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My ideas on project

  1. 1. Initial Ideas and Feedback Hannah Sewell
  2. 2. Idea 1British Afternoon TeaMy main thought and idea was to cover the elderly market, due to their pensions they are able togo out and spend all the money on foods like cakes and afternoon teas. I chose this marketbecause I believe it fits well with what elderly people want and also it’s known that elderly peoplewatch what they eat so by turning vegetarian it means that they can have a structured diet. Bybeing a vegetarian I will try show our target audience about how you can eat and make your ownluxury foods in an exciting manner. The colour scheme that I would use for this is creamcolours, this is perfect as it goes with any colour, this would be the background of the recipe cards.Then I was thinking of adding some elegant pink flowers around the title and page, this adds somesophistication to the cards. Some flowers will be either big or small and will be quite long. This willbe produced in a varnish method, this will give a shine and smart finish to the cards, this makesthem look more expensive and classy. The foods that we would incorporate would becupcakes, sandwich classics and salads. This is nice party foods that would be nice to eat foryourself or the family. Afternoon tea was invented in the 17th century as it gave a elegant relaxationto the rich, this was known to always be rich adults, now it’s more dedicated to the elderly inmodern times as they have more luxury time. We will make our own products for this and use acamera to produce elegant high quality images for the recipe cards. It will be stuck to our theme byhaving colour coordinated plates in the background. The layout will be quite simple as it’s aboutshowing of the foods not the text, it will have lightly toned colours and not bright ones on thecards.
  3. 3. Feedback 1What do you like about the idea?The varnished method sounds like a good one to use on this themed card. It’llhelp with the sophisticated look she is after. The target audience is correctand good reasoning is put behind it. The colour scheme fits the idea nicelyand helps bring the card to life.What areas of the idea could be developed?Things could be more precise. For example, include which parts of the cardyou are going to use the varnish effect on, All of it or just parts?The font and where things are going to be placed haven’t been included sothe layout isn’t very detailed.What do you find interesting about the idea?Using afternoon tea as a theme as it is very out dated, but gradually comingback again. The younger generation are starting to get interested in it also somaybe it could be a new audience to target?
  4. 4. Idea 2Healthy Snacks for ChildrenThis is mainly for young children, I thought of this idea as young people like to always go out and doactivities in their spare time. These hobbies like football etc. might ask for a big demand in energy, soby creating products that are simple to create and have a lot of energy in it then it would fit well withchildren and their active lifestyles. This would be dedicated to the parents so that they can create theproducts for their children, this is creative and the children can also get involved too. This would helpto produce new skills for the kids and the parents. Another advantage of this is that the parents knowwhat ingredients that they are giving their children, this means theirs healthy products involved andnot ingredients that might not be good for the children. I was thinking of having a cartoon characteron the recipe cards so that it looks more creative for our target audience. The whole recipe cardtheme will be bright and colourful so that it catches people’s eyes, the font will also be big and boldwhich brings out the letters more. The whole idea really helps to encourage children to eat vegetarianfoods. The snacks would involve ingredients like:- fruit - chocolate e.g. Lindt- vegetables - biscuits e.g. Hobnobs
  5. 5. Feedback 2What do you like about the idea?The colour scheme is a good representative of the energy the foods are goingto give the children. Also the eye catching colours will help attract attentionto the cards. The idea to make children’s snacks healthier helps with manyworries parents have about their children.What areas of the idea could be developed?Again, you haven’t include much about the layout, where are images going togo? What size will they be? How many sections to the card etc. Font andimages of the food have also been missed out.What do you find interesting about the idea?The cartoon character. It will be a good way to get children interested in thecards and recipes too so the cards can then be education to kids and teachthem about vegetarian diets.
  6. 6. Idea 3Meals Made QuicklyThis is a really good method of controlling foods for the family. This is because somefamilies are always busy and find it hard to fit in a proper meal in the afternoon, thiscan be due to sports games or appointments that need to be attended to. The mainmeals would be pasta, pizza, snacks and smoothies. The background will be green asit’s for healthy products, it will look simple in neat so that the family can just make theproducts with no hassle.
  7. 7. Feedback 3What do you like about the idea?As it be will appropriate for the student market, which is proving popular inthe current market, so been able to make a healthier opinion to ready mealswill work well for those in a place of work.What areas of the idea could be developed?Possibly including helpful tips and guidance on different things you can add tothese recipes to make them different for those families on a budget. Lookinginto possible ideas of how your going to set up the shoot for thesephotographs, or using different forms of media to create these photographsfrom mixed media, illustrationsWhat do you find interesting about the idea?You could be able to adapt this for both those young teens, students andbusiness men and women
  8. 8. Idea 4Drinks on the GoThis is really creative and fun for people to enjoy, by making different drinks yourself you will discover what different flavours you can make and how healthy it is for you. The layout will be bright as the colours of each ingredient will fit well with the drink itself. For any age and can be a fun way to make vegetarians drinks, this can be delicious and enjoyable. This will help you to discover new flavours that you didn’t think you’d have.
