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Kdg Science Centers
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Kdg Science Centers



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  • 1. Kindergarten Science Port Huron Teachers 10/8/08 Presenters: Laura Chambless, St. Clair RESA 8:00-8:30 Introductions Introductions – I’m in! Why we are meeting: New GLCEs, MEAP Changes, Companion Doc. Pacing Guides (Port Huron Teachers give background) Planning Ideas and Suggestions Page 8:30-8-50 Teaching Science to Kindergarten Inquiry- See Protopage 8:50-9:45 (Monica) Observation with Senses Companion Doc. Review/ Resources/Pacing Guide/Protopage Post Question: How do we describe what we __________? (see, hear, feel, smell, taste) Senses Center Activities Observation with Hand Lenses (site) Who Took The Cookie? (site) What’s That Sound? (sound) Matching Sound (sound) Mystery Surface (touch) The Braille Alphabet (touch) Match the Scent (smell) Scratch and Sniff Stickers (smell) Popcorn- End activity Describe snacks or objects using all 5 senses Planning Ideas and Suggestions Page 9:45-10:00 Break 10:00-11:00
  • 2. Push and Pulls Companion Doc. Review/ Resources/Pacing Guide/Protopage Lesson Question- How do objects move? Force and Motion Introduce 5 E’s with Protopage 1. Engage 2. Explore 3. Explain and Define 4. Elaborate and Apply 5. Evaluate Student Understanding Position Mat: Assessment Push/Pull: car, wooden cylinder At Rest: cars, wooden trains Gravity: feathers, rocks, balls, plastic spoon- Teaching Physics with Toys Activity Balloon & Paddles-Push/ Objects at rest moves in direction of push Faster/slower: Shape and Weight effect motion: train track Ramp: Hot Wheel Track- Harder/softer force: Cars with line on table Planning Ideas and Suggestions Page 11:00-12:00 Lunch 12:00-12:45 Basic Needs of Living Things Companion Doc. Review/ Resources/Pacing Guide/Protopage Project Based Activity (Web/Protopage) Planning Ideas and Suggestions Page 12:45-1:10 My Earth Companion Doc. Review/ Resources/Pacing Guide/Protopage Planning Ideas and Suggestions Page 1:10-1:30 Ready, Set, Science Read pg 66-67 1:45-2:25 Protopage
  • 3. 2:25-2:30 Session Evaluation Laura Chambless Assistant Director Math/Science St. Clair RESA 810-455-4005 www.protopage.com/lchambless
  • 4. Wish List Journal Heat, Electricity and Magnetism Properties and Change of Matter Relationship and Requirements off Living Things Sun, Moon, and Earth
  • 5. 5 Senses Centers Site Matching Pictures using hand lenses http://www.kellyskindergarten.com/science/science_center_activities.htm Who stole the cookie? http://www.kellyskindergarten.com/science/science_center_activities.htm Sound Feel Taste Smell Push/Pull Centers Balloon- feathers- paper streamers- Balloon w/ Paddle Cars Trains Living vs Non Living Centers What Plants Need Centers