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Moodboards and brainstorms


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  • 1. “Summer potato Audience; my primary target market that these salad; Make the most recipe cards will be aimed at is the older of Jersey Royals in thisTheme; will take inspiration from generation because they will have more time on fresh and crunchy side with buttermilk “Cheese & chive coleslaw;British culture and the idea of a there hands and are more likely to have time to dressing, radishes and Homemade coleslaw makesvintage style afternoon tea. Looking make some of these products which may also use the perfect accompaniment cress”into past jubilee celebrations where some upmarket ingredients at might need to be to a picnic feast, deliciousfamilies and communities are brought specially made, my secondary market would look “Cucumber & herb served with crusty rolls and triple-deckers; ham.”together to have street parties and to targeting the family market, as it will be Traditional cucumbercelebrations; and from his research I appropriate for them on days out and the holiday sandwiches on brownwill be able to incorporate some of season, but might not be used on a regular basis bread are given a “Triple cheese & onionthese ideas into the photography to because of the time and money that needs to go facelift with mint and muffins; Savoury fluffy cakesgive it a distinct style. into some of these recipes and might not be chive cream cheese.” packed with cheddar, Parmesan, chives, spring onion suitable for younger children because of there and cream cheese - delicious particular tastes . fresh from the oven.”Images; the images for this style ofrecipe cards will be created by ourown photography work, they will British Classics/ Afternoon Tea Recipes; incorporatingdisplay the finished product of what Design; the layout and format of these 8 recipe cards will have a small snacks, fingerthe food looks like when completed very simplistic and sophisticated look to it to suit the older food and picnic foodswhich helps give the reader an idea of generation, with classic handwritten font and using a pastel colour that are both sweet andthe sort of thing it will look like and scheme and using colours such as; pinks, blues, greens, oranges savoury. That can bewhether it is suitable for them. The and yellows. These colours will suit the summery foods and time suitable for any agesphotography will be mainly of the food of year that these cards will be aimed and used for. These colour from young to old andbut there could also be some props tones also have no real reference and are suitable for both the can be used created forinvolved to incorporate it with the male and female market. the layout for the text and images will a number of reasonstheme, whether this is because it is set be as follows, one large image that spans across the whole front from lunches, picnics orwithin a kitchen, and using old china page to give readers an accurate idea of what they are making. for on the go. Examplespots, bunting and floral displays. There will also be a smaller version f the same image of the back of some recipes of the recipe card which will help to split the text up, and is more sourced from the convenient for the reader to have a photograph on both sides. internet include;Production methods; these methods include making the card laminated which means hat the card is more durable, and hard wearing as beenable to wipe these over make them suitable for the kitchen environment. To make the recipe card fit more within the theme I would look toincorporating and using embossing around the title of each recipe card to make it look more high class and elegant to suit its target market ofthe older generation.
  • 2. Theme; the theme for these recipe cards will takeinspiration from foods from different countries Audience; these recipe cards are primarily aimed at those Recipes; all recipes for theseand taking inspiration from some of there busy students either and university, college or in full time cards will involve savourytraditional meals, as well as trying to make these work, which can find it challenging to make good food on a recipes from around the worldas healthy as possible because as busy working budget which is something I aim to create, using go give the reader variety andstudent ready meals and takeaways are seen as ingredients that have value for money or that can last for change to there very simple many servings. It is also key for these recipe cards toquick alternatives which is something that would diet. Some examples of these involve foods that are both tasty and are nutriuos. As wellchange with these recipe cards! To incorporating as this targeting students it will work well for those recipes is;this theme into my recipe cards will be key, which family’s living on a budget , and the fact that many parents “Japanese tofu noodle bowlI will try and achieve by using the colour schemes might work long hours so something that is quick and This healthy soup is full of freshfrom that flag from that country and involving simple to do whether it is the parent or child. spring flavours and makes aobjects that will represent that country, example sophisticated vegetarian meal forcould be from Spanish, Italian, British, Chinese and guests” “Tex-Mex burritoIndian food. A speedy vegetarian Quick meals made easy for busy students dish - ideal as a last- minute, midweek supper”Image; the images for these recipe cards will also include images created by photographys taken “Vegetable Thai redmainly of the food products that have been created within these photographs I will also try and curry “Tomato & basilinclude objects and colours related to that country of food I have chosen so that it fits well with Turn sinful curry into a sauce favourite supper once Save time and moneymy theme. There is most likely to be the same image used twice one on larger image on the front more, with clever with this simple andand then a smaller image on the back if the card which shows this food and makes it easier for the ideas