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Privatisation always violates and go against the Interests of –        all People, particularly the Weaker Sections such a...
With the private sector making huge profits, they have grown stinkingly rich       powerful, arrogant even if they are oth...
All Agreements and MOUs are addressed suitably and at the earliest, to uphold the      National Interests and Welfare of t...
Fighting all forms of Injustices, taking a leaf from the life of our Messiah, Baba       Saheb Dr BR Ambedkar       Educat...
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  1. 1. Home Ssc SOCIAL STUDY CIRCLE di (ESTD 1982) dalitindia www.dalitindia.com ssc@dalitindia.com *********************************************************************** Updated: December 7, 2002 SSC: Banglore Center Globalisation, Liberalisation, Privatisation and Disinvestment Amidst the frenzy of Liberalisation and Globalisation, Disinvestment and Privatisation are inevitable. Whatever We SC&ST Dalits may say, reason out, argue about, cry against and protest or weep, Liberalisation and Globalisation, as well as Disinvestment and Privatisation will take place. Rather, they will all be hastened up, and their Momentum will pick up in leaps and bounds. No doubt, Liberalisation and Globalisation as well as Disinvestment and Privatisation are not good, not only for We SC&ST Dalits, but also for the whole Society, and in fact for the entire Nation. In fact, Liberalisation and Globalisation, Disinvestment and Privatisation are more dangerous to the Country at present, particularly what the present state of Politics is. So, something has to be done in this front, that too at the earliest and urgently. But, today We SC&ST Dalits are helpless and powerless. Reasons, for such a state of affairs may be many. But they are not the issues here. We must seriously think and contemplate, on the issues of Liberalisation and Globalisation, and the dangers of Disinvestment and Privatisation. We must also see what We SC&ST Dalits can do now. Sure helpless We are. But, that does not mean that We can not act, or do anything else. Atleast what We could not stop, we should either try to make use of, to the extent possible, or try to adjust ourselves and be careful, least We are run over, and or are marginalised. What We SC&ST Dalits must do now, We must Think! Think, We must - individually, with friends, in groups and publicly in a collective manner. We have very little time left with us to act. Liberalisation, and opening up of the economies to the private sector including MNCs and foreign MNCs these days, is widening everywhere the gap between the rich and the poor. Therefore, Liberalisation and the associated Globalisation, Disinvestment and Privatisation have to be deftly steered appropriately, with extreme care and due caution, to ensure that they serve the Social Aspirations, Needs and Development of the People, apart from the commercial interests of the private sector. Extensive and detailed Planning, at least as comparable to that the FMNCs do to increase their profits, power, influence, range and horizon, has to be ensured. Only this can help focus that, investments in business, trade and industry lead to, Programmes that suitably address long-term Development, Growth and Welfare of the whole Society, to benefit all. The Role of the Govts should be, to guide and regulate the pace and extent of the Liberalisation Policies, focus Foreign Direct Investments towards investing more in Socially and Environmentally safe and sustainable Developmental Processes and Growth Initiatives. This is the most urgent task before all of us, particularly the educated and well employed SC&ST Officials.
  2. 2. Privatisation always violates and go against the Interests of – all People, particularly the Weaker Sections such as the SC&ST Dalits, most Backward Classes including the Minorities - more specifically the Muslims – the poor, labour and in general most Women and all the Working Classes with out really any exception Economy, Education, Society, Justice and Peace Movements, HealthCare, Human Rights, Leisure, Social Welfare, Sports etc Agriculture, Food Security, Heritage Centres, Historic Places, Public Properties, Common Assets and Common Ownership of Community Centres Land and other PropertiesHere now, are some Issues and Reasons behind them - for every one of ours kindconsideration, discussion, criticisms, additions, alterations and improvements – In the regime of Liberalisation, Globalisation, Disinvestment and Privatisation, Power and Responsibility for Decision making shift to private sector, particularly MNCs; and hence rests with many private individuals Private Sector and MNCs, are invariably interested in making Profits - Huge Profits, that too quickly and in a short time Interested in huge quick profits, all that the private sector work for is to ensure huge and unreasonable profits On an average, private sector desire to make a very heavy profit, at least 25 to 30 % so that, they can recover their investments, along with interests there on, and also make profits for their leisurely luxurious but wasteful lives, with in a period of 5 to 6 years Profits can always be made, only when the Customers are exploited, Workers are squeezed, Suppliers are harassed, Govts are cheated, and the People at large in the Society are swindled and comfortably kept in darkness and taken for a ride, down the garden path Money will keep tinkling in the coffers of any industry or business or enterprise, only when the needs aspirations and interests of the elites in the Society, Bureaucracy, Political Parties and Govts are met The poor and poorest, even amongst the most marginalised, neglected and exploited Minority Backward Weaker Sections of the Society, become easily vulnerable with Development and Time
