The Champion Employer Services Strategic Alliance Program

Champion Employer Services has developed a results-oriented Str...
Champion Employer Services has the pulse of the CLIENT...

Champion Employer Services takes pride in providing the best po...
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Champion Employer Services Strategic Alliance Program Overview


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Champion Employer Services Strategic Alliance Program Overview

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Transcript of "Champion Employer Services Strategic Alliance Program Overview"

  1. 1. The Champion Employer Services Strategic Alliance Program Champion Employer Services has developed a results-oriented Strategic Alliance Program. We are establishing partnerships with firms who desire to become part of this exciting, rapidly expanding Administrative Service Organization (ASO) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Industry. A $20 billion industry, with a projected market potential of $1.1 trillion, the ASO/PEO Industry provides a comprehensive, yet integrated, cost effective Human Resource solution for small to medium sized firms across the U.S. and internationally, as well. Champion Employer Services is committed to aligning with forward thinking firms that will create growth and expanded synergistic efforts that will enhance their existing business base. Benefits include: • Increased sales and market penetration • Improved client services • Increased industry awareness • Expanded geographical markets • Enhanced client and employee benefits • Streamlining and increasing efficiencies of client service systems and procedures, and • Increasing leverage purchasing power for existing new benefits. Moreover an alliance with Champion helps to build a barrier between you and your client and larger companies such as ADP, Paychex, Administaff, and Genevity that seek to be single source providers for payroll, HR, risk, staffing, legal, benefits, and business insurance related services and products. Bottom line, Champion can help you retain your clients by enabling you firm to provide everything the larger companies are now offering. Finally, we compensate our alliance partners for their efforts while enabling them to maintain complete control over their valued clients. More specifically, if your firm offers insurance products (workers compensation, group benefits, and voluntary benefits) and financial service solutions (life, annuity, and 401k) YOU maintain control over those product offerings. Champion Employer Services simply covers the gaps in services that you do not currently offer thus creating a “win win” alliance partnership. Allow Champion Employer Services the opportunity to help your client obtain affordable payroll, benefits & administration, and human resource solutions. Generous commissions are paid for as long as your client remains on the service with Champion Employer Services. Champion Employer Services is Seeking: • Property / Casualty Insurance agents. • Life / Health Insurance agents • Financial Services Firms • M&A Business Brokers • CPA's /Accountants • Business Management Firms
  2. 2. Champion Employer Services has the pulse of the CLIENT... Champion Employer Services takes pride in providing the best possible PEO or ASO solution for each client. We thoroughly discuss your client’s business, listen to their requirements and concerns, and thoroughly evaluate their needs.  PEO's & ASO’s PROVIDE:  EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Payroll Processing Group Medical Credit Union Membership Social Security Tax Group Life Universal Life Insurance Federal Unemployment Tax Dental Term Insurance State Unemployment Tax Short Term Disability Group Discounts Workers Compensation Long Term Disability Prescription Drug Card Risk Management Vision Care Reimbursement Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Employee Training and Development 401(k)  Compliance Issues Employee Handbooks Human Resource Administration What is an ASO? Administrative Service Organization (ASO) enables our clients to receive all of the benefits of PEO's without the co-employment aspect. Running a business requires focus. And, while maintaining your workforce is critical, sometimes the details of human resources administration can be a time-consuming distraction. Optimum Outsourcing offers a complete, flexible and integrated human resources management solution with everything from payroll processing and tax service, employee assistance and training programs and HR administration. We also offer 401K, Flexible Spending Accounts, Employee Rewards, Health Insurance and Workers' Compensation Insurance programs as well. These services are delivered via a single, integrated platform that eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors. What is a PEO? Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) enable clients to cost-effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation while retaining complete direction and control of their staff. This allows PEO clients to focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line. Businesses today need help managing increasingly complex employee related matters such as human resources, benefits, workers' compensation claims, payroll, payroll tax compliance, and unemployment insurance claims. They contract with a PEO to assume these responsibilities and provide expertise in human resources management. This allows the client to concentrate on the operational and revenue-producing side of their organization. A PEO provides integrated services to effectively manage critical human resource responsibilities and employer risks for clients. A PEO delivers these services by establishing and maintaining a co-employer relationship with the employees at the client's worksite and by contractually assuming certain employer rights, responsibilities and risk. Getting Started with Champion Employer Services When you join the Champion Employer Services team of alliance partners you open the door to opportunity! New markets for your business and new relationships to grow your book of business. Contact: Ronnie O’Dell Business Development Champion Employer Services C 818-588-0468