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Presentation by Dr. Steve Luker at the Smart Grid Delegation visit.

Presentation by Dr. Steve Luker at the Smart Grid Delegation visit.

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  • 1. Boeing EnergySteve LukerSeptember 15, 2011This document does not contain technical data as defined in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR 120.10) or the Export Arms Regulations (15 CFR 779.1).BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company.Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 1
  • 2. The Boeing Company Customers in more than 90 countries More than 159,000 Boeing employees in 49 states and 70 countries Research, design, and technology-development centers and programs in multiple countries Manufacturing, service, and technology partnerships with companies around the world Contracts with 22,000 suppliers and partners globallyBoeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS)2010 revenues of $31.8B 2010 revenues of $31.9B~ 68,000 employees ~ 70,000 employeesOffering a family of airplanes and a broad portfolio of Designing, building, and supporting net-enabled systemsaviation services for passenger and cargo carriers for government and commercial customersworldwide Integrates Boeing‟s defense, space, intelligence, andBoeing airplanes are three-quarters of the world‟s fleet, with communications capabilitiesnearly 12,000 jetliners in service Strong mix of development, production, and supportApproximately 70% of BCA sales go to customers outside contractsthe US Boeing Energy Partnering worldwide for mutual growth and prosperityCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 2
  • 3. Enterprise Commitment to Environment CO2 and other waste reduction Operations In Service  „4-walls‟ targets  Innovative Supplier/acquisition footprints Environmental Solutions  Products-In-Use performance  End of service reuse Suppliers End of Service Sustainable biofuels advocacy  Technical & commercial market aspects Optimized design  Advanced aerodynamics and rotor design  Advanced propulsion / re-engine  Advanced composite materials Efficient logistics & operations  Jeppesen route optimization; Tapestry  Air Traffic Management Virtual live environments for training Distributed Energy Resources  Solar and other renewables (Spectrolab)  Fuel cells & hybrid systems  Energy storage, EV chargingCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 3
  • 4. Boeing Energy Key MarketsGovernment Renewable Energy Energy solutions integrator  Renewable generation systems Mission-critical energy surety integrator  Micro-grids for critical  Procurement, supply chain, infrastructure construction management, Advanced modeling, simulation, post-project definition and and experimentation developer approvals / Convene DoD and DOE to financing address top-level energy  EPC experience and systems architecture design capability System of Systems integration  Heritage in solar with embedded cyber security  Advanced energy storage R&D Increasing reliability, security; “future-proof” micro-grid investments; driving cost savings Organized to integrate the changing demands of the energy marketCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 4
  • 5. Market PhasingPilots/Demonstrations Renewable Pilots -Demos ( CSUN) Government Pilots and Demonstrations Commercial Pilots and Demonstrations (Regional and 313 Projects) Renewable DeploymentsFull Deployment Government Deployments Commercial DeploymentsCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 2 years 5 years 5
  • 6. Boeing’s Energy Technology Heritage Technology Heritage MDAC Stirling Dish RD Solar DynamicSolar: Photo-Voltaic 25KW: 1982-9X SES Teaming Agreement 25KW: 1982-84 & Solar Thermal Sold to SCE 2001-11 Solar Dynamic – Sterling Dish MDAC Solar 1 Rocketdyne Solar 2 10MW: 1982-87 10MW: 1996 -99 Solar Thermal – Large Scale NASA SSP SAI-SETP Licensed Boeing Thermal PV 2KW: 2002-03 3KW: 2007-10 SES/NTR Licensed to Boeing Thin Film CIGS JX Crystals ~1993 Spectrolab CPV 2009 Spectrolab Satellite Solar Photovoltaics (PV) NASA MOD-2 DoE MOD-5B Wind 2.5KW: 1980-1986 3.2KW: 1987-1996 Wind Turbines – Large Scale Biofuels Fuels Coal Gasification Shuttle Fuel Cell H2-Fuel Cell 1976 Integration Aircraft 2008 Flights Alternative Fuels & SourcesInteroperability ConEd, BPA, Tampa, Nevada, Salt River Project, + & SCADA SCADA AF B-1 NCO Revised Middleware to US Navy update Revision 10 Middleware many USG customers & Army FCS 2010 1982 Interoperability Middleware Secure Network Server (SNS) &Security Digital Signal Secure Monitoring Infrastructure Cyber Processor Analyzers System (SMIS) Acquired Acquired Acquired eXMeritus, Argo Systems Autometrics Kestral & Narus Cyber Security Applications & Integration 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 6
  • 7. Connect, Protect, and Optimize the Electrical Supply Chain Generation Transmission Distribution Assurance and Efficiency Large renewable installations Distributed Generation creates local Demand Response Boeing brings: cause more intermittence generation options  SoS Integration  Interoperability  Cyber Security Home area netw ork (HAN) and Building System stabilizers (e.g. PMUs, VFTs,  Modeling and Data aggregators (e.g. tow ers, mesh Transmission measurement system Simulationcomponents Smart grid  Logistics Services  Brand Communications device  Fed contracting exp (e.g. synchrophasors) Distributed generation capacitor banks) Step up transformer Transmission lines Backhaul system Control devices Plug-in hybrid electric End user/load Transformers Sub-stations Feeder lines Generators vehicles create instability netw orks) Meter Middleware enables new and legacy technology to Integration/interoperabilityCross-cutting interoperate capabilities Modeling and Simulation Modeling and Simulation opportunities Command and Control Information Assurance Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. Real-time command and control Cyber security needs 7