on how to cut tasty sauce, great withreader to see the recipe and a picture of the food on the same page. the fat content” pasta, meat or fish” Production Methods; these recipe cards will be printedDesign; these recipes cards will have a similar layout to my first idea where by there onto A5 sized paper as this is common with vegetarianwill be a large main image cover the whole front page of the recipe card, with a large recipe cards. Using “As a general rule we give strongbanner across the top to state the recipe. The types of fonts which I will include will preference to recycled paper and vegetable in a sans serif font to make it easy and clear to understand. The colour schemes We tend to use 350gsm paper stock as this is quite stifffor this style of card will use primary colours that will help to make the page stand and similar to the thickness of a good type of card.out and attract the younger end of the market, I could also look at include some We print the recipe cards on 100% recycled, FSCneon colour to the colour palette to represent the vibrant and bright colours of approved stock” these recipe cards will then bestudent life. These colours will then be appropriate for both the male and female laminated to help prevent damage, and make it moremarket. These cards will also include helpful tips and guidance, as well as other durable as it is splash back. These cards will be editingopinion of things to try with the recipe which will work well for students as they can and designed on the computer using Photoshop to alloweasily change the seasonings and flavour, to make a slight difference which will be me to edit the photographs to a high standard ready tofound on the back of the recipe card. be used in reality, for customers.
  • 3. Theme; From a young age children like to learn and do Recipes; before deciding on recipes I will need to make sure that they are bothnew things, so creating recipes that both parent and suitable for parent and children, looking into how challenging these recipes will bechild can do together is a fun and interactive way for and the language that we will use when it comes to putting a method together, sothen to learn and develop there skills and get them something I could look into doing could be including how difficult it is and the agetasting and touching new things, and so because this is that the child could be to create the food. These recipe cards would be suitable forsuited for a the younger generation there will be a both the summer and winter months, with products such as ice lollies make frommascot to form part of the theme and will be used fruit, and different cakes and biscuits decorated in different ingredients and shapes.throughout the 8 recipe cards. The theme will also come Some examples of such recipes include; Fruity Tofu Smoothie Place apple juice, yogurt, tofu, berries,from the colour palette that I decide to choose which will Banana Split Pancakes for Picky Eaters; When the kids are driving banana, and honey in a blender. Cover and process until wellbe primary colours that children can refer to while blended. you bananas, promise them thesecooking, learning new food ingredients, textures and While the blender is still running, drop ice cubes into the blender banana pancakes with chocolatelycolours. Nutella—theyll stop monkeying one at a time (through the hole in the lid) until smooth. Pour the smoothies into tall glasses. Food made easy for children to getProduction methods; around immediately!when producing my recipecards , I will look to makethem as practical aspossible while in the involved with Audience; theses recipe cards will be Images; These recipe cards may also include mixed media when it comes there to target the youngerkitchen environmentbecause of both children to putting the different elements together to make these cards look generation and the family market asand parents working more creative, messy and child, and so this mixed media element could these recipes are things that bothtogether , to laminating be used within the titling of each recipe card .However, the main way I generations can do together, withthese cards will mean they will create my images will be through photography to capture the main interaction with both parent andare wipe clean and image of what the final product will look like , as well as the main image child. It will benefits the childdurable within the the recipe card will give the reader a step by step guide in photographs because they are learning andkitchen. These cards two to for the younger readers as it is easier for them to visualise the developing there skills when it comewill be printed onto A5 instructions these image will be created either by photograph or could to cooking and domestic work. Forsize paper making it be hand drawn to represent each instruction. younger children it will also givepractical within the Design; The colours for this type of recipe card would use bright colour them the chance to familiarise withworking environment and scheme following the main primary colours which will help to make it different colours, textures andwill be an appropriate size eye catching and stand out and for younger children they will be able to ingredients. All these types of theseto fill with information pick out these key colours whether this is in ingredients. when it comes things will be given guidence by somewith no white spaces but to the presentation it could be made to look like it is written on lined of the helpdful hints and tips that willas well not to cluttered paper which would help make it topical and appropriate. There will also be found on the recipe card and suitand will also use font that be a mascot seen on both sides of the recipe card alongside a speech that younger demographic, usingboth adults and children bubble giving the children something to follow through the recipe these approiraite lanuage when it comes towill be able to read speech bubbles could be full of tips, safety instructions or serving , writing out the reicpes, the colours timings and difficulty. used and the layout for this too.