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PB Where Do You Draw the Line
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  • 1. Where do you draw the line? Unit 2: Political BoundariesInformation adapted from “Geography for Dummies” by Charles Heatwole
  • 2. How to Draw Boundaries River Line of LongitudeThis is an area where 8 ethnic groups live and youhave to decide where to place internationalboundaries. How would you do it?
  • 3. Optionsl Ethnic Boundariesl Natural Boundariesl Geometric (Earth’s grid of latitude/longitude)
  • 4. Ethnic Consequencesl Multi-nation states: – Hard to create a common identity and sense of unity amongst the people (US)l Multi-state nations: – May lead to irredentism: foreign policy in which one country seeks to acquire foreign territory for the purpose of unifying a nation (India)l State-less nations: – Do nothing – Seek greater autonomy – Fight for independence (Kurds)
  • 5. Natural Consequencesl Poor definition – Kashmir: disagreement between India and Pakistan over the recommended partition – Southern Andes: Ridges and watersheds used to define the boundary between Argentina and Chile were poorly drawn in the first place results in conflict between the two countries
  • 6. Natural Consequences continued…l Invisibility: sometimes determining where a border is located is impossible – Amazonia: Amazon basin contains boundaries that can be seen on the map, but because these boundaries pass through trackless jungles and rainforests… it can’t be seen on the ground. – Arabian Peninsula: Arabian desert makes it hard to distinguish boundaries between Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates
  • 7. Natural Consequences continued…l Natural disasters that changes boundaries – Mississippi River flooding and changing course causes land that used to be on Arkansas’ side to be in Mississippi’s side and vice versa
  • 8. Geometric Consequencesl Disregard natural boundariesl Disregard ethnic boundaries