FreSh Surabaya: Achieving Your Dreams Faster Through Technology


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About how to sell online, inspiring people to do so by giving them examples on how others have done it in the music and mobile application up to 2010.

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FreSh Surabaya: Achieving Your Dreams Faster Through Technology

  1. 1. Achieving Your Dreams through Technology by Chandra Marsono SSn,MM for FreSh Surabaya
  2. 2. Chandra Marsono SSn,MM Graphic Designer, Brand Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer, Educator, Entrepreneur “ Ideas are my commodity” [email_address]
  3. 3. Its good to niche’ and be specific... but don’t limit your market! …most people don’t bite Don’t be afraid to ask help …if its legal, don’t be scared. It won’t bite, hard Take advantage of the web Simple Rules on Selling OnLine:
  4. 4. Above all else, Be Creative !
  5. 5. YouTube & Blogs Video Blogs & Music Videos Social Media MySpace, Facebook, etc Music Stores iTunes, Amazon, eBay, etc Networking Collaborations with other Online musicians NSG Music Online label, helping and promoting fellow online musicians under his label & making events Bankable NSG works on many mainstream projects such as for games like DJHero. Extended Role Music Artist, DJ Remixer, Producer, Businessman.
  6. 6. Most apps cost: $1 USD Apple Annual Report, 2009 Most songs cost: $0.99 USD
  7. 7. How It Works + YOU = iPhone or android apps Downloaded by Users shared profits 30% apps store 70% You
  8. 8. iPhone, iPod & iPad users on average spend $100 a month on apps. Apple Store’s 1 st Quarter Report, 2010 1.5 billion applications were purchased and downloaded July-September. Apple Store’s 3 rd Quarter Report, 2009 The Numbers
  9. 9. Success Stories An Indonesian illustrator & programmer from Semarang co-created 2100 Famous Quotes app, and sold the app for USD $0.99 The app was downloaded over 1.000.000 times in just one month. He & his Czechoslovakian business partner received USD $700.000 ( + ) Steve Sheraton of Hottrix developed iPhone gag apps like iBeer & iMilk. The company is a small family business, 20 years selling novelty gags and magic. iBeer and other iPhone based novelties rejuvenated the company. © Hottrix © Omar A.S.