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Task 5
Task 5
Task 5
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Task 5


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Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. Task 5
  • 2. Throughout my designs I have incorporated the same principles and ideas to the design, but changing the rotation, orientation and sizing, as part of development to see which one I preferred and stood out more. In terms of the colours I have used a basic red and black colour scheme which keeps it simplistic and monochrome but the added use of red helps to attract the eye and can connation this Idea of surprise an warning. Which is also appealing to any age or gender. It was of importance to make sure that the words fibbers what of importance as the header which needed to be bolder and stood out from the rest of the text, also reasoning behind why the text was found at the top of the page. However after experimenting with the orientation I prefer the header to the right as it is clearer to read and allows the rest of the text to fit in with ease. Moving down the page each or the music artists and bands are found in a very different and unique font which reflect the name of the band and emphases the number of different acts that are to appear. Also all very modern and contempatory fonts which will appealing to the younger target audience. The price of tickets was also an important part when it came to choosing the right size of font in this case highlighting the cheapness of it was key therefore I increased the size and used the red font used subtly throughout .
  • 3. Here sticking with the same theme I have used another way to layout the time, date, artists, prices and social media. I have used a more traditional approach laying everything out horizontally, to fill some of this white space without using shapes or images proved challenging so I looked at different ways of doing so because to begin with I faded out the words fibbers across the whole A4 page but in the end was happy with the banner effect towards the top and bottom of the slide. In a grey font that and duplicated with the red to create this shadow effect. When looking at other types of posters that have been created in the past it is important to make sure that the social media links where considerably smaller to the rest of the text and seen as a more of a fill in/plug. Overall I feel happy with the use of the words ‘presents’ and then list of the artists as it is common amongst different festival and gig posters on the market and even though the word present is smaller it is still effective at drawing the eye because of the fact that the red colour palette has been used. Also to make it look a little different and edgy I have created the date and time to the event in both capital letters and lower case for a different effect, as it still allows the text to be clearly read.