Time to get organized


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Time to get organized

  1. 1. TIME TO GETORGANIZED Russell Conwell Center Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
  2. 2. Presentation by Briana Chang Student Services Counselor  StudentSupport Services - STEM
  3. 3. So you need some help gettingorganized? Let’s figure out what we’re working with first… Take a few minutes to answer the following 8 questions. Remember:  Choose the answer that is MOST like you  Be truthful  Record your answers Lets get started!
  4. 4. How Organized Are You?1. The big test is tomorrow. You and your friends have planned a study session at your house. When they come, you: a) Quickly push aside all the junk on the table and chairs, order pizza, turn the radio on full blast, and start to jam with your buddies. b) Move some mail onto the ground and have some TV dinners with your friends, and take some time to study before watching the horror flick you rented. c) You sit down to a couple hours of organized studying.
  5. 5. How Organized Are You?2. A big paper is due in your Gen Ed course. When your professor asks for your paper, you: a) Fumble through your binder, desk, notebook, books, etc., trying to stall. b) Take it out as quickly as possible...trying to remember where you put it. c) Give it to your professor, you already had it out.
  6. 6. How Organized Are You?1. You have a cleaning schedule with your roommate (or family) and its your turn to clean. But your best friend just surprised you and wants to go out. You: a) Run up to your room and start to push all the junk under you bed, in drawers, and into your closet. b) Put your dirty laundry in the hamper, make your bed, and just straighten up your room a little. c) Both of you go straight out, your room is already spotless from last months cleaning.
  7. 7. How Organized Are You?4. Tonight is your big club softball game. Your team told you to be there an hour early. It is about 10 minutes before you have to be at the field. You: a) Look everywhere for your uniform. You could have sworn you had put on your desk chair the night before! Or, was it the dresser you put it on? b) Slip your shoes on, make your water bottle, grab all of your extra equipment, and when your ready to walk out of the door, you realize you have to go to the bathroom! c) Grab your extra equipment and walk out the door.
  8. 8. How Organized Are You?5. You need to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things after class. In your rush to class, you make your grocery list, and: a) You keep it in your hand as you are running out of the door and accidentally drop it in your rush to school. b) Stuff it in your backpack along with the rest of your life. c) Fold it nice and neatly and stick it into your zipper up pocket so you wont loose it.
  9. 9. How Organized Are You?6. You have 5 minutes to get to your next class. You: a) Are still in your messy room trying to find the book you need and trying to think up a reasonable excuse to tell the most strict professor at Temple why you’re late. b) Are running down Broad Street trying to dodge everybody who is in your way. c) Are already seated in your seat, waiting for the class to begin.
  10. 10. How Organized Are You?7. When you’re done class for the day, you: a) Go straight to facebook after you make yourself a quick snack. b) Make a snack, watch TV for an hour, and then do your homework. c) Start your homework right away.
  11. 11. How Organized Are You?8. You have a big research paper due tomorrow. It was assigned 2 weeks ago. You work on it: a) The night before it is due. b) A few days before it is due. c) In chunks over the 2 weeks you were given. A couple days before its due, you review what you’ve done and add your finishing touches.
  12. 12. Time to tally your results… Count up the number of As, Bs, and Cs you had, respectively.
  13. 13. Results Mostly As  Youneed some major organizational practice, pay close attention to this workshop! Mostly Bs  You’re a little unorganized so review this workshop and see where you could make improvements! Mostly Cs  You’rea pretty organized student – but no one’s perfect. See if this workshops helps you inch even closer to organizational bliss!
  14. 14. Any Perfect Scores of allCs??I didn’t think so, lets get to it…
  15. 15. Why should you care about being organized? It will make your life easier in the long run by making you more efficient It could increase your grades It can relieve stress It is a marketable skill that employers look for
  16. 16. Goals of this Workshop By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:  Organize your class materials to reduce your stress and increase academic achievement  Use to-do lists and planners to organize your time commitments  Establish routines to increase productivity
  17. 17. Let’s break it down to 3 simplerules: 1. Keep school stuff neat. 2. Have a plan. 3. Establish routines.
  18. 18. What is wrong with this picture?
  19. 19. Or even worse…
  20. 20. Rule #1: Keep school stuffneat. Remember your work is a reflection of the type of person you are.  Hopefullythat person is responsible, hard- working, and ORGANIZED!!! To keep your schoolwork neat, follow these tips…
  21. 21. Organize Your School Supplies Get a big, dorky school bag with plenty of compartments Establish compartments for:  Pens/pencils  Books  Personal items  Other items:  Calculator  My Pick – mini-stapler & staples
  22. 22. Organize Your Notebooks Get a SEPARATE notebook for each class If you can, splurge and get one that has a folder inside it Keep your syllabus in that folder as well as your handouts
  23. 23. Why SEPARATE notebooks? You don’t want to lug around unnecessary materials for class You don’t want to mix up course materials Remember to get a notebook big enough for the entire semester!
