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Ethical hacking by chandra prakash upadhyay
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Ethical hacking by chandra prakash upadhyay


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Overview of Hacking. Hacker. Types of Hacker . Why do Hacker hacks? How do Hacker hacks? Hacker’s language. Ethical Hacking and it’s Process. Skills of an Ethical Hackers. Prevention of Hacking. What should do after Hacked ?
  • 2. The term “Hack” was first used by US university staff in mid-1960s. When eBay was first attacked in Feb-2000 it’s server was bombarded with fake request for web pages & overloaded the site. A group of teenagers once hacked into AOL and stole credit cards to buy Video Games. In 1998,teenagers hack into Bell Atlantic phone
  • 3. Hack: Eric Raymond compiler of the “The new Hacker’s Dictionary", defines a hacker as a claver programmer. A ‘good hack’ is a clever solution to a programming problem. Hacking: Hacking is act of doing it. Cracker :
  • 4. A person who enjoys learning language or system. A person who actually doing the programming rather then just about it. A person capable of appreciating some once else’s Hacking.
  • 5. Black hat Hackers White hat Hackers. Grey hat Hackers.
  • 6. A black hat is the villain or bad guys. Use computer to attack systems for profit, for revenge, or for political mitigations. Black hat hackers always do Illegal work. They work for black money. They are professional in their field. They use their knowledge for illegal purpose.
  • 7. Kevin Poulsen Kevin d mitnick Adrain Lamo Georje Hotz Jonathan James
  • 8. White hat hackers like Ethical hackers. They use their skills for good purposes. They work for organizations for stop the illegal activities through Black Hat Hackers. They works to ensure the security of an
  • 9. Ankit Fadia Tim Berner Lee Bill Gates Linus Tovaldes Steve Jobes Steve wozniak
  • 10. To make Security Stronger (Ethical Hacking). Just for fun. Show off. Hack other System secretly. Notify many people their thoughts. Steel important information. Destroy enemy’s computer network during war.
  • 11. E-mail Hacking. System Hacking. Network Hacking. Trojans Horses. Website Hacking. Software Hacking.
  • 12. 1 ->i or l 3 ->e 4 ->a 7 ->t 9 ->g 0 ->o $ ->s L ->i or I || ->n |V| ->m S ->z Z ->s f ->ph Ph ->f
  • 13. EX:1 d1d n0t h4ck th1s p4g3, 1t w4s I1k3 th1s wh3n 1 h4ck3d 1n.(Encrypted ) I did not hack this page, it was this when I
  • 14. It is legal. Permission is obtained from the target. Also called – Attack & penetration testing, white hat hacking. Part of an overall security program. Perform most of the same activities but with owner’s permission.
  • 15. CEH
  • 16. The Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) is a professional certification provided by the International Council of E-commerce consultants(EC-Council).
  • 17. Information gathering Scanning Analyse system Prepare for attack Access the system Maintaining Access
  • 18. Good Coder. Well knowledgeable person both hard ware as well as software like: Routers Microsoft Linux Firewalls Network protocols Should have knowledge on security system.
  • 19. Shutdown the system Or turn off the system. Separate the system from network Restore the system with the backup Or reinstall all programs. Connect the system to the network