Work part transport method


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Work part transport method

  1. 1.  Unit of product s passed f rom st at ion t o st at ion manually
  2. 2. Sit uat ion where operat or has complet ed t he assigned t ask on current work unit , but t he next unit has not arrived at st at ion.. The worker is t hus st arved f or work
  3. 3. Sit uat ion where operat or has complet ed t he assigned t ask on current work unit but cannot pass t he unit t o downst ream st at ion coz operat or over t here is not ready t o receive it .. The operat or is t hus blocked f rom working
  4. 4. St orage buf f ers Work unit s made in a st at ion are collect ed in bat ches t hen moved t o nxt st at ion I n ot her case, work unit s are moved along non- powered conveyor. When t ask’s f inished at st at ion, worker pushes t he unit downst ream..
  5. 5. Simple n convenient . Suit able f or light weight mat erials involving manual operat ion. Here conveyor moving at slow speed is used. Conveyor syst em is eit her f rom st art t o end, or if f low line is long, conveyor syst em can be segment ed. Depending on need t he work part is eit her f ixed or removable on conveyor.
  6. 6. Used where work part be unloaded f rom conveyor syst em, held f or some t ime bef ore put back on conveyor. Met hod is a discont inuous t ype. Suit able f or aut omat ic f low lines. Manual operat ion not suit able coz work part be loaded back on conveyor wit hin f ixed t ime.
  7. 7. Here work part is loaded at work st at ion, while conveyor syst em wait s t ill operat ion is complet ed at each work cell. Conveyor moves t o nxt cell only af t er complet ion of work at processing cell. This met hod is more f lexible
  8. 8. I t s essent ial t hat work part be held on conveyor in proper locat ion n orient at ion while being t ransport ed. These are achieved by use of pallet f ixt ure. Designed t o suit work part geomet ry, holding posit ion, orient at ion, saf e t ransport n t ransf er t o workst at ion. Have become a part of aut omat ion syst em, n are essent ial component of aut omat ed f low line.