Luoyang water banquet (洛陽水席)


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Unique dishes in China Luoyang

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Luoyang water banquet (洛陽水席)

  1. 1. 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 按滑鼠換頁 Click for page continue
  2. 2. The outside of the restaurant 餐廳的外觀
  3. 3. Water Banquet Luoyang Water Banquet were really unique, different from other dishes of Chinese food, and have been developed for thousands of years. There are two meaning of the words “Water Banquet”. Firstly, unlike the usual custom in China, the dishes served during this banquet are brought one after another, like flowing water, hence the name “Water Banquet”. The second reason is that almost one third of the dishes are accompanied by different soups. The dishes of a Water Banquet are served in an interesting way. There are 24 dishes in all. First served are eight cold dishes: four meats and four vegetables. Another four dishes are reserved for the end of the meal. The remaining 12 dishes are brought up in four groups, each consisting of three dishes that are similar in taste, one of which is the main dish and the other two are side dishes. This way of serving is amusingly called "a father taking his two sons to court". What is the must to taste in Luoyang? Of course, the Water Banquet, which sure make your the greatest satisfaction, so that the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and all-round enjoyment. Currently, as a national intangible cultural heritage, Luoyang Water Banquet is famous at home and abroad. If want to taste the most authentic Water Banquet, suggest you going to the Zhenbutong (really different) Restaurant. The private room is rather antique, with many ancient potteries.
  4. 4. Zhenbutong (really different) Restaurant 真不同飯店
  5. 5. 水席 洛陽是一座三面環山,這裡氣候寒冷乾燥。古時候,人們很難享用吃到水果。抵禦 乾燥寒冷的氣候,從而洛陽人喜歡喝湯,發明了各種各樣的湯,以彌補水分的需要。 與其他中國菜餚不同,洛陽水席真的是很獨特,已經發展上千年了。 所謂「水席」有二種含義。首先它不像中國一般的習慣,宴席上菜是一道接一道像 流水一樣,故名「水席」。第二個原因是,幾乎三分之一的菜都帶有不同的湯水。 水席的上菜方式很有趣。共有24道菜。 首先上八個冷盤下酒菜,四葷四蔬。另外四道菜是最後的壓桌菜。其餘12道菜分為 四組,每組的三道菜味道近似,一個主菜和兩個附菜。這種上菜方式被戲稱為「帶 子上朝」。 在洛陽一定要品嚐什麼呢?當然是水席,肯定會帶給你最大的滿足,使你的眼睛, 耳朵,鼻子,嘴巴,得到全方位的享受。 目前,作為國家級非物質文化遺產,洛陽水席是聞名海內外。如果想品嚐最正宗的 水席,建議你到「真不同飯店」。包廂房間古色古香,有許多古陶器。
  6. 6. All the waitress dressed in palace clothing of Tang Dynasty 所有女服務員都身穿唐代宮廷服裝
  7. 7. The Tang Empress Wu Zetian 唐 朝 女 皇 武 則 天
  8. 8. Tang Dynasty state banquet tableware 盛唐國宴專用餐具
  9. 9. The Books about Water Banquet 有關水席的書籍
  10. 10. First, 8 cold dishes are served. 首先上 8 個涼菜。
  11. 11. All these are one of the eight cold dishes. 這些都是 8 道涼菜之一。
  12. 12. The another one of the 8 cold dishes, looks like a book. 另外的 8 道涼菜之一,看起來像一本書。
  13. 13. After the cold dish, there were soups and all kinds of main dishes. 涼菜之後,是含湯的各種为菜。 Peony Yan Cai 牡丹燕菜
  14. 14. The first dish, Peony Yan Cai (one small bowl per person). Peony Yan Cai is made of radish shreds, chicken shreds, minced pork and other vegetables simmered in soup, making it taste like succulent bird's nest soup (Yan Wo). Its appearance seems to be a blooming peony, very beautiful. 第一道菜,牡丹燕菜 (每人一小碗)。牡丹燕菜是由蘿蔔切成絲,雞絲,碎豬肉和其他蔬菜 慢火燉煮而成,味道像多汁燕窩。外觀像是一朵盛開的牡丹花,非常漂亮。
  15. 15. Water Banquet menu of Zhenbutong (really different) Restaurant 真不同飯店 水席菜單
  16. 16. 連湯肉片
  17. 17. 酸辣蹄筋
  18. 18. 上湯竹笙
  19. 19. 酸湯焦炸丸
  20. 20. 滋補雙鳳
  21. 21. 蔬 菜 蛋 餅
  22. 22. 金龍報春
  23. 23. 米酒人參果
  24. 24. 銀耳羹
  25. 25. 油炒八寶飯
  26. 26. A eunuch dressed people come in, read the “imperial edict” and the welcome words. 一個太監打扮的人進來宣讀「聖旨」致歡迎詞
  27. 27. 洛陽海參
  28. 28. 洛陽酥肉
  29. 29. 秘製脯肉
  30. 30. 圓滿如意湯
  31. 31. The attendant dressed in palace costume of Tang Dynasty. 身著唐代宮廷服裝的服務員
  32. 32. Chinese Music : 其實你不懂我的心 The photos taken by Yuemei Xu & Jean Zhang