  3. 3. With the private sector making huge profits, they have grown stinkingly rich powerful, arrogant even if they are otherwise publicly polite, and become a force to reckon with in their own rights, developing their own vested interests As the private sector becomes powerful, they tend to influence the Govts’ Priorities, Decisions, Actions and control the Govts of the day As the private sector grows, the individual units compete - not with each other, but at the cost of common individuals first, then groups of people, local community, whole society, economy, the Govts and Nation – to become MNCs and Global Players, by regulating their own Govts to control the Govts abroad, as well as their decisions policies and actions in their favour and easy profitsPrivatisation only promotes, artificial demands too far and too fast than the purchasing capacity of the People and the society, and the carrying capacity of the area large and perpetually increasing needs and shortages, as well as increased consumption by the People and the Society, particularly the rich influential and the powerful rapid use of resources including the limited scarce water, fertile lands and power increasing rates of wastages avoidable pollution dangers of Urbanisation and Centralisation – bribery, corruption, emergence of underworld, growth of mafia, organised crime, robbery, theft, white collar crimes alcoholism, arms running, drug peddling, trafficking in women etc all round penury, human indignities, homelessness, landlessness, relative poverty and absolute miseryAll MNCs, particularly foreign MNCs, in the end analysis, go against the Interests andWelfare of the People. They and their actions adversely affect the local, regional, Nationaland Global Environment – in that order - by over exploitation and indifference, resulting inruination of Social, Economic and real Interests of the People, since all the three are inter-related. In view of the above We must ensure that - All International Treaties, Conventions and Mechanisms are carefully and meticulously studied and evaluated, on the basis of social economic and environmental issues
  4. 4. All Agreements and MOUs are addressed suitably and at the earliest, to uphold the National Interests and Welfare of the whole Society, particularly the Weaker Sections The Decisions and Actions of MNCs and FMNCs are closely and constantly monitored, for sustainable and effective Management of Resources Sustainable Management of Resources is done with the participation of all stake holders – in the decision making, as well as management of clearly available resources Close watch is kept at all functional levels of managing resources, including optimal utilisation of all man-power Every legal means available to the people are fully made use of, in an extremely diplomatic manner, as the private sector have powerful battery of attorneys and jurists, as well as legislators and administrators on their sides All National Decisions are vigilantly scrutinised with utmost care and caution, to strengthen and support every form of Democratic Institution and Forum in the Society, as emergence and involvement of independent Democratic Institutions generally lead to better and more Sustained Management of Resources Private Investments does not replace direct Involvement and Mobilisation of Funds by the Govt for Social Development, since No Development through private investments will reach the Weaker Sections of the Society, particularly in Sectors relevant for the poorest Private Investments at best are only additives to Social Development and Welfare of the People themselves, which is only possible with the active catalytic role of the Govts, and not as a replacement for Developing the Society as a whole, at any time Every Development Process preserves and opens up for All People Access to safe potable water, balanced diet, clean air, better sanitation, viable health care Future leads on to better physical and social environment and rationally liberal education to every citizen, as basic Fundamental Rights Special Measures are taken to enforce effectively and immediately just Laws, beneficial to the Welfare of all Citizens, without any exceptions, and bring specifically the leaders, administrators, jurists and rich, feudal forces in uniform within the ambit of Law, Courts and JusticeWhatever We may achieve or however much We may succeed in the above spheres, Wemust urgently address ourselves to the Problems of –
  5. 5. Fighting all forms of Injustices, taking a leaf from the life of our Messiah, Baba Saheb Dr BR Ambedkar Educate our Children to face Challenges, beyond the immediate things they can see or visualise Prepare all our Children to effectively meet the Challenges of others, in the so- called competitive Liberalised World, particularly in the cut-throat culture of the private sector Help our Girl Children and Women to handle diplomatically and with extreme care, the wolves in the academic institutions, private sector, public sector, police, Govts, Judiciary and also in the public places Prepare our Boys and the best of our educated to carefully deal with, the World of calculative Girls and Women, from falling prey to all their flirtations, temptations and allurementsNote: This topic needs more and continuous discussions. Please send your views andsuggestion to improve this paper. ******************************************