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Issues Based Campaigns
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Issues Based Campaigns


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Ideas and Strategy

Ideas and Strategy

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 2. CHANDLER THOMAS LLCCLIENT: THE EPP GROUPAll campaigns techniques place an emphasis on empathy with the European constituency.This provides the EPP leeway to define what the European Issues will be. Further theanalytics and data provided from the campaigns will offer the ability to refine future EPPGroup campaigns.Issues Based Campaign Goals:  Increase the EU and International profile of the EPP Group and chosen policy issues.  Brand the EPP Group as a forward thinking, innovative Political Party that shows leadership by addressing relevant issues.ISSUES: The European Commission priorities for 2011 fall under five main headings:  Sustaining Europes social market economy out of the crisis and beyond (examples include a legislative framework for bank crisis management, proposals to reinforce the protection of consumers of financial services and a regulation on credit rating agencies – aiming to complete the ambitious reform of our financial sector next year)  Restoring growth for jobs (examples include new fiscal enforcement mechanisms, proposals to support the competitiveness of EU enterprises, especially SMEs, a European Energy Efficiency Plan, a Social Business initiative, legislative initiatives on posting of workers and working time to be elaborated in close dialogue with social partners, improvement of the frameworks for company taxation and VAT )  Pursuing the citizens agenda: Rights, Freedom and Justice (examples include strengthening of consumer rights, a Common Framework Reference for contract law, renewed Civil Protection Legislation, A Registered Travellers Programme and a new governance structure for OLAF, the EUs anti fraud office)  Europe pulling its weight on the global stage (examples include supporting the new European External Action Service, projecting the 2020 growth objectives on the external scene and continuing to improve EUs development assistance to target those most in need)  From input to impact: making the most of EU policies (examples include a proposal for the next Multi-annual Financial Framework, according a central importance to smart regulation and prolonging the Consultation period to 12 weeks) Page 1 of 7
  • 3. EPP Priorities:Cross-cutting Priorities  Financial resources  Lisbon Strategy  Good Governance, Better Regulation and Better Law making  Communicating EuropeGrowth and Jobs  Economic and Monetary Union  SMEs  Innovation and Research  Intellectual Property  Energy Policy  Transport Policy  Telecom  Internal MarketClimate change and Sustainable Europe  Climate Change  Civil Protection  Agriculture  Fisheries Policy  Cohesion Policy  Culture Identity and DiversityMaking the Common Immigration Policy a Reality  Border Protection  Immigration Putting the Citizen First  Consumer Protection  Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ)  Terrorism and Organised Crime  Equal opportunities, Gender Mainstreaming and Childrens Rights  Health  Food Safety  Audiovisual and SportsEurope as a World Partner  European Neighbourhood  The Wider WorldIssues and Medium Trending in the Last Month: Page 2 of 7
  • 4. 356355 262246 Comment Count 195726 103765 82549 14860 1057 382 Financial Human Gaddafi Egypt eurozone Franco Solidarity Syria Crisis Rights German 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 South Africa Brazil Belgium United Germany United Ireland Netherlands Kingdom States EU Single Market EU Security EU Human Rights EU Africa EU ImmigrationCampaign Strategy: Traditional and Online Active Campaigns:  Macro and Micro,  Geo-Targeted  Direct Engagement  Real-time and Re-active  Demographically Framed Page 3 of 7
  • 5. Instruments:Analytics: Analytics are the staple of the campaign. Through sentiment and analytic analysisit will be possible - with a high level of accuracy to determine:  What policy/political issue is trending.  What mediums people are using to engage EU politics/policies and the EPP Group.  The demographics and location where engagement is taking place  What type of message is used best on each medium.  What framing techniques have the most ROI per medium, issues and region.This is an immense amount of information that with the right analysis knowledge canincrease the efficiency of the campaign. In short media buying, message engagement andtime are more efficiently implemented than standard campaigns.The tools used are:  Google Analytics/insights  Radian 6  Face book InsightsMicro and Macro Campaigns: These include Banner, search and flash ads and are meant tocounter two main issues that political parties face: Recognition and being relevant. Macrocampaigns will be used for name recognition and large scale pan EU issues. Micro campaignsare specific, reactive and are more suited for real-time political engagement.In addition to branding the data gained from instance out put out is invaluable. By seeingwhat is clicked on the Group will be able to get a good idea of what trending per region,what message trends the best. Think of this as a focus group 2.0.Macro (mass/multimedia):  Online and Traditional mediums (Print, TV, Papers).  Pan EPP (Party, Group, MEPs and CES)  Traditional (TV, Magazines, News Papers)  Large scale websites like the FT, FAZ, Le Mode, BBC and the NYT)  Pan European campaign based on relevant regional issues empathized within a pan EU context.  MEPs and group members will use chosen talking points and common terms.Micro (online/websites/social media)Real-time issue based campaigns implemented online on a weekly or daily basis. Microcampaigns will promote the EPP group policies, counter competitors and handle crises.Turnaround for a global micro campaign can be less than a few hours. Page 4 of 7