  9. 9. Feedback 4What do you like about the idea?Looking at these recipe cards in a different way, and instead for the drinkmarket, which allows children the opportunity to interact and help in thekitchen especially when it come to those in there younger years allowingthem to spot out different colours and the fruit that are going into suchsmoothies.What areas of the idea could be developed?You could also include small snacks and finger food appropriate for that styleof drink such as hot chocolates and making there own cookies or biscuits. Orlooking into creating ice lollies that include real fresh fruit and could besomething suitable to be created by children.What do you find interesting about the idea?Using drinks as an alternative to foods, possibly making them suitable for onthe go, when targeting a younger audience shaping these recipe cards to thedrink
  10. 10. Idea 5Food Around the WorldIntroducing new foods for families is a good way to find out there culture and the way they eat. By involving new ingredients from different countries it helps to add vibrant colours and the ingredients can give you the right vitamins so that it helps you to be healthy and to have a balanced diet. The different meals with have a different themes as the countries are all unique with their own cultures. By enforcing vegetarian foods with cultural foods then it might inspire different people to cook different meals. It will also help bring a community together by trying new foods that they wouldn’t have before.
  11. 11. Feedback 5What do you like about the idea?Looking into different cultures and cuisine and been able to incorporate thesemixes these different background together giving a community feel.What areas of the idea could be developed?Possibly each recipe card including colour schemes and different objectsthemed around that country. You could also look to include small facts on thatplace around the worldWhat do you find interesting about the idea?This being appropriate for sharing or meals for one and been able to adaptthis for a party or for family purposes. As well as this been healthy food toappeal to a balanced diet
  12. 12. Summary of FeedbackWhat do you agree with from your feedback?When I first read it I thought it was clear for certain areas to be improved on. The first thing I agree on is tomake the layout more detailed in saying where I should put my font or what type of edit I should use on thepage. This is useful as it can give me a visual recommendation on what I should use on the cards. The overallfeedback had a variety of answers, this will help me to make products that will look more detailed in the future.Another part I agreed on was to introduce new products with my ‘drinks to go’ idea. By having drinks, littlefinger foods and ice lollies, it will really help grow the recipe cards as people will want a higher demand onwhat other foods they could could but also ingredients. The feedback also helped me realise that research is animportant part in finding out what products people want, by finding popular vegetarian recipes then it means Ican interpret my idea into someone else’s so that it’s unique and exciting for the audience. One feedback wastalking about how I should add more text about guidance etc. this would be good as people will get a betteridea on how to make the products overall. By adding extra cards etc, it might make it more exciting bycollecting different themed cards. This will make people more familiar with the cards and would be able togrow trust a long the way with the products.What do you disagree with from your feedback?I disagree on how I should introduce ice lollies and products whilst the name of the product is ‘drinks to go’ thistakes away from the main idea of making the drinks in the first place. Even though this idea has it’s advantagesI believe that if I create different ingredient ideas for the drinks then there wouldn’t be any need for new foodproducts. I disagree on how I should make products that would fit with a families budget, even though it wouldbe easier I think if I present is nice and simple so that it links with that target audience, then I wouldn’t need topromote things that would be in their budget. Food can be made to a high quality for anyone as long as you getit for the right price.
  13. 13. Idea EvaluationWhich idea that you came up with is your favourite and why?I think the afternoon tea idea was my favourite because it is something that would become very successful due to the targetaudience. Elderly people have a lot of leisure time and to make these products would be simple and easy to use. For examplethe different foods we would use is e.g. sandwiches and cakes. These kind of foods can be done perfectly as long as they followthe guide slowly and carefully. Elderly people like to have hobbies and things to do during there day so to have these recipecards it means they are able to do this. An advantage of having these as my target audience is that they can pass down anyrecipes that they find the most exciting, by passing them down it means the younger generation will start to produce newcooking skills. Some information that I got from the feedback pointed out that afternoon tea is becoming more and morepopular across a wide range of areas. This is good as it will help me to chose a strong layout that would fit a mass audience. Byfinding the correct research then it will help me to discover flavours and ingredients that people would like and then involvethat in my recipes. The only issue with using this idea is that it has been used and interpreted since the 17 th century (which isvery long). By making recipe cards based on it means people will be familiar with it but also in other countries they will knowthemselves that great Britain is popular for it’s afternoon teas. The unique part about this is that it’s based for vegetarians andvegans, which from what I know hasn’t really occurred before.Which idea, that your team came up with, is your favourite and why?I like Charlottes idea on how to make quick healthy meals for students, I really think this is effective and exciting way of cookingbecause students are known to not have much money at all so to introduce easy, cheap meals then it will really hit well withthat target audience. Even though the recipes will be good for the target audience, I believe that have a bright layout for therecipe cards is a really good idea as it’s eye catching and really makes the cards stand out compared to the rest. Even being atuniversity, it can be quite difficult to organise when you eat and your studies, by just picking up certain recipe cards then it’samazing how they can get addictive. Even if the they aren’t students, people at that age will always find it difficult to be healthyall the time whilst living away from parents etc, this is why it’s a good idea to just have recipes that are dedicated to that agegroup. Another advantage of having these recipe cards is that they give guidance how what recipes you could use instead ofthese and how to change ingredients, I would find this useful as it would be more exciting then just have the same meals overand over again. The way they could improve this would be to add more advertising in shops or restaurant etc. That means morestudents will see this.