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  1. 1. Chandler McCallSenior Project SpeechMiss. TilleryApril 19, 2012 Senior Project Speech When I say the words teenage boys, what do you think of? A group of kids being obnoxious andnot making the smartest of decisions, but does that mean that we really have to expect our youth to actthis way? Not at all. Hi, my name is Chandler McCall and my senior project was a high school guysBible study named Cornerstone. Our main focus was how we are to become the leader that most adultssay we cant become. The topic I chose for my research paper was “Youth Today.” I researched some of the mostcommon problems that youth face in todays world. To me, this was necessary so that I could beginforming ideas on what I should base the lessons I would be teaching on. Once I was done with myresearch, I found that it really did not help me as much as I though it would. It did not tie in to myproject very well, but it did give me a place to start. I found that the politicians in our nation’s capitalhave decided that this generation is a lost cause and has no hope of success. They say that we are lazy,under appreciative and will not make sufficient leaders. When I found this fact, I decided on what mylessons would be about. I was going teach the guys what the Bible had to say about leadership. My project was 4 weeks of teaching a guys Bible study called Cornerstone. I chose this becauseit would give me an idea of the process I would be going through every week when I am a youth pastor.The first step to my product was to research topics to discuss during Cornerstone. My research paperdid not really help me with that, but it did give me a good place to begin. I started looking into differentaspects of leadership and what I would focus on most. I began by finding scripture that I felt wouldteach the guys how to be responsible, honest, hard working and polite. I read through scripture that Ialready knew of and talked to my project facilitator Chris Page, who is also my youth pastor. He gave
  2. 2. me some ideas to use and I went on from there. The next step was to get the ideas together and organizethem. Once that was done, I began researching the scripture I had. This was the most time consumingprocess. I had several tools that helped me with this, including both technology and books. I used thefifth and sixth volumes of Matthew Henrys Commentary. I also used a couple of apps on my iPod thatwere very useful. One was called Blue Letter Bible, which gives me access to the original Greek orHebrew that the scripture was written in. It also has a database of other sermons and commentaries onthe scripture that I used. Another app that I used was the Strongs Greek Index, which gave me tons ofinsight that I never would have been able to get with reading the scripture by itself. Once I completedthis, I composed my notes and was prepared for teaching the lessons. Now I had to plan what we wouldbe doing for the four nights. I decided for the middle school and high school guys to join together forthe first hour. The first week we would have a cookout to bring everyone together and the other nightswe would play a sport, depending on what the guys wanted to play. For the cook out to happen I had togather a grill, the food to cook and most importantly, cook the food. I was assisted with this by theadult leader of Cornerstone, Chris Gould. He provided me with a grill, hot dogs and buns and took overcooking the hot dogs when I had to prepare the room for that night. Once everyone was done eating, wesplit up with the middle school guys going with Chris and the high school guys going with me. Oncewe were separated we would spend another hour to hour and a half doing the actual Bible study. Thiswould be me teaching my lesson that I prepared, but the main goal I was looking for was gooddiscussion between all of us to get different ideas and opinions. In the end, this did happen, but not asmuch as I would have liked because attendance was lower than usual. I will discuss this later in theproblems that I encountered. My project facilitator was Chris Page who is my youth pastor. I choseChris as my project facilitator because I have been working with him as an intern at my church sensethe beginning of the summer last year and have known him for 7 years now. He was helpful byshowing me tips and tricks to help me get through some of the hardest parts of this project. Some of theproblems I encountered during my project was the fact that February break was in the middle of the
  3. 3. four weeks that I was planning to do my teaching. This brought attendance down a considerable bit andcaused the guys not to discus as much as I wanted them to. Also, I had technical problem where mycamera did not work out, which cause many of my pictures not to come out correctly. I overcame theseproblems by compensating on the amount of time we spent outside with the cook out and playing ofsports. I knew that the hour to hour and a half I had planned for would be too long, so I changed theplans to be outside playing sports a little longer and plan for about forty five minutes. This seemed towork out well and good discussion still happened. From this project I have learned that planning a group of people meeting together is not easy.There are many details that most people dont think of that must be prepared for such as food, back upplans in case of inclement weather and how much work goes into preparing a lesson. I also learned thatjust because you are teaching someone, you can always learn yourself. The whole time I was goingthrough this process, I kept and open mind to others ideas and that really helped me improve specificdetails throughout my project. Now that I have completed my project, I have decided to continuepursuing the topic. After graduation, I will go college at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. I will bemajoring in Christian Studies. After a bachelor’s degree, I will go to New Orleans Baptist TheologicalSeminary to get a master’s in divinity and possibly a doctorate degree. I will also find a job as a youthpastor at a church near where ever I am. The process of my project has taught me some of what I will need to know to write weeklylessons when I become a youth pastor. I feel that the project has helped me and it was an enjoyableexperience. I will be able to use what I learned from my project for the rest of my life and also I havehopefully encouraged the guys in my youth group to rise up and become the leaders. As a wise manonce said, dont tell someone how they do something wrong, but show them how to do it right. Thankyou for being here and have a nice day.