Idea generation task4


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Idea generation task4

  1. 1. Task 4
  2. 2. FONT: for both of the designs I will look at using two very different contrasting fonts; one a very soft IMAGES: I will look to extreme and feminine fonts such as serif this idea of men vs women by font, meanwhile to contrast this a adding a colour overlay to also more chunky and bold font will be reflect, I will also look at used to appear more masculine. changing the focus to these COLOUR SCHEME; in terms images to the appropriate of colours I will use a very audience such as soft to contrast different colour scheme to the the sharp. In terms of the images already existing orange and I will look to create a scrapbook blue. By using the effect of images layering up these stereotypical pink and blue different images and symbols tones which will make it related to that gender. appropriate to the selected audiences THEME: the inspiration for this idea has come from the idea of competition between men and women. Which I feel will fit in with there already existing tone, based on there offensive humour, and so two designs of each product will be made for the poster, web banner and packaging. Some of the ideas behind this will also be very stereotypical of that gender, down to the text, colour schemes and images appropriate to get this message across. I got this idea from the Cadburys chocolate which ran a similar campaign over ‘spots and stripes’
  3. 3. FONTS; for the purpose of this design I will be using chunky font, that are clear and easy to understand for all ages. A sans serif font would work best because I feel that it is better for giving out clear instruction and content to the reader, that type of font will also be a lot more modern for the audience. IMAGES; I will look to use very COLOUR SCHEME; in terms strong and eye catching images of colours I will look to use a inspired by newspaper and comic more suital and muted colour book strip which could be created scheme, as it will help to using the software Photoshop and create a more calming and creating this by using the very different image for the technique of rota scoping. Also by brand. I also feel that these including some of there previous colours would appeal more to images into there campaign and a range of people because the again using the same technique already existing colours were rota scoping them. more masculine. THEME; this idea is aimed at appealing more to the younger generation that they are targeting to try and increase profits and profile for them, and so this strategy looks at being a lot more bold and graphic with there designs, the main focus been the busy images and backgrounds used to entice the audience, and in some ways to look a lot for childish in design. Taking inspiration from other drinks on the market such as innocent smoothies, as I really like the packaging and house style they have employed into there brand.
  4. 4. FONTS; I would look at using a serif fonts as I feel this style would work well with the overall tone and appearance to this idea. However, it would appeal to more of a female based audience being very different to what there branding is like at the moment, and will complement the images and text surrounding it. COLOUR SCHEME; IMAGE; to complement the the main difference to colour scheme I would use this campaign is the fact black and white images with that the colour scheme is extreme contrast to very different to the them, which will help to already existing product create this very graphic and to try and appeal to a cartoon effect. However while wider audience. Using the main image will be based more of monochrome in black and white the image colour scheme; of the can of irn-bru 32 will be THEME; the main house style and whites, slivers, greys and highlighted and brightened to inspiration for this idea will come blacks. These emphasis this more drawing from the colour scheme been very monochrome colours our attention to the bottle muted, while the product will be will help to create a new both on the poster and web bright and eye catching in its image, a more simplistic banner. original colours, the fact that I am and sophisticated using the same colours, captivates looking. there original audience. But will also help to bring a new audience in with the more simplistic tone.
  5. 5. FONTS; I will still look to using a sans serif font in capital letters, especially a chunky font. Which will continue to complement the bold colours with a bold font. As there existing advertising is more loud and garish then muted and soft, an image that wants to be continued. To then complement this other text surrounding the round whether this be slogans, captions or ingredients list will been is a similar sans serif font to help fit with the modern look that is been used throughout. IMAGE; because I will look at COLOUR SCHEME; I will be recreating a similar look for irnusing the orange and blue bru 32 I will use stock images in colour, however, muting these similar situation to the what more into pastel colours has been used on the past to making them more appealing create a more updated version to a female audience. These such as the old black n white colours will also reflect the images, finding images in similar situations however the THEME; the overall look of the younger audience and also brighter and summary camera quality been a lot better idea will be very similar to there tones, unlike the harsh colours and the colour images, picking existing branding, however I used before. out the brighter tones and tend to improve this, making it adding different effects found modern and updating there on Photoshop . original packaging both with the colour scheme, and images, still using the adult humour, to shock and get a reaction from audiences.
  6. 6. THEME; for the purpose of this idea the text would be a large part of the designs for all the packaging, poster and web banner, using what is commonly known as info graphics, compacting the information in a more interesting and humorous way just like what the brand is already well known for. This will also allow the market to gain more of an understanding into what they are drinking and to good it does but in a more innovative and unusual way. IMAGE; because unusually FONTS; as the text is an the text is most important to important to part to this this campaign rather than the design, I will look to use a image, which normally grabs number of different fonts both the attention of the public the serif, and sans serif, both in text will need to be bright capital and lower case. This and eye catching so to will help to keep audiences complement this a image to interested, I will also look at different sizing and widths of COLOUR SCHEME; in terms of the background will be used colours, i will look to sue mainly to the back of the designs and these fonts, to make them primary colours to fit in with the so by lowering the opacity curve and merge with the original irn-bru, however by and showing the silhouettes images and other text, and so introducing some new colours of different people drinking the website dafont will help into the design will help to this energy drink. Which me to do so with the range of brighten it and look new and wont distract from the text. different texts that can be different to what is already on the sourced from there. market of irn-bru, and is also good contrasting colours that will catch the eye of the public on the shelf.