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  1. 1. William rountangan
  2. 2. William Henry Gates III (English: William Henry Gates III) famous Bill Gates, and Billis an abbreviation of the name of William in the United States of America, abusinessman and U.S. programmer and philanthropist. The second-richest person inthe world. In 1975 founded Microsoft with Paul Allen has made his fortune by himself[1] and has the largest single share of stock is estimated nine percent of the sharesofferedHis lifeBorn in Seattle, Washington, on October 28, 1955). His parents, William Gates andMary Maxwell Gates. Gates has big sister (Cristani) and junior sister (Libby). It wasWhipple Gates fourth of his family name "IIII", but knew William Gates III (III),because his father left his title as the third (III), who is of Irish origin - Scottish(British). Bill Gates was born to a Protestant family belong to Church Alabrchanah. [3][4] [5]Child Bill grew up in a family with a long history Balachtgal in politics, business andsocial service. Work and father - his grandfather and conservative member of thelegislature of the state, and the work of his grandfather vice president of a nationalbank, and his father was a prominent lawyer. She and his mother also a managerialposition at the University of Washington, and was a prominent member of the boards oflocal organizations and banks. For it was not surprising that shows the child Billintelligence, ambition and competitive spirit early on, has surpassed his colleagues inelementary school, especially in math and science, has realized his parents intelligenceearly, prompting them to reassign school Lakeside
  3. 3. Allen), another student shared his passion and concern in computers, and in a shorttime has grown between them and close friendship that lasted for many years. Thestudents consumed amount of time allocated to them in record time! The Council wasunable mothers bear any additional expenses, pushed them to think of another sourceprovides them with free accounts and a time is limited.Agreed school later that year with a local company known as Computer CenterCorporation - CCC to provide students with more time allocated on the computer, andthe system of this company is working on a computer of the type (PDP-10), and acceptthe Bill and the rest of the students on this computer eagerly and were curious towardhis regime, was not long until they began to raise problems. Has caused students todisrupt the system several times, and were able to break the protection system on thecomputer, also adjusted their files their own accounts for a longer period of time to usethe computer, prompting the company of denying them to use the system for severalweeks!After the expiry of deprivation went four students from the school: (Bill Gates, PaulAllen, Rick Leland (Ric Weiland), and I Evans (Kent Evans)) to a company CCC, and gavea presentation requires that help the company to find system errors that have causedviolations carried out by Students against the company that gives them a free time andunlimited use of the system. Since the company has tired of system crashes and repeatedbreach, and agreed to their
  4. 4. .And allowed this opportunity to set the possibility of studying the system software, and ​gained experience software and extensive programming languages were common at thetime, such as BASIC (BASIC), Fortran (FORTRAN), LISP (LISP), and even machinelanguage (Machine Language) They also produce some programs Games .Starting towards the profession AgeIn 1970 and faced CCC financial problems, prompting it to close its doors in March of thatyear. The group began a new search for granted the opportunity to use computers, Fovrthem and Paul Allens father a chance to use some of the computers, the University ofWashington where he worked. But the group did not stop at this point, it was in dire needfor those granted the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, computer and after one yearand hired the group by a company (. Information Sciences Inc), to write a program tocalculate salaries company using the programming language COBOL (COBOL). For thefirst time students received profit-making versus inimitable talent. In addition to thisgroup granted ownership rights over their programs, have been legally recognized.This small company achieved a profit of $ 20,000 USD in its first year, and Bill was then inhigh school, and the company continued to work until the entry Bill University.In the fall of 1973 he joined Bell at Harvard University, was not at the time had decidedafter the type of study they wish it, Valthak Law School preliminary
