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Chanakya nitti profile ppt_ver 1.00


Corporate Profile of chanakayaNitt -Marketing, Branding and Business Strategist. …

Corporate Profile of chanakayaNitt -Marketing, Branding and Business Strategist.
131 types of marketing and interesting facts about social media.
Innovative Marketing, Unique Branding and Concrete Business Strategies are the propositions on which chanakyan's work.

Published in Marketing
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  • 1. chanakyaNitti-Marketing, Branding and Business Strategist
  • 2. Agenda 1 Vision, Mission and Belief 2 chanakyaNitti Overview 3 chanakyaNitti’s Offerings 4 Marketing Strategy and Management 5 Branding Strategy and Management 6 Business Strategy and Management 7 chanakyaNitti 131 Types of Marketing –our depth of understanding marketing 2
  • 3. Agenda 8 Importance of Marketing and Branding 9 Depth of Chanakyan’s in social media marketing 10 Project Cycle 11 Reporting 12 Client’s Expectation 13 Extended Services 14 chanakyaNitti Contact Us 3
  • 4. Vision / Mission Vision: "Ethically provide our clients with unparallel marketing ideas, business strategies and brand identity“ Mission: "To help business in carrying day to day operations; execute new plans, product and services; help them in understanding consumer demand, need and desire with new innovations and dynamic strategies ethically"  Transparency & Partnership driven business approach  Continous Improvement / Innovation  Scalable & Sustainable Services  Win – Win Transformation Model chanakyaNitti 4
  • 5. Belief "Consumer need desire and demand is dynamic“ Change is constant and we understand it. We work on our toes with clear goals defined by our clients to achieve it. We are a team of fresh minds who would partner you to frame marketing plans, give you fresh strategies to solve your business problems, do branding, create buzz about your product or services in the market, create campaign, train manpower, do research work for you and help you in business expansion with other services. How you sustain your business? "By understanding competitors!" consumers or by overcoming Both are core strategies of doing business. One cannot be wrong or other cannot be correct. Both are correct but within their own limitations. However there are experts who would argue that understanding consumer would help your more than overcoming your competitors while other expert may say vice versa. But none of them know what your business is about so following traditional or experts advice is no more a helping hands. Its you who understand your business and you will help us to understand it. And then, we together can work to achieve goals of your business! “A business that makes nothing but money is very poor” chanakyaNitti 5
  • 6. chanakyaNitti Overview It is universally accepted phenomena that „with experience comes the knowledge’. However we believe marketing is an exception to it. Marketing is dynamic process by nature and has kept its both arm open for fresh minds. Indeed under certain circumstance fresh minds are preferred over experienced ones. We are fresh minds who has learned and faced marketing in their personal life. We are young, we are dynamic and lead the changing trends of marketing. We perceive marketing as an oxygen -a business would require to survive. When our attitudes are right our abilities reach maximum effectiveness and good results follow. But it is productive when you know yourself. We know our-self and do the things we are expert in. We know how to make best use of available marketing tool to give you best possible results. We are open to work on BOT (buildoperate-transfer) model. chanakyaNitti Idea Generation Screening Concept Development and Testing Marketing Strategy Business Analysis Product/Service Development and testing Test Marketing and Commercialization.   6
  • 7. chanakyaNitti’s offerings g chanakyaNitti 7
  • 8. Marketing Strategy and Management chanakyaNitti refer to marketing as eyes and ears of a business organization because it keeps the business in close contact with its economic, political, social and technological environment. • Good range of products in constant demand. • Suggest to management the scope for improvement • Satisfy changing customer needs, demand and desire Guerrilla Marketing Digital Marketing Network Marketing Diversity Marketing Direct Marketing DGMAR Cross-media Marketing Traditional Marketing Affiliate Marketing Advertising Etc... chanakyaNitti 8