  • 8. Boeing Partnerships to Develop Ecosystem DoD-DoE MOU (22 July 2010)  Enhance national energy security  Demonstrate government leadership in transitioning America to low-carbon economyBoeing-NREL MOU (17 May 2010) Apply labs / competencies to electricity systems & energy security. Address issues and develop innovative solutions for DoD leveraged to meet national energy security needsRenewable and Sustainable NREL – only federal laboratoryEnergy Institute (RASEI) dedicated to research, Interdisciplinary, joint research development, effort between NREL and UC- commercialization, and DoD Energy & Environmental Boulder: deployment of renewable energy  Laws and Statutes  advancing solutions for and energy efficiency ( EPACT-05, EISA-07, etc.) producing energy economically technologies  Presidential Executive Orders from low-carbon sources  DoD Guidance  reducing GHG emissions  Service-level Guidance and Goals  using energy more efficiently to  Security concerns meet global energy challengesBoeing on RASEI board Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 9. Renewable Energy EPC Integrator Business Offering Boeing Energy Supporting Boeing Organizations Boeing Services Co (BSC) Boeing Research &Shared Services Group (SSG) Technology (BR&T) Engineering & Construction Monitoring & • EPC Heritage • Innovations Procurement Management & Maintenance • Construction Support • Enabling Technologies Operations • R&D Support Technologies/Strengths Systems Integration Deep Technology Expertise / Knowledge Channel Access • Large contract management > $100M - $B‟s • All forms of Solar technology • DoD and Services Channels • World Class Supply Chain Mgmt and Logistics • Related technology to Wind, Geo, Storage • DOE Channel Access • Complex Systems engineering and modeling • Eng. analysis and development plus design Solar PV Solar CPV Storage Design & Engineering Procurement Project Development Construction Operations, Support • Design / Specification / • Purchase modules • Build renewable Monitoring, & Technology selection and balance-of- • Site selection / Permitting / energy plant and Maintenance • Cost and performance system Regulatory Approvals transmission • Monitor, maintain analysis • Procure transmission • Transmission agreements interface and support • Quality assurance interface Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 9
  • 10. Grid Modernization – DistributionManagement DoE FOA-313 Boeing Energy offers an automated, secure, and interoperable grid management system which connects customer systems; the utility; and, the market to support the highly efficient integration of distributed energy resources. For the FOA 313 demonstration, the Boeing Energy team provides closed-loop visual analysis and validation of load reductions and savings by simulating automated, flexible reconfiguration of distribution systems for selected customers, as required. Provides Boeing Energy  Additional utility partnering opportunity  Product opportunity & development feedback for middleware  CONOPS to develop expanded distributed automation capabilities and cost and efficiency models in DER environment Builds in-house experience in grant environment working integrated solutions with large utility and familiar solutions partnersCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 10
  • 11. Smart Grid DOE Demo 1304  Prime: Boeing – Regional Demo  Prime: Southern California Edison (SCE)  Demonstrate, via simulation, the benefit of  Laboratory project to demonstrate end-to-end global situational awareness and decision system security from distributed sensors making over a region for multiple transmission through collection at substations to the control operators and utilities, including the impacts of room renewable energy and storage  Total project size: $80.3M  Partners: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland Boeing – $15M (PJM) Interconnection Midwest Independent 50% cost match by DOE System Operators (MISO), Public Service Electric & Gas; Ameren; Xcel Energy, Consolidated Edison of NY and NYISO  Total project size: $17.2M 50% cost match by DOECopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 11
  • 12. Superconductive Flywheel Energy StorageDoE FOA-290 (ARPA-E) Boeing development since 1994 10 kWh / 3 kW Load-leveling High strength, high energy Lab System under test momentum rotor with high temperature superconducting magnetic bearing system High efficiency energy storage systems with long life and low maintenance Many targeted applications  Facility load leveling/ uninterruptable power  Renewable energy load-leveling and energy storage  Micro grid to utility scale Boeing has one of the largest Flywheel Spin Test Facilities in the USACopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 12
  • 13. DoD Microgrid Operational View (OV-1a) Cyber Security Defense in-depth Switchport Network Firewall & External Gateway Authentication, Authorization, Security & Accounting Protocol Encryption Access PKI - Data in Transit Lists - Data at Rest Host IDS Enterprise Secure Cross- Network NMS Business Host IDS Firewall Domain protocol Systems Guard SIEM HASH Algorithms For Data Integrity Routing Protocol Honeypots Authentication Physical Security System Meters CyberCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 14. DoD Installation Energy Enterprise Approach (OV-1)Enterprise Approach to Surety, Security, and Net-Zero Enterprise Optimization • Mission readiness Surety • Consistent DoD Cyber implementation • Meet installation mandates at national level, net Net-Zero approach • Pre-Qualified Portfolio reduces non-recurring cost Enterprise Commonality Generation & Systems Distribution Storage • Microgrid control • Conventional • Metering / • Carbon Mgmt Generators Sensors • Efficiency • Renewables • Islanding Switch • Renewables Integ • Batteries Gear • Optimization • Flywheels • Feeder • Advanced Logistics • Chilled Water/Ice Protection Solar Micro Grid Planning Carbon Generation Wind Micro Grid Planning Carbon Generation Control Support Management (Solar) Control Support Management (Wind) SGMS SGMS Advanced Advanced Logistics Security Storage Metering Logistics Security Storage Metering Least Cost Approach Facilitated by Common Architecture, Systems, and ComponentsCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 15. Siemens – Boeing Strategic Alliance Value proposition: “Ready now” reliable and affordable energy security solutions and leading US Government to a new energy future Joint development and marketing of "smart grid" technologies to improve energy access and security for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Leverages Boeing’s expertise in providing the DOD with complex systems and technologies, and Siemens’s industry-leading global energy management capabilitiesCopyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.
  • 16. Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved. 16