  24. 24. Organize Your Notes ALWAYS date your notes Start a new page for each new class Only write on one side of the page Keep your notes as neat as possible  Leave spaces between different ideas  Use pencil or erasable pen (avoid
  25. 25. Why all the picky rules? It will keep your notes neat and easy to study from If you want to become an organizational guru, check out these sites below that can help you in organizing your note-taking:  http://www.notetakinghelp.com/  http://www.muskingum.edu/~cal/database/general /notetaking1.html
  26. 26. Organize Your Handouts  DATE every handout you get  Put all new handouts you receive in the front of your built-in folder  This is a simple way to keep them chronologically organized with your more recent work in the front
  27. 27. Organize Your Workspace Don’t let this be you!
  28. 28. Organize Your Workspace Clear your desk or room before you start studying or homework  You don’t want any important materials getting lost in the shuffle Organize materials you use to do work  Have your calculator, pencils/pens, and other supplies ready for use!
  29. 29. Rule #2: Have a Plan. You’ve heard it before… Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. It’s actually true – even if you don’t always stick to your plan, it should always be there to fall back on There are 2 essentials to planning:  The planner/calendar  The to-do list
  30. 30. The Planner/Calendar If you want to kick it old school, go to the bookstore and get a weekly planner.
  31. 31. Google Calendar Or just use your TUmail account to access your Google Calendar Just like a paper planner, you can add in:  tasks  due dates & test dates  appointments  birthdays  Whatever you can think of!
  32. 32. Google Calendar is greatbecause… You can plan daily, weekly, or monthly You can color-code important events to make them stand out You can have Google Calendar send you reminders about important events If you sync your TUmail account to your smartphone, you can access your calendar from just about anywhere!
  33. 33. Google Calendar Resources For help syncing your smartphone to your TUmail, go to  http://www.temple.edu/cs/email/google/faqs.html#setu p_smartphone For a Google Calendar tutorial go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIZmruQdhG0 For some fun tricks go to  http://www.hackcollege.com/2007/03/09/the-3-best- ways-to-use-google-calendar-as-a-college-student/
  34. 34. To-Do Lists Make daily to-do lists based off your TUmail Google Calendar Use whatever works – post-its, list pads, scrap paper, electronic apps, etc Do the ugliest and most important things first Take pleasure in
  35. 35. Rule #3: Establish Routines. You want to make your academic life so integrated into your daily life that it runs itself. The more routines you can develop for things like studying, doing homework, reading, going to class, etc. the better! Must have routines:  Homework  Studying  Sleeping
  36. 36. Homework Routine When are you going to do it?  After class?  After dinner?  In between classes? Where are you going to do it?  In your room?  In the library?  With classmates?
  37. 37. Studying Routines  Where is your best study place?  At home or at school?  What is your study schedule?  What times are best for studying?  What is your style of studying?  Memorization? Reviewing? Practice tests?
  38. 38. Tips for Establishing Routines Take advantage of time in between classes  Go to a quiet place and get stuff done!  Even if its just an hour between classes, multiple small efforts will add up Be honest with yourself  If you know working with classmates will result in more goofing off than work getting done, find a quiet place ALONE to complete your work
  39. 39. More tips… For long-term projects and major tests  Create a schedule to get the work done in increments  Start working on it (or studying for it) as soon as possible Earplugs could be your friend  Go to a drug store and buy a pack of foam ear plugs  They can help you concentrate when working around others  Please use responsibly!
  40. 40. Sleep Routine College students need 7-8 hours of sleep a night  And there is no such thing as “making up” for lost sleep Sleep will keep you healthy, alert, and ready to kill your classes Create a sleep schedule and stick to it!Don’t let this be you!
  41. 41. Let’s Review Rule #1: Keep  Rule #2: Have a school stuff neat. plan.  Supplies  Planner/Google  Notebooks Calendar  Notes/handouts  To-do lists  Workspace  Rule #3: Establish Routines.  Homework  Study  Sleep
  42. 42. Remember, I’m not just acounselor……I’m a also a STUDENT and USER ofthese techniques.
  43. 43. My big, dorky bag… School books Supplies Cell Phone Personal Items Tokens
  44. 44. My Notebook…
  45. 45. My Workspace… With to-do lists!
  46. 46. My Google Calendar
  47. 47. My Routines… Study  Make study guides  Study best during the day  Study alone w/ear plugs Homework  Complete alone the weekend BEFORE the next class  Complete during Sat/Sun morning/day hours Sleep  Bedtime: 11pm  Wake-up: 6am
  48. 48. If I can do it……you can do it too!
  49. 49. For more help organizing…Contact me: By phone: 215-204-7889 By email: briana.chang@temple.edu In person: RA Rm 607
  50. 50. Go forth and organize…  Have fun creating your new, organized self and reap the benefits!  Use the following link to complete your participation in this workshop. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Y29JRT S
  51. 51. Thank you……THE END.