Hongcun village in anhui (安徽 宏村)
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Hongcun village in anhui (安徽 宏村)



Ancient village in southern Anhui, China.

Ancient village in southern Anhui, China.



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Hongcun village in anhui (安徽 宏村) Hongcun village in anhui (安徽 宏村) Presentation Transcript

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  • 中國安徽 Anhui, China Hongcun
  • Hongcun is lying about 10 kms (6 miles) northeast of Yixian County (Anhui, China), Village enjoys the reputation of 'a village in the beautiful Chinese picture' because of its location at high altitude and being shrouded by clouds and mist. The architecture and carvings of the approximately 150 residences dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties are said to be among the best of their kind in China. 宏村位於黟縣 (中國安徽) 東北約 10公里(6 英里)處,有「美麗國畫村莊」的享譽,因為它位於高海 拔地區,常被雲霧籠罩。約 150 個住宅的建築和雕刻,可以追溯到明清時期,據說是屬於中國最棒的 古建築群。 Built with pink walls and black tiles, all the residences are better arranged. Among them, the Chengzhi Hall is the most representative and is praised as the 'Folk Imperial Palace'. Numerous varieties of figures and patterns are carved on the columns, beams and door frames and are gilded with gold. It is said that about five kilograms (11 pounds) gold had been used in gilding the wood carvings during the construction of the house. The Chengzhi Hall is the best preserved. Hundreds of visitors from home and abroad are fascinated by its wood carvings. 所有的住宅粉牆黛瓦,配置良好。其中承志堂最具代表性,被譽為「民間故宮」。許多人物和圖案都 雕刻在樑柱和門框上,並且鎏金。據說建造房子時鍍金木雕用掉 5 公斤 (11磅) 黃金。承志堂的保存 最完好,來自海內外的千百遊客都為木雕而著迷。 Other halls including Jinxiu Hall, South Lake Academy, Lexu Hall and Xuren Hall are also worth a visit. 其他包括敬修堂,南湖書院,樂敘堂,樹人堂也值得參觀。 The village became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Scenes from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were filmed on location in Hongcun. 在 2000 年成為 聯合國教科文組織 世界遺產。電影「臥虎藏龍」有些場景亦在宏村拍攝。 About Hongcun 宏村簡介
  • Entered Hongcun ancient village, the first view was the beautiful South Lake. 進入宏村古鎮,首先映入眼簾的就是美麗的南湖。
  • Bridge, water and families in paradise 世外桃源中的小橋流水人家
  • 「徽派建築」依山面水,講究與環境的完美結合。
  • Stay in the Month Pond Inn, fair prices, friendly proprietress. 住宿在月塘客棧,價格公道,老闆娘親切。
  • Chengzhi Hall, built with pink walls and black tiles, is praised as the 'Folk Imperial Palace'. 承志堂,住宅粉牆黛瓦,被譽為「民間故宮」。
  • Chengzhi Hall was built in 1855, which was the residence of salt businessman Wang Dinggui, covers with 2100 square meters area. 承志堂建於 1855 年,為鹽商汪定貴住宅,佔地面積 2100 平方米。
  • Legend priceless sided hollow stone carving, exactly the same on both sides. 傳說中價值連城的雙面鏤空石 雕,兩面一模一樣。
  • Sided hollow stone carving 雙面鏤空石雕--喜上眉梢
  • The canal water is introduced within the premises, and formation the water homes, opened up a fish pond. 承志堂 魚塘廳 由戶外將圳水引入 宅內,形成水院,闢有魚池。
  • 木雕 百子鬧元霄 Woodcarving, hundred children were playing at Lantern festival
  • 木雕「百子鬧元宵」細部圖,雕刻著 100 個小男孩過元宵鬧花燈,一片喜氣洋洋,層次分 明,線條清晰,人物神態各異,惟妙惟肖,正是古代「多子多福」傳統觀念的生動寫照。 Detail of wood carving 木雕細部
  • 這是「商」字圖案 下方是倒掛元寶 顯示財源滾滾
  • Wood carving, Kuo's birthday party 木雕「郭子儀上壽」及「九世同堂」
