Advice by elder (長者的忠告)


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Some reminders by elders.

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Advice by elder (長者的忠告)

  1. 1. 《智者》 曾梵志 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 按滑鼠換頁 Click for page continue
  2. 2. "Blue Dream", Michigan, USA Mist raises from a pond surrounded by gorgeous colors on a beautiful, crispy autumn morning. Wish no one to give you a hand on money. It's never enough for anyone. (Learn to give) 不要奢望別人給你經濟上的任何幫助,錢對任何 人都是不夠用的。(學會給與)
  3. 3. "Olympic Glory", Olympic National Park, Washington, USA Sun-rays beam through mist in a forest of Olympic National Park. If a friend help you, it's a goodwill; if he or she doesn't , do not hold a grudge. No one owes you! (Learn to understand) 朋友幫你是善事,是道義;朋友不幫你也無可厚非, 不該心懷怨尤,人家不欠你的!(學會理解)
  4. 4. "The Rhythm of the Earth", Inner Mongolia, China No one is supposed to help you but yourself. Therefore, what you need to do is be independent, strong, gay and happy. Anyway, you need to count on yourself when troubles come. You see? (Learn to be strong) 要知道沒有人必須在你需要的時候幫你,只有你自己,所以讓自己 獨立、堅強、快樂、幸福,才是你需要做的,畢竟只有自己必須和 你生死與共,休戚相關。明白?(學會堅強)
  5. 5. "Golden Waves", Washington, USA The rolling hills of golden wheat field in early morning. Do not consider whether one is rich or not when making friends. One's money has nothing to do with you even if one is a billionaire. One may gives you the only thing he or she has even one's a pauper. (Learn to distinguish) 不要看貧富交朋友,他有億萬家財跟你一毛錢關係都沒有,別把自己弄成哈巴 狗。他也許一無所有,卻可以把唯一的饅頭分給你。(學會分辨)
  6. 6. "The Enchanted Forest", Redwood National and State Parks, California, USA Mist fills the forest of the giant red trees. Do not estrange from spiritual friend for material friend. Rich friends take you to parties, bring you all kinds of troubles. However, spiritual friends may only take you to fields, streams without excellent wine and delicious dishes. No champagne, no coffee, no stage. But she will run with you like little kids. One day you will understand this. (Learn to value yourself) 不要為了經濟富有的朋友疏遠了精神富有的朋友,慢慢你 會明白,經濟上富裕的朋友可以帶你吃喝玩樂,也可以帶 給你複雜紛亂的世俗煩惱,精神富有的朋友也許只能帶你 去田野裡,去溪流畔,沒有美酒佳餚,沒有香檳、咖啡、 沒有舞池,可是她能陪你一起奔跑、一起笑的像傻子。 (學會自重)
  7. 7. "Double Punch", Colorado, USA I got up early on a chilly, wet autumn morning and was rewarded with dramatic sky and this beautiful double rainbow over expensive golden Colorado aspens. Beautiful and strong relationship exists. It only belongs to the cowboy and spinning maid, to Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, to Romeo and Juliet because they did not live long enough. However, we will live much longer. (Learn to cherish) 可以相信世上真的有美好堅貞的愛情,但是它只屬於牛郎織女、 梁山伯祝英台、還有外國的羅密歐和茱麗葉。因為他們都沒有活 很久。而我們是要活很久的。(學會珍惜)
  8. 8. "Autumn Impression", Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA This is an abstract photography created in camera by moving the camrea during a long exposure. No matter why you get married, you need to love your family as long as you have a baby. You are obligated to make it warm as poor and cold as it is, because you are the parent! (Learn to take responsibilities) 不管你因為什麼結婚,只要你有了孩子,你就要愛這個家,不 管它多麼簡陋多麼寒冷,你都有義務讓它溫馨起來,因為你是 父母!(學會承擔)
  9. 9. "Dreamland", Michigan, USA Youth vanishes as we blink and wrinkles appear. We cannot stop time from destroying our beauty, but we can grind our heart as time pass by, just like the sands in oysters, until it glazes. When we become too old to walk and stumble, the beautiful shining of the pearl will light our last journey, won't it? ( Learn to be mature) 我們的青春眨眼間就沒有了,皺紋一條一條的爬到眼角,我們阻止不了歲月破壞我們 的容顏,可是我們可以讓心在歲月中慢慢磨礪,如蚌中的沙,慢慢的光潤起來,等到 我們髮蒼齒搖、步履蹣跚的時候,還可以讓珍珠的光澤暈紅最後的行程,不是嗎? (學會成長)
  10. 10. "Approaching Autumn Storm", Colorado, USA Do not be stubborn. One will meet many a troubles in one's whole life. Neither does the world fit in with you nor the earth orbits for you. We are nothing but passerbys in this world. So do not be stubborn with what you own. What can we take away when dead while we were born with nothing? (Learn to give up) 不要執著,人生有很多不如意,世界不會迎合你,地球不是為你轉的,所以不要 執著於擁有,連我們都只是紅塵的過客,生是赤條條的來,死又能帶走什麼呢? (學會放下)
  11. 11. Music : Jest When I needed You Most Abstract Landscape Images by Yiming Hu The article is derived from the following website.