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  1. 1. Task6
  2. 2. Here I have created something a little more simplistic in style and design using a sans serif font that could be found in all types of publications possibly for a header or caption to give the illusion of there being a reflection, which could be developed further into being a more sutal effect if the text underneath had the opacity lowered to give to created this idea of it been a reflection. As well as this I could experiment with the sizing of the text and duplicating it to develop this design further. Instead of the usual drop capital I have just slightly emphases the F for more of a dramatic effect as it helps make it stand out also the use of the fs from opposing angles created the illusion of a border which frames the text. Here still sticking the with the word fashion I have carried on with this idea of duplicating and overlapping to created this distorted type of text, which i feel could work as well with a number of different words surrounding a similar subject and the message can still clearly be understood. As well as this I could experiment with the sizing of this, either of each of the letters within the word or a whole word. On top of this I added another layer using just the later f and then placed into the centre of the design, which i added some effects to. A drop shadow to give this 3D effect and stand out from the background layer a stroke was added as a bold outline contrasting well from the lime green that has been used against the black. Just like the other design above I have used a chunky bold serif font which is easy to read and could be used for a number of different purposes. In this case I looked at experimenting further and combining a number of different fonts that will appeal to both a male and female audience the more feminine serif fonts and the masculine sans serif type, which have all been placed un different text boxes then allowing them to be warped rotated and stretched in this I have kept to angles horizontal and vertical of a 90 degree angle to achieve something with more of a formal tone which is sutal but effective. If I was to develop this I could look at experimenting with colour palettes depending on its end purpose and its audience or even drop shadows, glows, strokes and reflections. Something of this nature could work well as apart of a title which has this diagonal drop to it that could work well when warping text or image around this.
  3. 3. Similar to what was created previously this diagonal pattern has been used again but in this case I have experimented more with the warping and rotations of these letters to create the illusion of the falling letters. With some of the letters bigger then others and then put together in a jigsaw like fashion. the ‘i’ and ‘a’ i have made sure they are emphased among others that has had a drop shadow incorporated to make it stand out from with this 3D style especially with the combination of colour to. And again I feel that it would work better with a chunky font as it would get lost and become unclear with a serif font. I feel that the design to this is simplistic but effective using two duplicated layers of the word ‘fashion’ with one smaller and then been overlapped and the opacity lowered that makes it more transparent for the other text to be seen through. That could be developed further into using clipping masks to add images within the text reflective of the subject matter. The font I have chosen here is more of a cartoon comic style as I feel that it wouldn't work as well with a thinner scrawly font as it will become difficult to understand and read and is also more beneficial to use lighter colours as it allows the other text to be seen though which could be increased upon and adding more than two layers. Again here and sticking with the same word I have kept the design simplistic still on a horizontal level. Within this design there has been two text boxes used with one placed lower then the other to create this effect of the text overlapping one another, as if it was apart of a magazine cut out. The lime green/yellow colours that have been incorporated helps to split up the monochrome and again the use of the stroke helps to achieve this hand drawn look. Within this i could also look to warp and curve the text with a sense of wrapping it round the page or even falling off the page. Or could even tried out with more then one font type both contrasting in type.