  5. 5. experiment, but his heart was still pending computer; was spending the night awake infront of computer laboratories in the university and then spend the day sleeping in theclassroom. His friend Paul Allen has also attended Harvard University, and they werecontinuously Atkablan and they continue to think and dream future projects for thedevelopment of software and operating systems.One day in the month of December of the year 1974, and while he was Paul Allen headingto visit his friend Bill stopped in front of a small shop for the attention of some magazines,and he signed a look at magazine (Popular Electronics) where he appeared on the coverpicture of a computer "Altair 8800", and wrote under the file: " first micro-computerintended for commercial purposes, "he bought Paul magazine and quickly set out to seeBill. The two realized that this computer carries major Frsthma and you always dream of.Within days Contact Bill company Mets (Micro Instrumentation & Telemetry System -MITS) the manufacturer of the computer "Altair 8800", and told them that he hasdeveloped is a teammate Paul Allen (program interpreter) of the computer writing theprogramming language BASIC "Altair BASIC - interpreter".This has been a big lie!! It was not Bill and Allen had books line programmatically one forthis computer did not Ichehadah only in pictures magazine just did ‫ يمتلكا‬even processorIntel 8080 that runs it, but the company agreed to Mkablthma and experimenting newsystem, which pushed them to start working quickly to write the
  6. 6. program. The process of writing the program is responsible for Bill Gates, whilePaul Allen began working on finding a way to work computer simulation "Altair8800" on computers "PDP-10" available in the campus workout program. Aftereight weeks of continuous work (almost in mid-February of 1975), the two feltthat their program has become ready, Fastql Paul Allen plane heading for theMets to view the program.At a meeting held at the Mets and the presence of company president Ed Robert(Ed Robert) free Program Paul Computer "Altair 8800", and began the process ofrunning the program for the first real time. Oh wonder!! The program workssmoothly and without any errors, and Paul sat with astonishment of this greatachievement, and contact Bell to wed him the good news.Mets contracted directly with both Bill and Paul to buy property rights to theprogram, and Paul Allen was appointed vice president in the companys softwaredivision. In contrast Leave Bill Harvard University and moved on to work withPaul in the development of software; the two realized that the future lies in thesoftware market and that they must Atsdra this pathThe birth of Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft)In mid-1975, and after the resounding success achieved by both Bill Gates andPaul Allen with the Mets, decided the two create a special partnership betweenthem for the development of programs, ‫" أسمياها‬Micro-Soft" and constitute thisname from the words "Microcomputer" and "Software". Bill Gates owned
  7. 7. 60% of the size of the company, while Paul Allen won the remaining 40%, andBill protested to get the largest share to the reordering of the work in thecompany, while Paul was still a full-time employee with the Mets. Exposureprogram interpreter (BASIC-interpreter) which was developed by Microsoftduring this period of the theft and illegal copying by hackers, angering Bill Gatesand pushed him to write a letter to the pirates in the newspaper company Metsperiodic "An Open Letter to Hobbyists", condemns theft and piracy and affirmsthe right of the programmer to get the price of his production through the saleof software. The result of this letter hostile reactions among piracy. In contrastgot Bill on many of the messages that carry proposals to resolve the problem ofpiracy, included one program development within the chip, "read-only memory(ROM)", and thus become lines program engraved inside the chip of silicon,instead of entering the computer through the paper tape, which makes the theftvirtually impossible, and this was the perfect solution in the eyes of Bill Allen,and decided to apply it next time.With the end of 1976, Microsoft officially registered as an independent company,and earnings of nearly 104 thousand and U.S. $ 216. Paul Allen resigned fromMets for full-time work at Microsoft, and Microsoft continued to developprograms for different systems.Partnership with IBMIn 1980 began, IBM Global (IBM - International Business Machine Company)project known as the Manhattan Project (Manhattan Project) for the
  8. 8. manufacture of personal computers new known as PC "IBM" to be used in offices andhomes, the company was in need of an operating system to the new computer; thereforecontacted the Microsofts trying to get on the system. But Microsoft were not possess anoperating system ready at that time, so she proposed operating system CP / M, which wasdeveloped by company "Digital Research", and already worked IBMs proposal Bill drawsdelegates from the company to interview Gary Kjeldahl (Gary Kildall) founder "DigitalResearch ", but a quirk of fate that fails this meeting, it was not originally Gary Mtwajaddatime meeting where he had boarded a plane to meet another customer!!!IBM and returned request the assistance of Bill Gates, and this time he decided to meettheir needs and provide them with personally desired running. So, Bill Gates and Paul Allenbought full rights to the operating system ready QDOS (Quick & Dirty Operating System)from developer system programmer Tim Patterson (Tim Paterson), who was working in thecompany Seattle Computer Products (Seattle Computer Products) for $ 50000 U.S. - did notannounceIn the Partnership Agreement, which was held between Microsoft and IBM, Bill Gatesinsisted to be the exclusive provider of Microsoft operating systems for each personalcomputer, a subsidiary of IBM, in the sense that IBM is prohibited from contracting withany other software company to buy operating systems for their products
  9. 9. his picturs