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Task 8  tabloid

Task 8 tabloid






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    Task 8  tabloid Task 8 tabloid Presentation Transcript

    • Task 8- Tabloid
    • Before creating my own designs and flat plans, it is important to look at some of the common conventions, as tabloid newspapers can be very different in there design to that for a broadsheet newspaper as its need for its audience are a lot different as well as the quality of the stories that are a lot more varied in topics from celebrity and splash stories, and in some cases there can be a difference in layout depending on the importance to the story as the sun newspaper to the left has one main story across the front page, as well as this idea of warming the text around the silhouette has been used but not as strict as you see in some magazines and the text does overlap the image but a black background across the main headline. Another similarity between then all is the used of candid celebrity, paparazzi photographs that can be used for both the headline story and other featuring stories. In terms of colour schemes there is a clear use of read, white and black, using the red as a highlighting colour. As well as other primary colours that seem to be incorporated more often, and using a block coloured background to back the images in some cases such as apart of the daily mirror. With the ratio of text to images been considerably be more image to text filling up 3 quarters of the page in comparison to text, with a small paragraph of text surrounding the story, as well as some times using a side bar to fill with other stories in the news. With it also bee more common to find more than one image as apart of the front page that relate to each of the separate stories.
    • Image Text Headline Masthead Sub heading To begin with I looked at a very traditional and basic design apart of the tabloid front page spread, filled mainly of images between the ratio of text to photographs. With both a headline and masthead of an equal size towards the top of the page that is of importance of grabbing the attention of the reader as it is what catches the eye using a headline that is short, snappy and to the point with language techniques , and unlike a more formal grid way of setting the information out overlapping is key. With just a small ratio of text to give the reader of taster of information further into the print. The colours to this are also of more importance then the broadsheet kind with a combination of primary colours that continue throughout the newspaper
    • Image Text Headline Masthead Side bar Second Image and Story Here I have looked at something a little different with more than one story to the front page sometimes of a humorous nature or in relation to a different subject topic such as sport with an emphasis on where you can read more. An overlap of text and image is important in the design of this so when considering images it is important to make sure that the text can still be clearly red through the image. In terms of other stories extra images will help to split up the text and illustrate the point further either of a circular frame or a cut out scrapbook effect to show the celebrity faces. A second story can also be found within the masthead of either an advertisement or celebrity story helping to make it look more informal.
    • ImageHeadline Second Image and Story Masthead Third Image and Story Text In this case the headline takes up a lot of the space within this design towards the left hand side of the page, which will then have a gradual faded image behind relating to the headline story, to complement the more modern and contemporary design and the house style of newspaper I will be using some cut out images within the second story which the text can be warped around. Within the headline story the text will be found towards the centre of the page between the divide of text and images. As well as this there will be more that one story to be seen on the front page that will be found wrapped around the masthead splitting up the information and fill it with other topics too.
    • Image Headline Masthead Text Second Image and Story In this case the layout of this newspaper design is all of a landscape orientation into blocks of information. With something a little different in design with the image across the centre of the page to grab the attention of the audience especially when a portrait photography is considered when directed at eye level such as paparazzi and candid shots. And in this case the text and headline do not overlapping and placed separately keeping this design simple and easy to read. With the main paragraph of text found around the headline which helps to frame the text. In relation to the headline and image the masthead will be considerably smaller as other elements are more important.
    • When taking into consideration images for my newspaper front page it has been noticed that it is all about candid paparazzi to get the attention of the reader that are into celebrity gossip stories, so a celebrity face on the front of a newspaper is also very common from either a mid or long shot. As the text and images overlap somewhat a gradual fade has been known to be put on the image in order for the text to become clear to read it is also common to see a montage of images put together for a number of different angles and shots, and when it comes to the other images inserted into the other leading stories a cut out effect has been used around the celebrity faces to give a more informal approach while also leaving room for text.
    • As apart of the text for my front page even though the ratio of more image then text it is still an important part of the design and just like a broadsheet newspaper the same principles are in place as a sans serif font is most appropriate for both the headline that is attention grabbing which complements the capital letters and hard hitting headline, however unlike a broadsheet newspaper the main body of text will also be in a sans serif font to match the house style of tabloid newspaper which is clear and easy to read when only a small box of text will be used. As a part of the mast head similar to the headline again a chunky, bold sans serif font will be used and seen as apart of the brand and so something more poignant is key. Because just like the broadsheet using a more scrawly serif font that is more traditional a sans serif, a more modern font is needed for the younger readers of a tabloid newspaper. Main Body Of Text Main Body Of Text Main Body Of Text
    • Just like some of the existing products I have looked at I wanted to create a banner style of masthead incorporating a number of different stories within, and here you can see the process I have gone through, originally using Photoshop to begin my designs and cutting out different images using the lasso tool and then layering them up inspired the sun’s design and instead of keeping the background white I have incorporated some colour into this with this ombre blue effect that is a sutaile addition and emphases' the fact that they are different stories to the main headline. then with this layout transferring it to in design to then add the text, of a more informal nature. Which also required me use da font as a way to source my fonts all very chunky and modern in design, and similar throughout the whole front page. Colour is also important taking inspiration from the sun and pulling out key colours from the images. With a highlight stroke through the text to emphases it further making it stand out.
