter 362.941 care Practical general practice: Khot, Alex 610 guidelines for effective clinical management Public Health Clinical effectiveness and Chambers, Ruth 362.1 clinical governance made easy Issues in public health Pomerleau, Joceline 362.1 Social determinants of health Wilkinson, Richard 362.1 Awareness and influence in Cook, Rosemary 362.1023 health and social care: how you can really make a difference New perspectives in public Griffiths, Sian 362.10941 health Enhanced services handbook Dearden, Andrew 362.1720941 Research Doing a successful research Davies, Martin 001.42 project: using qualitative or quantitative methods
  • 7. Questionnaire design, Oppenheim, A N 001.433 interviewing and attitude measurement How to research Blaxter, Loraine 300.72 Organizing and managing your Phelps, Renata 300.72 research: a practical guide for postgraduates Case study method: a Hammersley, Martyn 300.722 comprehensive introduction Statistics without tears: an Rowntree, Derek 519.5 introduction for non- mathematicians Medical statistics at a glance Petrie, Aviva 610.727 Geographies of health: an Gatrell, Anthony 614.42 introduction Respiratory Pathology of the lungs Corrin, B 616.2407 Rheumatology Harrison’s clinical immunology Fauci, A 616.723 and rheumatology Current diagnosis and treatment Imboden, John 616.723 in rheumatology Sociology The sociology of health and Nettleton, Sarah 306.461 illness The sociology of health and Annandale, Ellen 306.4610973 medicine: a critical introduction A sociology and mental health Rogers, Anne 362.2042 and illness Surgery Current surgical diagnosis and Doherty, Gerard 617 treatment Lecture notes: general surgery Ellis, Harold 617 The anatomy of general surgical Jamieson, Glyn 617 operations Essentials of surgical specialities Lawrence, Peter 617 Fast track surgery: general, Trinidade, Aaron 617 vascular and urology Central venous access devices: Dougherty, Lisa 617.05 care and management Surgery at a glance Grace, P 617.9 Dermatologic surgery made easy Sehgal, V 617.97 Urology Making sense of IBS: a Lacy, Brian 616.3 physician answers your questions about irritable bowel syndrome Fast facts: inflammatory bowl Rampton, David 616.344 disease