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E wallet E wallet Presentation Transcript

  • Submitted by :- Shaik Chand Basha (10721A0434) Submitted to :- Shaik Fayaz
  • Abstract  Using the basic concepts of embedded systems, an idea for changing the future of cards it is proposed .  Requirement of a special card reader , limited life time are the big disadvantages of todays traditional cards , led to design this E-wallet.  Main objective of this is to make paperless money transfer easier.
  • Table of Contents  Definition  Types of electronic wallet  Example for transaction  Features of E-wallet  Advantages  Conclusion View slide
  • Definition A digital wallet (also known as an e-wallet) allows users to make electronic commerce transactions quickly and securely. Hold credit card numbers, electronic cash, owner identification, and contact information. Give consumers the benefit of entering their information just once. Make shopping more efficient. View slide
  • Types Of Electronic Wallet Client Side electronic wallet Electronic wallet Server Side electronic wallet
  • Types Of Electronic Wallet Server Side Electronic Wallet A server side electronic wallet stores a customer information on the remote server belonging to a particular merchant or wallet publisher Client Side Electronic Wallet A client side electronic wallet stores customer information on his/her own computer. Many of the early electronic wallet were client side wallet that require users to download the wallet software.
  • Example for transaction:
  • features of e-Wallet: Refillable Infinite lifetime Current balance can be stored and read User authentication is provided Universal access Maximum possible cash Cannot be duplicated
  • Advantages Advantages The e-wallet makes online shopping easier because it fills in the fields in an online order form automatically, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself. This is also a great advantage for online merchants, because customers sometimes abandon online purchases if they feel that the order form is too confusing or frustrating. The e-wallet can overcome this phenomenon by automating the completion process.
  • Conclusion  The main idea behind this topic is to bring in a cheaper, more versatile and much more easily usable kind of a card.