    • Originally I began with a basic layout to combine the headline and main image together presenting the image in a landscape orientation, but with a white background felt that it wasn’t attention grabbing enough which was when I incorporated the black box to set against the white font, a popular convention used by newspapers, serving as a strong contrast which is a lot more striking to the eye. But even after the improvements I still wasn’t happy with the overall look which is when I experimented with a number of different images relevant to the hippie era. Showing emotion and a visual representation of the events. When it came to putting these elements together these guides/grids really helped to keep everything level and in proportion in order to create something to a profession standard.
    • After looking at some of the existing products they seem to have this transition though the image with this faded effect from the image light to dark where the text is set upon. Which helped to be achieve by my choice of image that has a white background and helped me to set the text upon. From this it was also important to consider some of the smaller details such as the sub title and placement of this as in some cases they are presented in a sentence or can even be seen in bullet point format. Which I looked at but felt that a statement worked best because of what was been said and the use of the stroke emphases' the words especially when set upon a busy background. When it came to the main body text which is known to be of a small capacity I looked at adding borders and lines to the box, but felt that it wasn’t living up to the design of newspaper and interfered with the image which was when I decided on a line to define the quote title from the story
    • The sans serif font is reflective of a tabloid newspaper and apart of both the main body of text and headline for this hippie special, been clear and easy to read. Using a size 12 font for the main copy a reasonable reading size for a newspaper with an emphasis on the first line of the story. Using this gradual lighting effect from light to dark was achieved using photograph and the gradient tool and am happy with the way it sets the text, creating something realistic in design. The image taken from an online source works well at getting this message across and reflects what has been portrayed in the headline. A black and white image to create a realistic portrait of the events. The fact that the action in the photograph has been shot at the bottom allows the text to interfere a little less with this image as it is still clear to audiences. The headline was created out of a pun that relate to the hippie era, something very common among many tabloid newspapers in order to mock or add humour or hook the reader, which is what has been achieved here with the twist on words ‘peaces/pieces’ The splash banner placed across the width of the newspaper emphases the fact that it is a special edition makes it more appealing to the reader. Using the original sun logo allows me to create something realistic and look at the sun newspaper for inspiration for the design as well as a combination of other influences, elements such as the price and date has also been incorporated to do so. As well as setting off the colours for the paper. In order to create something relevant to hippie I have used iconic symbols and influences such as the peace sign and the hippie van as well as the strong message reflected with ‘flower power’. As well as been a way to make the page more visually appealing while incorporating more than one story The stroke added to the headlines and titles of the stories helps to emphases' the point further while still allowing a bright coloured font to be used, keeping neutral tones with added hints of red and blue. As a highlighting colour
    • To show development and present the information in a different way I looked at basing the design around another copy of the sun keeping the orginall masthead/ banner but developing the presentation of the headlining story in where the text is found to the left of page, and the images have used this cut out effect and layering multiple images, emphasing the shocking facts and statics to get the attention of the audience, presented in a bullet point format and pulling out the red tones of the masthead. To improve upon this design however I will need to use the gradual faded effect and add black boxes to the bottom and top of the frame. Whether the text sits in order to make it look more realistic. The text is also an important part of the design as it has been noticed that the text can be found overlapping the image and can combine somewhat.
    • To create the main image for my second design I used Photoshop, where by I took a image of a busy protest from that time as a background to set my main image upon to create something similar to the existing product I have looked at. As the background is meant to be as sutal as possible I have added a black box behind and lowered the opacity to make the image less obvious. I have then cut out a celebrity image, something that tabloid newspapers are known for using the lasso tool and then just like the example I have added an outer glow to emphases this and make it stand out for the text and background image. Which also creates something for the text to sit upon, and so from this it can be inserted into my InDesign document and the text can be added. As well as this just like some of the examples I have looked at I have added more than one image and framing It to fit into a circular shape of the original design to show the action and back up what is being said warped around the main body of text.
    • When comparing the two design I have created for a tabloid newspaper front page, I feel that the both front pages are realistic for there audience based around real front pages that have been on the shelves. Using a chunky bold font for both designs has worked well because just like the existing product it is bold and eye catching, making a statement and the fact that it has been presented in capital letters gets this message across to. In terms of the presentation of the text I like the way that the facts have been presented in a bullet point format as I feel it is more appropriate to a tabloid newspaper rather then the quote used for the left hand side front cover. However when it comes to the images I am most happy with the design on the right because as there is a smoother transition from image to text as the other seems a lot more disjointed and put together which don’t match as well together as well as the fact there seems to be a lot more text crammed onto the page in this case. In terms of the layout the use of the grids have helped to keep everything in proportion and stick to the stereotypical design of a tabloid newspaper more image then text, with a large masthead and headline.