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GNOME. Asia summit talk - 2011

GNOME. Asia summit talk - 2011

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  • 1. Contributions made by a newbie to the free desktops “Empathy”
  • 2. GNOME for a Linux Beginner
  • 3. My involvement with GNOMEUser Reporter Bugsquadder Developer
  • 4. Ohloh StatisticsEmpathy➔ October 2010 – Present: 17 commitsTelepathy➔ February 2011 – Present: 1 commitTelepathy Idle➔ February 2011 – Present: 1 commitGNOME➔ October 2010 – Present: 3 commits
  • 5. What Empathy offers?● Instant messaging● Multi-user chats● Supports accounts of multiple protocols● One-to-one Voice and video chats● File transfers● Debug logs to assist bug reporting/resolution
  • 6. My EmpathyContributions :)
  • 7. GNOME Outreach Programfor Women Internships
  • 8. Why is GOPW so awesome✔ Inspired by Google Summer of CodeMotive - balancing the gender ratio of the✔communityRemoves the fear of competing in a field “not meant for✔women” and with men who are stereotyped as “technical”.✔ Cleaning up the community-✔ Opening opportunities to work from home for women.
  • 9. How can we create maximum awareness about it➔Email invitations to the past year participants➔Create Google groups➔Get advertisements posted on feeds and blogs outside the GNOME world but with a large technical audience➔Getting more supporters of GNOME and be open to receive support in non-monitory ways focusing on outreach and increasing mutual recognition
  • 10. Time for some action?
  • 11. Lets see live demonstrations ofsome of my branches (some are not yet merged upstream)-●Leave/Join Chat, /part command●/nick command works only for accountssupporting it●Save all button in Debug Window●Contact blocking and report abuse(which I re-based for Danielle)●Account Manager could not be contacted-runtime error display dialog
  • 12. Want to get quickly started?➔Find your favorite GNOME applications page on➔Report bugs/ Pick up ones you want to fix from your bugzilla➔Get the source code➔Get the reference manuals for common libraries➔Log in to the applications IRC channel for quick and precise assisting links
  • 13. Change the world!!! Get Known!
  • 14. Thank You! Chandni Verma(IRC nick: glassrose)