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Digilabs PhotoBook Software
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Digilabs PhotoBook Software


Imaging Applications For the Digital Age …

Imaging Applications For the Digital Age
Grow your on demand photo products business with the most powerful, efficient and easy-to-use software.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Imaging Applications for the Digital Age Proud Partner Of:
  • 2.
    • Print operators looking to enter or expand their on-demand photo products business.
    • Organizations which “own” customers and partner with Indigo operators for production to provide on-demand photo products.
    Target Customers: Printers, Labs and Retailers
  • 3.
    • A simple and cost effective way for Indigo operators to enter the “Personalized Photo Products” market (photobooks, cards and calendars)
    • Private label version of DigiLabs software is distributed by Indigo operators (Printers, Photo labs, Retailers) to their customers, enabling the end users to create and upload highly customized photo products
    • Most powerful and yet easy to use software (PC & Mac) for creating photobooks, cards and calendars. ( My photo Creations )
    DigiLabs Photo Product Solution My photo Creations
  • 4.
    • Is All About Efficiency: software creates color, font and resolution managed vector PDF files that are ready-to-be printed and are uploaded directly to licensee for printing. No server/server software required. user can use any font on his operating system.
    • Power and Ease: End-users benefit with unprecedented power, customization, speed, flexibility and ease of use. 
    • Compelling Business Model: One-time licensing fee. No click fees/no % of sales. 
    • Online Sharing: users can upload a flash photobook for online sharing and licensees benefit from viral distribution of brand, software and grow printing sales.
    Solution Information
  • 5.
    • Home-to-Store Version: end user creates at home and uploads via web to printer for production.
    • In-Store (Kiosk) Version: end user creates and orders in-store. Includes Management Console for retail print and billing management.
    Both Home Ordering and In-Store Solutions
  • 6.
      • Simple, seamless integration with multiple back end solutions. (Partners include, Ultimate, Objective Advantage and Duplo).
      • No need to license server component
      • Rich customization of private label software including branding, product selection, artwork (backgrounds, templates, etc.), FTP and shopping cart integration.
      • Fast implementation
      • Low cost of deployment and maintenance
      • Multi lingual – English, Spanish, Chinese and 5 others..
      • Unicode- any font on users OS (including, Japanese, Hebrew Arabic..)
    Operator’s Value Proposition
  • 7.
      • Simple, easy to use. A book/calendar can be ready in a minute, (“Fast Track”) or customized as wished
      • The most advanced customization options
      • End user can work offline (like in a plane)
      • No slow annoying uploads.. File resized before upload.. Upload after placing order
      • User can use any font on his OS
      • Rich feature set like image enhancement, online sharing and more..
      • Multi lingual – English, Spanish, Chinese and 5 others..
    End user's Value Proposition
  • 8.
      • Output- Vector PDF files
      • Imposition- Integration with Ultimate and OA
      • Shopping cart- Optional shopping cart services
      • Digilabs-Ultimate-Press- Duplo – streamlined workflow
      • Desktop based
        • 70% prefer desktop, 85% of books started online are never finished
        • Efficient and powerful (upload speed, fonts)
        • No back office interruption/disruption
    Worth Mentioning
  • 9. Home-To-Store and In-Store
    • Home-to-store version
    • In-Store version- includes management console for in-store workflow
    • Both can easily be integrated in the printing/production workflow
  • 10. Digilabs Best of All Worlds Customer at home (Desktop App) Employee In-store Customer in-store P R I N T E R Central Printing In store printing
  • 11. Used By Top Photo Labs In The US
  • 12. What do our customers say?
    • Chanan
    • “ We enjoy working with your company. Your software continues to perform flawlessly with our two NexPresses.
    • When we first entered into a partnership with Digilabs, naturally I was a little concerned. You made some pretty bold promises. But you all did exactly what you said you would. That seems to be rare in this world.  
    • Thanks to the Digilabs system, we are looking forward to an extremely strong fall season. Keep up the great work!” 
    • Richard Miller (Millers Pro Imaging and Mpix)
  • 13. “ After testing several solutions, we found Digilabs' software to be both easy to use as well as deliver robust customization and speed that we believe is unmatched in the industry” Paul C. Kimball President and Chief Operating Officer CPQ Professional Imaging
  • 14. Partners And Integrations
    • Ultimate + Duplo
    • DigiLabs with connection to Impostrip
      • Eliminate job handling - create imposition profile for any binding method and save as hot folder. Impostrip imposes automatically
      • Impostrip generates barcodes to automatically set-up the Duplo equipment
      • Optional - Intelligent: Use XPIF job ticketing with FreeFlow to talk to your printer and finisher
    • OA (Objective Advantage)
      • Simple integrated with OA Symbio software solution, designed to enable optimum efficiency and scalability in printing operations
  • 15.
    • One Time Licensing Fee That Encourages Easy Entry and Does Not Penalize Success
      • No Click Fees
      • No % of Sales
    • One time licensing fee. Includes unlimited users, customization, upgrades and support for first year.
    • Optional upgrades, support and service contract from year 2 and onwards: 33% of licensing fee.
    • In store solution- depends on number of stores/installations . (sliding scale)
    Pricing Model: Business Model That Makes Cents
  • 16.
    • Unlimited distribution of software (via downloads and discs) to end-users
    • Private label/customization including branding, product selection, artwork and ftp/shopping cart integration.
    • First year support and upgrades
    License Includes …..
  • 17. Support Model Due to our implementation model the support requirements are never “mission critical” , and are very limited. We have happy customers in Malaysia, Taiwan,Australia, Mexico, Singapore, and more. Phone and email support is provided from Digilabs offices in Palo Alto, California First year - Support is included in initial licensing fee Second Year and on- support is part of an optional upgrades, support and service contract.
  • 18.
    • Product data sheet
    • Online Demos as needed
    • Introduction/referral email
    • Digilabs web site www.digilabstech.com
    Engaging a Customer
  • 19.
      • 650-390.9749x211
      • www.digilabstech.com
    Sales Contact Information
  • 20.
      • www.digilabstech.com
      • partners@digilabstech.com
      • 650-390.9749
      • 1032 Elwell Court,
      • Palo Alto, CA 94303
    DigiLabs Contact Information