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Devops the Microsoft Way
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Devops the Microsoft Way


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Devops is a cultural movement gathering developers and IT Pros responsible for operating applications around common values, goals, practices and tools in order to accelerate development and deployment …

Devops is a cultural movement gathering developers and IT Pros responsible for operating applications around common values, goals, practices and tools in order to accelerate development and deployment cycles, creating fast feedback loops between development and operations. Like agility 15 years ago, Devops adoption, accelerated by Cloud platforms adoption, involves organizational, cultural, as well as tehcnical aspects. Emerging movement a few years ago, now well established at consumer web and mobile companies, Devops starts to get in the Enterprise.
This presentation will explain the cultural and organizational aspects of the Devops movement, then will give an overview of the most common tools that are used to implement a Devops approach, showing that Microsoft is one of the few providers proposing a complete and integrated toolset, that works seamlessly for .NET developers, while integrating the most popular third party open source and proprietary tools, making Azure a great platform to implement a Devops approach for Linux, Java and open source workloads. We will talk about Visual Studio Online, Windows Azure, System Center, Windows Server, Azure Pack, PowerShell, NewRelic, Chef & Puppet integrations, Jenkins, …
This deck was presented at Microsoft Techdays 2014, Read more at

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  • 1. Devops the Microsoft way Patrick Chanezon Director Enterprise Evangelism, Microsoft @chanezon
  • 2. @chanezon French Polyglot Server Side San Francisco Developer Relations
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Mainframe 4
  • 5. Client-Server 5
  • 6. Web 6
  • 7. Cloud - Devops 7
  • 8. • Consumer software is becoming like fashion • Enterprise Kent Beck, Usenix 2011 Talk, “Software G-Forces”
  • 9. • • • • Built-in Scalability Faster Iterations Focus on Design Focus on Business Value
  • 10. Industry 10 Craft
  • 11. Research Papers Hybrid Cloud 2 Pizza teams Open Source Portability 14
  • 12. Image from Patrick Debois
  • 13. MTBIAMSH (Mean Time Between Idea And Making Stuff Happen)
  • 14. • MTBIAMSH (Mean Time Between Idea And Making Stuff Happen)
  • 15. 2.6 billion Mobile devices by 2016, 350M of those being used at work 82% of the world's online population engages in social networking 70% of businesses are either using or investing on cloud computing solutions
  • 16. By 2016 …
  • 17. Modern Business Applications
  • 18. Plan Develop Release Operate
  • 19. People Process Tools 
  • 20. Modern ALM – Deliver Faster. Smarter. Continuously. REQUIREMENTS BACKLOG
  • 21. Increase deployment frequency Reduce change lead-time (react faster to dynamic business needs) Agility performance indicators Reduce change fail rate Reduce mean-time-todetect & repair Reliability performance indicators
  • 22. Connect with Customers where they’re at | Help them to transform to agile
  • 23. Features to Tasks
  • 24. Tagging Work Items
  • 25. Check the pulse of your application • Get 360 degree view to application’s health with relevant metrics to help you detect issues in production with Application Insights. Set up a view of your application health with metrics that you care Identify issues and patterns with your application in production
  • 26. Global service monitoring • Check service availability through global service monitoring
  • 27. Production incident alert in operations system • Automatic Alerts whenever your application is not responding according to your thresholds. Automatic alerts with relevant Contextual information
  • 28. Understand what failed and why by drilling down into failed tests • Detect if the problem is your code or your dependencies
  • 29. Production incident alert in operations system Assign code related incidents to development • Assign production incidents from System Center to the Development team in Visual Studio for investigation and resolution. Development system incident reference in operations tool Incident in development system
  • 30. Request additional diagnostics from operations • Get actionable production diagnostics. Request for additional diagnostics in operations system
  • 31. Generate IntelliTrace logs from within SCOM • Get actionable production diagnostics. IntelliTrace logs collected by operations in development system Actionable debugging using IntelliTrace logs
  • 32.  Unlimited projects/repositories  Agile planning  Work item tracking  Code discussions  Work item chart viewing = Basic capabilities +  Agile Portfolio Management  Team Rooms  Work item chart authoring  Request & manage feedback = Advanced capabilities +  Web test case management
  • 33. Hybrid On Premises Modern Business Apps Plan Develop Validate Online Modern ALM Release Integrated best-of-breed solutions Operate
  • 34. Run load tests without expensive test harnesses Scale load tests to as many users as you require
  • 35. Build image provided Perform a clean build, every time Best of both worlds
  • 36. • New monitoring capabilities • Hybrid monitoring scenarios • New dashboards for service health • Bug fixes
  • 37. • • • • • • • Simplified configuration experience Cloud Service monitoring Virtual Machine monitoring (Availability) Storage Account monitoring (Availability and Size) Certificate health monitoring (expiration) Azure Distributed Application Template (hybrid scenarios) New monitoring dashboards and views
  • 38. SCOM Java no intellitrace App Insight: no Java yet Release management not VS Online yet, not for Linux VMs Stay tuned!
  • 39. 62
  • 40. 63
  • 41. 64
  • 42. 65
  • 43. IT Pros Private 67 Devops Hybrid Architects Developers Public
  • 44. 69
  • 45. • Enterprise Architect Paris • @chanezon ou 70
  • 46. 71