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as we all come across/completed +2 education and continuing higher studies/graduation.
But when we were doing intermediate,we didn't know / know partially about what is a graduation/b.tech
we don't know which course is better?
which course suits us?
By selecting/doing which course/field, our future will be successful?
no one taught us,in which course,what kind/type of subjects will be there.

i.e.,some students will like to show interest in physics(scientific)/computer science(languages,coding)/mathematical(arithmetic),etc.
And also, no one taught us what and where/how the further higher studies will be there and continued.
And after completion of entrance exams(EAMCET) ,as we all know that we have to face counselling/certificate verification ,some students don't know what is meant by certification verification/counselling and where should they face that?

And after that ,we have to face web counselling/selecting colleges and exercising web options...........................some of the students will select/choose the colleges and branches unknowingly/lack of awareness.

i.e.,Due to lack of awareness some students will select unsuitable colleges instead of better colleges which will be suitable/reasonable for their secured ranks.........This is because of lack of awareness about how a software of web counselling was designed and how it chooses the college and allots a seat .
(i.e.,based on reservation,rank secured and region).
Frankly speaking,when we were studying/pursuing intermediate education,some of the students didn't know that how many better engineering colleges in ap and throughout india. Even we didn't know how many branches and courses in colleges.

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hyderabad business school information

  1. 1. Before Joining M.B.A or any B School Read this and share this …. By Sudheer Reddy
  2. 2. Guidelines or checklist before joining any B- School do this homework and all this should be done before you get into any financial arrangement with that B school , Read Think and Share...go ahead
  3. 3. I share this information to all my friends and their parents who would like to weigh their options after graduation and think M.B.A is the best option ,No it is not.
  4. 4. 1. First and foremost please answer truthfully(at least to yourself) why should you join the MBA course ? 2.What are your expectations during and after completion of the course ? 3. What is the specialization you would love to pursue? and Why? 4. Have you done your homework on the B school or university you are about to join? 5. Write a statement of purpose about your long term and short term goals and how this MBA degree helps in achieving the same ? Few Pointers given below
  5. 5. 6. Please check on the B school thoroughly ? It's faculty, it's placement services , sports facilities, cultural activities it conducted in the last few years and please do not get impressed by the lovely web page website design 7. How many faculties are working full time and part time ? 8. What is the attrition rate of the faculties / admin staff etc in that B school? 9. Does that B school focuses to give you cleaner toilets and good cafeteria( do a surprise check twice or thrice) before you get into any financial arrangement with that B School? 10. Discuss with minimum 5 seniors in every batch that has passed out and take their opinion as they are the best people to guide and here kindly do not believe STUDENT TOUTS - who were, are and will continue to be employed by many B schools to get admissions by hook or by fraudulent methods.Be careful.
  6. 6. 11. Please check whether there is same fee structure for all the students or are you being misled by giving any fraudulent promises and any discussion with the student tout or the marketing head or the director of that B school regarding free laptop, bus service etc Put everything in mail and save it for any future legal use in any consumer redressal forum 12. Check the University inspection report, AICTE website and write to them asking full information on this B School 13. Whatever companies most of the B schools post as their recruiters , please ask the B schools to post the first letter of offers their students received on the website , not just the highly paid one( even in any low grade B school there will be a hardworking and smart student - do not take that as a standard) . 14. On an average how many students were their in that batch, how many we're placed and what is the salary package they got should be uploaded in the website and please cross check that to avoid any fraudulent misrepresentation from the placement officer of that institution or by the company that hired them. verify at two ends
  7. 7. 15. Please be careful if that B school is a proprietary concern where the most of the people are from same family? 16. If that B school says it ha wifi campus , take your laptop or iPad and check it 17. Please be careful about the hostel facilities and visit personally and check the toilets and cafeteria 18. Has that B school had made any arrangements with the nearest hospital for emergency services 19. Are the exams conducted with strict quality vigil or not or is it mass copying and free distribution of certificates and buying of project reports in open market? Check this too? 20. Now comes the bank loan aspect ie student loan ..do your homework with your bank manager and check the prepayment penalty clause without fail ..do your financial note properly and take help from your elders.
  8. 8. Do share this information with all the like minded people and educate them to save their future and finance
  9. 9. Thank you content writing by Ashwin Kumar Nallari Desire Destination Integrated Solutions: Admission guidance Sudheer Reddy +91 9963927772 Sudheer_730@yahoo.com