  • 9. Branding Strategy and Management chanakyaNitti say‟s “A product is something made in factory; a brand is something that is bought by the customer. A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated; A successful brand is timeless.”  Unique, Distinctive yet Simple, meaningful and compatible with product.  Adaptable, Registrable, Flexible, Short and Universally Valid Brand Positioning Brand Image Brand Equity Brand Loyalty Brand Associations Leveraging The Brand Co-Branding Public Relation Corporate Branding Etc… chanakyaNitti 9
  • 10. Business Strategy and Management chanakyaNitti say‟s, “business strategy is a set of management decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of a corporation, it enables a firm to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.”  Environmental Scanning  Strategy Formulation  Strategy Implementation  Strategy Evaluation and Control Analytical Planning –to identify Product design, Marketing Strategy and Financial need etc… Operations Plan –To obtain Materials, Technology, Human Resources, Capital etc Implementation –Organizing, Product Design, Manufacturing Services etc Commercial Application –Value to customer, Rewards for employees, revenues for investor, Satisfaction for founder etc… Entrepreneurial Training chanakyaNitti 10
  • 11. 131 types of marketing 131 types of marketing –A glimpse of our depth of understanding marketing Account-based marketing Blackhat marketing Community marketing Database marketing Affiliate marketing Brand marketing Computational marketing Data-driven marketing Agile marketing Buzz marketing Content marketing Digital marketing Algorithmic marketing Call center marketing Contextual marketing Direct marketing Controversial marketing Direct response marketing Conversational marketing Disruptive marketing Conversion (rate) marketing Diversity marketing Door-to-door marketing Campus marketing Ambush marketing Catalog marketing Analytical marketing Article marketing Cause marketing Celebrity marketing B2B (business) marketing Channel marketing Conversion content marketing B2C (consumer) marketing Closed loop marketing Corporate marketing Cloud marketing Cross-marketing Cooperative marketing Culture marketing Communal marketing Data (web) marketing B2P (person) marketing Behavioral marketing chanakyaNitti Drip marketing Email marketing Entrepreneurial marketing Ethical marketing Event marketing 11
  • 12. 131 types of marketing 131 types of marketing –A glimpse of our depth of understanding marketing Expeditionary marketing Influence(r) marketing Local marketing Offline marketing Experiential marketing Informational marketing Long Tail marketing One-to-one marketing Facebook marketing In-game marketing Loyalty marketing Online marketing Field marketing In-store marketing Mobile marketing Outbound marketing Integrated marketing Multichannel marketing Geo-marketing Outdoor marketing Multicultural marketing Global marketing Interactive marketing Out-of-home marketing Multi-level marketing Performance marketing Green marketing Internet marketing Neuro-marketing Permission marketing New media marketing Personalized marketing Guerilla marketing Internal marketing Horizontal marketing International marketing Newsletter marketing Persuasion marketing Inbound marketing Keyword marketing Niche marketing Point-of-sale marketing Industrial marketing Left-brain marketing Non-traditional marketing Post-click marketing chanakyaNitti 12
  • 13. 131 types of marketing 131 types of marketing –A glimpse of our depth of understanding marketing PPC marketing Scientific marketing Technical marketing Word-of-mouth marketing Product marketing Search (engine) marketing Telemarketing Youth marketing Promotional marketing Proximity marketing Pull marketing Push marketing Real-time marketing Referral marketing Relationship marketing Remarketing Reply marketing chanakyaNitti Self marketing Test-driven marketing Time marketing Services marketing Trade show marketing Shadow marketing Traditional marketing Shopper marketing Undercover marketing Social marketing User-generated marketing Social media marketing Vertical marketing Sports marketing Video marketing Viral marketing Stealth marketing Web marketing Street marketing Marketing is dynamic by nature and chanakyaNitti knows how to lead the trends in Marketing. We don’t have a choice whether we do marketing or not; the question is how well we do it? chanakyaNitti ensures you to make best use of marketing tools to give you maximum output. 13
