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Advanced Tek Systems Presentation

  1. 1. Advanced Tek Systems<br />An Introduction to NzeroEtm Building System<br />
  2. 2. The building industry is changing - and that is good for all of us. There have been many innovations around the world in the last 50 years. <br />Much is being driven by the need to conserve plus some wonderful collaboration is underway to market the most efficient and healthy building that has ever been. <br />We are proud to introduce a building that frames with steel for durability and low maintenance, heats/cools itself for monthly savings, is radiantly heated for optimum comfort, has no attraction to pathogens and stands up to all but the most extreme catastrophes. <br />The NzeroEtmBuilding System<br />Advanced Tek Systems<br />
  3. 3. This superbly designed and elegantly simple system has been perfected over the years, has the following elements that are basic to the NzeroEtm Building System.<br /><ul><li>Steel frame structure for strength, versatility and longevity.
  4. 4. Exclusive High-Loft ® Fiber Glass Insulation System.
  5. 5. Solar-Assisted Radiant Floor Heat System keeps the home at comfortable levels no matter the outside temperature. </li></ul>This system offers a healthy and breathable building that heats and cools itself! <br />Design features of the nzeroetmbuilding system<br />
  6. 6. Design Features of the NzeroEtm Building System Continued<br />Magnesium Oxide wallboard (MgO) adds to the structural strength and is healthy for humans.<br />The steel frame, insulation and wallboard will not grow mold or mildew, attract pests, or retain water. We use No VOC paints, finishes and glue so there is nothing to cause allergic reaction. Radon and EMF shielding is included.<br />The combination of steel frame, insulation and wallboard provides the building with a minimum two hour non-combustible fire rating.<br />
  7. 7. Design Features of the NzeroETM building system Continued<br />The building materials and design elements of this system are simple and purposeful.<br />To control costs, frame panels are pre-built and assembled on your lot, so the cost/sf is in the range of conventional wood custom building.<br />
  8. 8. Our Chief Architect, Randolph Hedgebeth, brings 50 years of creative design experience using sustainable materials, energy-saving products and systems with superior technologies and efficiencies.<br />The architect of the nzeroETMbuilding System<br />
  9. 9. Advanced Tek Systems provides:<br /><ul><li>Architectural
  10. 10. Engineering
  11. 11. Construction
  12. 12. Project Management </li></ul>primarily for the design, manufacture and installation of high performance, healthy buildings. <br />Advanced Tek Systems, Inc. located in Tacoma, WA is a newly-formed company of highly experienced professionals coming together to bring you the NzeroETM Building System.<br />The NzeroEtmBuilding System panels<br />
  13. 13. <ul><li>Light-gauge steel frame
  14. 14. Geopolymer cement
  15. 15. Proprietary High-Loft FG ® Insulation System
  16. 16. Human Healthy MgOwallboard
  17. 17. Lime-based interior coatings
  18. 18. Insulated doors and windows
  19. 19. Superior metal roofing system
  20. 20. Radiant floor heat system
  21. 21. Energy-efficient appliances
  22. 22. LED Lighting
  23. 23. Low water flow appliances and fixtures</li></ul>Components of the Nzeroetm building system<br />
  24. 24. <ul><li>Safe from rain and wind storms, mold, pests and dust
  25. 25. Earthquake, fire and even flood resistant
  26. 26. Insulated at R-38 in walls and R-50 in ceilings to keep you comfortable and utility bills low
  27. 27. Non-allergenic and non-toxic materials ensure air quality
  28. 28. Quiet, low sound transmission
  29. 29. Energy efficiency exceeds 150% higher than US code standards
  30. 30. Builds faster for quicker return on investment
  31. 31. Low Operating & Maintenance, insurance, life cycle costs
  32. 32. Attractively priced and lasts for generations
  33. 33. Conserves water</li></ul>The nzeroetm building system True value<br />
  34. 34. Residential applications<br /><ul><li>Single-family, duplex and multi-family units
  35. 35. Adaptable to single or multi-story
  36. 36. Flexible for custom and high-end homes
  37. 37. Cottage housing, bungalows, and cabins
  38. 38. Great for Assisted living projects
  39. 39. Perfect for elderly or handicapped
  40. 40. ADA compliant and non-toxic environment
  41. 41. Great for chemically sensitive individuals
  42. 42. Versatile - from flood plains to mountain tops
  43. 43. Fire resistant enough to build in forested areas
  44. 44. Strong enough to tolerate earthquake, tornado/hurricane zones</li></li></ul><li>ATS technology makes superior <br />homes! They are comfortable, affordable and energy efficient with a wow factor!<br />Custom Home Purdy, wa<br />
  45. 45. <ul><li>Hospitality Industry - Hotels, Motels, Restaurants
  46. 46. Municipalities - City Buildings, Schools, Auditoriums, Sports Facilities
  47. 47. Gymnasiums, Dormitories
  48. 48. Military - Housing, Apartments, Condominiums
  49. 49. Hospitals, Clinics, Assisted Living Care, Retirement Communities
  50. 50. Day Care Centers
  51. 51. Low rise Office and Commercial Space</li></ul>Commercial Applications<br />
  52. 52. John l scott building university place, WA<br />Here is our light gauge steel building in University Place, WA built over ten years ago using ATS technology. It still looks and performs like new! This 11,000sf two-story building performs at an average $251/mo for natural gas and $497/mo for electric, all with 50 agents going in and out. ATS is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of the NzeroETM Building System - engineered for performance, comfort, health and value. <br />Call for an appointment!<br />Contact: Allen Olson 253-473-5351<br />