Task7- Production Development (magazineadvert)


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Task7- Production Development (magazineadvert)

  1. 1. To begin with I looked at my first fashion can design, and so to complement this Idea of the catwalk models I looked at placing my can on the catwalk. Finding some 3D models of the catwalk stage. Experimenting with rota scoping and changing the colour schemes behind the screens making it more relatable to irn-bru. Using oranges and blues, and then suitably turning down the opacity to make it look more realistic, and so I feel that this Idea would work well with my campaign as if reflects the fashion aspects. To move forward I can now look to adding the can of irn-bru into these locations to see which location would suit best and the angle it is seen from (lower or high angle) or at eye level
  2. 2. For this idea of the catwalk I looked at rota scoping an already existing images, to give it a more cartoon feel. Which will also appeal to the younger target market. However after completing this I didn’t feel that it looked right. Making it look too childish and not has professional and high quality, with spaces and gaps in-between. As I also found it difficult to create the shadowing and gradual effect over the whole image to make it look realistic. Which I when I development my own ideas into adding different effects and colours to the image instead of adapting the actual image. In terms of skills I have picked up I could look to using the drop shadow into next poster I look to create as I feel that it was the best way of making it look more 3D, and could be added to the text or an image of the irn-bru to highlight and make it stand out.
  3. 3. After choosing the image I was most happy with I then looked at adapting this to suit my theme. Adding the panels to the catwalk scene in the appropriate white and orange colours to reflect the colour of the drink. I then also decided to look at editing the colours to the image making them look more striking and eye catching. Such as the black and white colours put over the top of the image. Then adding contrast by incorporating stronger curves into the image between the black and white image. Making to can of irn-bru stand out more.
  4. 4. By combing the barr logo and the new logo for irn-bru 32, I looked at the fonts which would complement this idea for the word ‘presents’ looking at more thicker chunky fonts that would capture the essence of this advertising campaign, and then by adding the inner glow helped to make it appeal more showbiz like. As well as this I then looked making the font appeal more 3D and fit with the overall theme, so adding this bevel/embross really helped to achieve this, where the light would initially hit therefore making it more appealing to the audience .
  5. 5. In terms of language, I decided to take a famous quotes related to the themes I had chosen both the fashion and sports idea. And changing a well known quote such as the fashion quote from coco channel herself, then adapting this and linking it in with the drink irnbru 32, and the football quote taken from David Beckham and changing this to relate to the energy drink irn-bru and the relevance of Scotland. Which will also appeal to the already existing target market.
  6. 6. For my second design I looked at another aspect and angle that I could look at. Incorporating the same text and fonts, but into another format. As the colours communicate the same ideas and representation of this loud and vibrant house style. In terms of the ideas behind this poster I looked at creating a collage out of sports and fashion magazine front covers which will also relate to the background of the can reflecting the busy style of irn-bru. Then with this background I decided to tone down the colours making it black and white, and improving the contrast. Making the text and image stand out, similar to irn-bru’s original house style. In the future to show development I could look at trying out different text placement and some of the effects that I could use to make it appear more 3D and professional.
  7. 7. I looked at adapting the original logo for ‘Barr' logo and warping it slightly round the main body of text, and overlapping. Making it look a lot more 3D I have also made sure that the text ‘irn-bru 32’ is centre of attention, and the fact that I am rebranding there new drink makes the audience more aware of this, and the 32 helps to draw your attention into the poster. Using a similar colour scheme from there original house style. I have also made sure the text flows round the main image keeping the tone minimalistic, including the key pieces of text to keep the audience interested , the fact that I have incorporated a photograph of the product, which takes up a quarter of the page Makes the audience more aware of the product and so by adding the shadow makes it stand out even more.
  8. 8. Also adding an orange glow to the outline of the product, and then softening it to make it look more sutable And so this is where I began to develop and improve my font choices. Using the same font but adapting it some what, an example here where I have used Photoshop to create inner shadows bevel and emboss making the font appeal more chunky. I feel that It will also work with the new branding for irn-bru creating a more modern and sleek design. I then looked at developing the text towards to the top of the page. From the original black text which I felt would be difficult to read from a far. Therefore by adding an outer glow in blue contrasts the original text making it stand out, as well as complementing the colour scheme that I have created. As well as adding the bevel and emboss again which adds shine to the text where the light hits, also helping to make it stand out and achieve a stronger tag line for this campaign. As the tone of language I have used helps to match the very out there type of humour irn-bru use, with the bright colour scheme.
  9. 9. Taking the Barr logo I rota scoped there existing design. To achieve a more cartoon like logo like I wanted to achieve, this also meant I could experiment with the colour ways making it look more bright and eye-catching, then finding a similar font that I can match the original too. After creating the basis of my poster with developing it future. I font it to plain with a lot of white spaces. Which is when I began to incorporate shapes and symbols into the background, and then lowering the opacity to fill these spaces however in a more sutal way. As this design was inspired by the front of a magazine I looked into some previous front covers that have been produced, and taking inspiration I began to create my own work using company as a template for the arrangement of text and images. Which I feel helped me to achieve something more realistic.
  10. 10. The colour scheme was a very important part of the design as it was inspired by the colours of the can, both the oranges and blues. As well as red which helps to break up the very regimented colours. The design behind this idea is also very important, especially appealing to the younger generation, to give it that scrap book/ collage effect, which can still be clearly seen and read. As the image of the product is still the main focus to this poster which draws your eyes in. however one apart that became challenging was placing the text I wanted in a font that will match with the theme, and fitting it with the boundaries which can still be easy to read. The arrows I have also used help to direct your eye to the product, and also took inspiration from the previous work of irn-bru and the diet irn-bru advert previously looked at which also used this rough and handwritten style to it adding witty remarks to point out parts of the of the product which I feel is very effective.
  11. 11. From what I originally created, looked at developing this into a more simplistic design, and adding more dimension to it. Again with the skills I have picked up previously of shadowing and embossing I created a similar effect. As well as hiding some of the text I had previously included and so with both of these versions I can compare and contrast as to which I prefer with more or less text. However when considering this I feel that using less text would work better because in some cases more text can make audiences less interested in the product. And especially if found on a poster which could be found in the city centre and found my passers by. The background to the poster also helps to split up the text in an alternative way then adding more text. Including shapes and symbols related to the products itself. But as a way of achieving a more sutal look turning down the opacity helps.