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    Twitter Only Peterobrough Twitter Only Peterobrough Presentation Transcript

    • Twitter as a business communications tool
    • What the heck is Twitter?
    • Twitter is…
      • “Dumb,” in the words of a colleague; also “Weird”
      • “Micro-blogging” (an oft-used phrase) in 140 characters
      • Broadcasting to a niche group of people who care about what you have to say
      • Becoming today’s “newswire” and/or “police scanner” (Hudson River; Iraq)
    • Twitter is…
      • One of many ways to catch people on-line and lead them to your key messages
      • Great tool for 1) social networking 2) professional networking 3) information-sharing
      • Bonus: Great way to keep up in your industry/profession
    • 17 million users in the U.S. as of April 2009; Largest age group? 35 -49 Sources: TechCrunch & MariSmith
    • Why so popular?
      • Mobile
      • 140 characters easy to see on iPhone or Blackberry
      • Can be used at your desktop as well. Go to it as you go to your email account
      • The Anatomy of a Twitter Account
    • Definition of terms
      • People who use Twitter are Tweeps — not Twits
      • A message on Twitter is called a Tweet
    • Definition of Terms
      • People who read your Tweets are called Followers
      • You become a Follower of other people’s Tweets
      • Anyone can follow you and vice versa (unlike Facebook)
    • Want to follow? Click here Shortened URL leads to longer content This organization’s Twitter “handle” (always all one word) The most recent Tweet
    • How many followers and how many being followed Mini-Profile leads to website or blog
    • What to do with 140 characters
      • Link!
      • Share called Re-Tweet
    • What to do with 140 characters
      • Breaking news
      • Thank someone
      • Praise a partner
      • Offer advice
      • Seek input (Poll? Survey?)
      • Build “brand awareness” as in…
    • Promote events and reports
    • Getting Started…a demonstration
      • Go to
      • Create an account with username and password
      • It will ask for screen name. Don’t get cute.
      • Searching for people within Twitter is clunky
    • Get started
      • Find people/orgs to follow
      • Good places to start? 
    • Samples NH Media, Businesses, Nonprofits, Governments on Twitter; your local businesses & orgs
    • Excellent use of customized profile background
    • Who’s Tweeting in NH
      • The Jaffrey Fire Department
      • The Londonderry Police Department
      • The Epping Police Department
      • The Manchester Public Library
      • Portsmouth’s Music Hall
      • Portsmouth Regional Hospital
      • The Fisher Cats
      • Most media outlets
    • Finding folks to follow
      • Systematically click through to their followers;
      • find like-minded organizations and companies and follow them
    • No, you do not HAVE to read every Tweet! Lists Browse Mobile or email alerts
    • How to get followers
      • Following others will result in Followers
      • Your key words will result in Followers
      • Tweet often (but not too much)
      • Re-Tweet others
      • Have something to say
    • Rules of thumb
      • Don’t sell! Instead share, educate, enlighten
      • Be personal, but in balance--For every 10 Tweets, make one more personal than business (ie: We’re having a potluck today; Can’t wait to attend Chamber Breakfast…)
      • Do not alert people “I’ll be gone for a while”
    • Advanced Twitter Tools
      • Hootsuite - excellent platform for pre-scheduling; grouping those you Follow
      • SocialOomph - prescheduling broadcasts to Twitter only. It also does keyword alerts, autofollowing and more.
      • Tweetie iPhone app
    • Twellow
      • Find whose Tweeting by Location or Topic
      • Hashtags #
      • A user invention to find on-going conversations about a topic
    • Search in #healthcarereform
    • Bring Twitter into your site
    • Bring Twitter onto your Facebook page (and vice versa) and into your LinkedIn Page (just announced yesterday )
    • As with all social media tools
      • Audience dictates which tools are best
      • Messages dictate which tools
      • Goals should inform all forms of communicating
      • Who is your audience?
      • What are your messages?
      • What are your communications goals?
    • It’s the content , not the tools
    • Leave your business card for…
      • “The Social Media Six” e-news tips
      • Bi-weekly email blast of six tips
      Leave your business card for the bi-weekly e-news “Social Media Six”
    • Need inside page here
    • What is Twitter
      • Micro-blogging
      • More easily thought of as Group Email, only it is broadcast to people who have chosen to follow you
    • Colleague’s assessment of Twitter
      • Twitter is dumb.
      • But that was last January.
      • Love-hate
    • Best use of Twitter? Brand awareness—but takes some time to build up
      • Who is your audience?
      • What are your messages?
      • What are your communications goals?
      • Audience dictates which tools are best
      • Messages dictate which tools
      • Goals should inform all forms of communicating