  • 6.  Focus on Daily or Weekly events/MEPS  Banner, Face book and Search Ads  Counter daily attacks/bad press  Utilize YouTube, Blogs, Social Media and Google Search  Themed political pictures/videos (i.e. women in the hemi circle)  Consistent Vocabulary and Framing  Location basedSocial Media Networks: Social media (SM) sites have growth exponentially in the last fewyears. People now use SM as a direct source for engaging brands and accessing information.Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may become the default place to access newsand updates about politics instead of the home page website (consolidation media &captology theory). Potentially the EPP group could get better ROI on Press releases via socialmedia as opposed to the EPP Group’s website.Social Media Sites Used:  Face book  Twitter  Google+  YouTubeThe issue based campaign will make immense use of social media – both Twitter and Facebook for example. It will be important for the group to show personality and opinions onpolicy subjects as well as coordinate talking points and issues across all mediumsconcurrently.Social Media Coordination Tools: Without coordination between the entire EPP Group, ourmessage will not be conveyed efficiently. With tools such as Hoot suite and Vitrue it’spossible to do this. These tools provide increased flexibility for posting multimedia andinternal coherence by scheduling. These tools also provide advanced analytics in addition toRadian 6 so it’s possible to refine campaign concepts in real-time.  Post Planner  Hoot Suite  VitrueTactics:  Framing  Coordination  Identifying/Engaging multipliers  Direct Engagement Campaigns: Empathy  Mobilizing the base  Addressing Swing/Issue’s Voters  Hijacking political search terms Page 5 of 7
  • 7. Framing: Frames provide people a quick and easy way to process information. Hence,people will use the previously mentioned mental filters to make sense of incomingmessages. This will allow the EPP Group to use these schemas to influence how receiversinterpret the message in a pro EPP way, and make language more inclusive to constituents.The EPP Group will generate Rhetoric that consciously or unconsciously acts to construct apoint of view that encourages EPP Views and policies.Frames operate in four key ways:  Identify problems  Diagnose causes  Make moral judgments  Suggest solutionsCoordination: Generating consistent, condensed language is important, and goes hand inhand with framing. For example Procter and Gamble cut Head and Shoulders product linefrom 25 to 16, profits rose 10%. General Motors did the same cutting from eight to fourbrands last year; dealers reported a 16% increase in sales. The fastest way in politics tocondense political brands is build coalitions, coordinate and communicate the same talkingpoints as much as possible. Studies indicate repetition creates truth and this can be used tobenefit the EPP Group. Only through clear and consistent talking points can the EPP Groupbreak through the noise of the 24-7 non-stop media environment.Identifying multipliers: Multipliers are individuals who have a far reaching audience on agiven issue. Using the Digital analytic tools Chandler Thomas LLC can find the mainmultipliers. Studies indicate that on social networks like Face book, 20% of people lead theway for trends and news for the other 80%. This show a need to directly influence andengage these people if the group is to became more influential in the Social Networksphere.Direct Engagement Campaigns: Empathy: Scientific data shows that empathy is thestrongest human trait. Using Face book, YouTube and Twitter MEPS and the EPP Group candirectly engage individuals online - in real time, or directly respond to post; this shouldamplify empathy with constituents. Direct Engagement Campaigns can be coordinatedduring conferences, plenary sessions and EPP TV.Direct Engagement:  Involve MEPS/EPP officials  Face Book, Twitter, YouTube  Political and Opinion based Page 6 of 7
  • 8. Mobilize the base: To break through media noise the winner has to have a base thatconverts blogs, social media posts and pro EPP news into free advertising. This hopefullyreaches a critical mass which allows for exponential gains near election time. To achieve thisit is important to have the infrastructure built in advance. While you might not see resultsright away, if you not invest in it you will be left out. As they say “you only need it when youneed it”.Tools to use for mobilizing that base are:  Blogs  Polarization  Bias media  TwitterSwings/Issue voters: As a political party it’s our job to define policy lines as close as close tothe center as possible (to cater to the most amount of potential voters). To do this it’snecessary to depoliticize issues and present them in a dynamic way based on the profile ofthe issue/swing voter. This can be done through polls, focus groups and sentiment analysis.With the proper research it’s possible to empathize with constituencies within 7-10%.  Main Stream medium engagement  Depoliticizing issuesHijacking political search terms: Though the use of analytics we can know what searchterms are trending with competitors (S&D, ALDE, and EGP). With this information way wecan empathetically target individuals on issues that are important to them. For example ifsomeone types in “Martin Schutz, S&D austerity” we can develop online ads that slanderSchutz on the issue or empathetically pull the constituent towards the EPP Policies basedupon the users profile and SEO of our Ad, Search and website algorithms. Page 7 of 7