  • 14. Depth of chanakyan’s in social media 80% of the western companies use social media for recruitment. 23% of Facebook users check at least 5 times a day. 60% of Google+ users login at least once a their account day. The +1 button is hit at least 5 billion times per day. LinkedIn has over 3 million company pages with over 1 billion endorsements. People are spending 1 out of every 7 minutes on Facebook when online. Approx 98% of adults are active socially in USA. 1 out of 8 married couples in US meet by social media. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in US. If Facebook were a country, it would be 3rd largest nation. No. of years to reach 50 Million users: Radio -36yrs, T.V -13 yrs, Internet -4yrs, I-Pod –yrs, Facebook added over 200 million users in a year. I pod app download reached 1bilion in 9 months  There are over 10 million Facebook “apps” 93% of marketers use social media, only 9% of marketing companies have full-time blogger  54% of UK Businesses Believe The High Street Will Be Replaced By A Virtual High Street By 2020. chanakyaNitti 14 14
  • 15. Depth of chanakyan’s in social media  14% of businesses sell their products or services online.  50% marketers in the UK are not testing campaigns or content.  25% of business owners say their employees don‟t even have the basic digital skills to use the internet for business .  20% of people will read text while 80% of people will watch a video with the exact same content.  Failing at digital? 66% of all marketers think companies won‟t succeed unless they have a digital marketing approach. Only 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social media.  Just 33% of CMO‟s and senior marketing leaders have basic understanding of data analytics.  One in five online retailers are using automated email for abandoned checkout items. Less than 30% track app downloads.  Only 16% of marketers have a formalized mobile strategy. chanakyaNitti 15
  • 16. Project Cycle Target Measures to achieve the target Implementation Revaluation Project / Campaign Cycle Analysis Plan Formation Implementation Measurement chanakyaNitti 16
  • 17. Reporting Real Time and Historical Reporting plays a vital role in successful implementation of any marketing campaign. Real time reporting helps in timely measurement of goals, quick decisions, revaluation, forecasting, etc. chanakyaNitti believes in providing on demand and periodic report that empower managers and supervisors to drive the most value from the data allowing them to follow the best trends. Monthly Reports will Include: Bifurcation of Marketing , Branding or Business Campaign (Detailed Work Report).  Evaluation and Forecasting  Data Analysis (If Any). Expected Output or Impact of the work done .  This is for reference. The actual report would be personalized and would differ from client to client – campaign to campaign. chanakyaNitti 17
  • 18. Clients Expectation:  Benchmarking and Positioning.  Product and Service Promotion.  Higher sales of value added services.  Expansion plan as and when required.  Unique Brand Identity and its awareness  Marketing, Branding and Business strategist and its management.  Real Time Reporting and other customized reports as per requirements.  Greater efficiencies in controlling costs and increasing productivity through standardizations and industry best practices.  Higher Customer Retention through Enhanced Brand Value Experience.  Customer Royalty.  Enhanced goodwill, valued patent, logo and other intangible assets. chanakyaNitti 18
  • 19. Extended Services In our effort to provide professionally managed quality end to end solutions to business requirements, we have further extended our services into providing; •HR consultation and Recruitment • Analysis of Merger and Acquisition •Company Law assistance •Lead Management •SWOT Analysis Extended Services Include: SEO Marketing, PPC Campaigns, Google Adwords, Website Designing & Development,  Corporate Training: Team Building, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills etc.  Personalized Corporate Gifting  Corporate Event Management: Complete corporate event management from catering to training. chanakyaNitti 19
  • 20. Contact Us Twitter : Facebook : Linkedin : Slideshare : Blog : /nittiofchanakya /chanakya.nitti /chanakyanitti /chanakyathestrategists We would now welcome the opportunity to understand your Marketing, and Branding requirements and to be able to present a customized business solution for your business needs. chanakyaNitti Email : chanakyaNitti 20