  • Hongcun lies at the foot of Leigang Mountain. The village faces south. Around 1405, on the advice of geomancers, channel was dug to bring fresh water to the village from the West Stream. The open watercourse runs through all the houses in the entire village and flow into the center area Moon Pond. Two hundred years later the water supply system of the village was completed with the creation of the South Lake. The chessboard pattern of streets and lanes follow the watercourse, giving the village a unique overall appearance. 宏村位於雷剛山腳下。村坐北朝南。大約 1405 年,依照風水師的意見,挖造了渠 道,從西溪引水入村。開放式水道貫穿整個村莊屋舍,匯流至中央地區的「月沼」 池塘;兩百年後挖造村南「南湖」,村中的供水系統已經完成。按照水道棋盤格局 的大街小巷,帶給整體村莊一個獨特的外觀。 The water supply system 供水系統The water supply system 供水系統
  • The open watercourse runs through all the houses in the entire village and finally flow into the center area Moon Pond. 開放式水道貫穿整個村莊屋舍,最後匯流至 中央地區的「月沼」池塘
  • 徽州民居特徵:白牆​​黛瓦、馬頭牆和磚雕門楣。
  • Wide and narrow alleys 寬巷窄弄
  • 村內街巷大都傍水而建
  • 月沼 「月沼」,老百姓稱月塘,建於明朝永樂年間(公元 1403 年 – 1424 年),當時宏 村 76 世祖汪思齊發現村中有一處天然泉水,冬夏泉湧不息,汪思齊聘請風水先生, 「遍閱山川,詳審脈絡」,制訂出擴大宏村基址及進行村落全面規劃水系藍圖;鑿 引西溪水,水圳九曲十彎,把水引入村中心天然井泉處,建池塘,以水供防火、飲 用、洗滌等。 其後裔汪昇平等人,繼續挖掘修建半月形池塘,完成了前人未完成的「月沼」,月 沼水常年碧綠,塘面水平如鏡,四周青石鋪展,粉牆青瓦整齊有序,藍天白雲跌落 水中。老人在聊天,婦女在浣紗洗帕,頑童在嬉戲。 月塘四圍成了人們的共享空間,「風俗民情」的露天舞台,村民自發地聚會其間。 月沼北畔 「樂敘堂」祠堂,又名「眾家廳」,為汪氏宗祠,也是 15 世紀明初所 建。樂敘堂與月沼組成宏村八景之一「月沼風荷」。
  • Moon pond surrounding area is public space, the villagers often gathering in there. 月塘四周為公共空間,村民經常聚會其間。
  • 月沼北面的 樂敘堂 (Lexu Hall) 即汪氏宗祠,為明朝建築。 樂敘堂與月沼是宏村八景之一「月沼風荷」。
  • 樂敘堂精緻的門楣磚雕
  • Residential dwellings around the Moon Pond. 圍繞著月沼的民居
  • Residential dwellings around the Moon Pond. 圍繞著月沼的民居
  • 婦女在月沼浣紗洗帕
  • The former residence of Wang Daxie 汪大燮故居
  • 徽派建築高大的馬頭牆,具有防火牆作用。
  • 徽州人十分重視門樓的修建,有「千金門樓,四兩屋」之說,古人寧可 花去千兩黃金用來修建門樓,僅僅花費四兩用來建房。
  • 樹人堂(XurenHall) 也稱民藝收藏館,現為客棧。
  • Poplar trees at the village entrance 村口的紅楊大樹
  • Village entrance 24 hours security guards 村口 24 小時警衛
  • This way leading to South Lake 由此通往南湖
  • Causeway between South Lake and West Stream 南湖和西溪之間的堤道
  • West Stream 西溪 Jisi Bridge 際泗橋
  • "South Lake School" is located in the north shore of South Lake 「南湖書院」位於 南湖 北岸
  • With stone bridges, white walls, water lily ponds and hills, it has been described as a village out of a traditional Chinese ink painting. 石橋,白牆,荷池和山丘,有「中國畫裡鄉村」之稱。
  • 南湖書院原本是明朝末年興建的六座私塾,合稱為「倚湖六院」,清嘉慶十九 年合併重建為「以文家塾」,又名「南湖書院」。重建後的書院由志道堂、文 昌閣、啟蒙閣、會文閣、望湖樓和祗園六部分組成,書院前臨一湖碧水,後依 連棟樓舍,粉牆黛瓦、碧水藍天、環境十分優雅。
  • 文昌閣:徽州人的崇尚理學, 尊崇至聖先師。
  • 宏村的南湖有「黃山腳下小西湖」之稱
  • Hongcun with ancient architecture houses, white walls, black tiles and wharf wall, ornate lintel brick carvings, street with blue flagstone and water canal , coupled with lotus ponds, bridge and hills, the entire village is lying between the mountain and waters. Chengzhi Hall's woodcarving, the village entrance big trees, Moon Pond, South Lake ......etc., there are too many memorable places. Hongcun! one day I will come back again. 宏村,具徽州建築古民宅,粉牆黛瓦馬頭牆,華麗的門楣磚雕,青石板水圳街道,加 上荷花池塘,石橋和山丘,整個村落靜臥在青山綠水中。承志堂木雕、村口大樹、月 沼,南湖……有太多值得回憶地方。宏村!有一天我會再度光臨。老編西歪 20030814
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