Women empowerment programmes of government for promotion1

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By Chandrakant W. Dongare

By Chandrakant W. Dongare

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  • 1. “Women Empowerment Programmes ofgovernment for promotion of Sports Activity: Challenges & Opportunity in 21st century”. Dr. Sushma S. Patil D.A.V. College, Mulund (Mumbai) Prof. Chandrakant W. Dongare Physical Director, GIMR Jalgaon
  • 2. Introduction Introduction• Sports have gained tremendous popularity all over the globe and this healthy trend is likely to continue in the future also.• Fostering opportunities for women’s participation in sports is not just about advocating for the right of women to play.• Girls also experience poverty-related barriers, such as lack of appropriate equipment, clothing or sanitary items.
  • 3. • These serve as unique barriers to girls’ participation in sporting activities.• By creating opportunities for women and girls to engage in sport, communities and societies empower women and girls on an individual level, by promoting self-confidence, leadership, teamwork skills and a sense of achievement.
  • 4. • The secret of their success are coupled with the coordinated efforts of various agencies involved in promotion of sports creation of infrastructure from the grass root level and intensive coaching.• International perspective on women and sport embracing every continent and country
  • 5. The International Women and Sport StrategyIt aimed to coordinate work on women and sportissues in the international arena. It recommended the implementation of the Strategyand the adoption declared by governments andorganizations around the world.It seeks a commitment from governmental and non-governmental organizations to apply the Principlesset out in the declaration by developing appropriatepolicies, structures and mechanisms which:
  • 6. • Ensure that all women and girls have the opportunity to participate in sport in a safe and supportive environment which preserves the rights, dignity and respect of the individual;• Promote the recognition of women’s involvement in sport as a contribution to public life, community development and in building a healthy nation; and• Promote the recognition by women of the intrinsic value of sport and its contribution to personal development and healthy lifestyle.
  • 7. Government efforts for Women Empower through through Government efforts for Women Empower Sports Sports• The establishment of Women and Sport is an important milestone.• Governments and sports organizations should provide equal opportunities to women to reach their sports performance potential by ensuring that all activities and programmes relating to performance improvements take account of the specific needs of female athletes.
  • 8. • Governments and sports organisations should provide equal opportunities to women to reach their sports performance potential by ensuring that all activities and programmes relating to performance improvements take account of the specific needs of female athletes.
  • 9. • CHALLENGES FACING WOMEN IN THESPORT CONTEXT CURRENT CONTEXT• Following challenges mostly faced by women during sports as a career option.• Training• Champs• Gender discrimination• Selection criteria• Social attitude• Cultural attitude• Access and equity• Empowerment and development of human resources for women• Networking and collective use of resources
  • 10. OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN IN SPORT ACTIVITY• The most of women are struggling for their sports place in the global village. In my opinion, the following issues could be of value:• Networking is essential. International exchange programs and opportunities for the women of country and institutions willing and able to reach out to the women of India will make a difference. Such opportunities will provide much needed women mentors and role models to the women of country .
  • 11. • Education and empowerment drive social change. dh Ways and means appropriate for the conditions and demands of Indian women must be found if we want to increase our human sport capital. Joint ventures such as International Leadership Development Programs could provide opportunities to women to grow in terms of management skills and competencies.• Interconnectedness between sport and allied disciplines like education, social welfare, community health, arts and culture, environmental affairs and tourism is crucial to ensure that the contribution of women adds value to the broader social fabric.
  • 12. fgdfdfg• Sustainability ensures the development and internalizing of new desired behavior patterns.• The National Sports Festival of Women which should be preceded by State level and District level festivals for women to be arranged by the State Sports Councils and the District Sports Councils respectively, should continue to be held regularly and should include more and more games and sports.
  • 13. Conclusion• The most important thing about social change through women’s leadership and social change is to believe that it can happen.• The future is a figment of our imagination. It is what we believe it to be. The only thing that limits the potential of women in sport is the limits we place on our imagination.
  • 14. THANK YOUs