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  1. 1. Intertwine and Pl ! I t t i d Play!Interaction design and public libraries Eva Eriksson Interaction Design Department of Applied Information Technology Chalmers University of Technology Talk at CHALS, Göteborg, Sept 26, 2012
  2. 2. • Kuggen
  3. 3. Multi-Scaled Interaction Design
  4. 4. Some theory….
  5. 5. “We design interspaces; assemblages of interfaces, actors and environments, where the challenge is to design spaces for human communication and interaction”. [Winograd]
  6. 6. genius loci (Latin for “the spirit of the place”) to denote the distinctive character or atmosphere of a place, shared socio-socio cultural meanings that are attributed to a specific placeExample: The key characteristics of the genius loci of the Aarhus municipality library are that1) itt is first a d foremost a home for boo s, ) s st and o e ost o e o books,2) it is a place from which information flows out to the community,3) it is an open and inclusive social place
  7. 7. Four Space Model
  8. 8. Some cases….
  9. 9. Urban Mediaspace Aarhus
  10. 10. Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark with about 300.000 inhabitants, inhabitants and the principal harbor harbor. gThe new urban area is a 23.000 m2 harbor area, so large-scale remaking of piers, transport routes, trams and so on.The building is abo t 28 000m2 and sho ld ho se the ne p blic b ilding about 28.000m2 should house new public city library, the citizens services, private interests, and a large automatic parking cellar for 1000 cars.Worth about 200 million EURO, and is the largest development project in the history of the municipality municipality.Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects, Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue and Alectia A/S
  11. 11. The Library of tomorrowhttp://vimeo.com/6191176http://vimeo com/6191176
  12. 12. High ambitions around the project, for instance that it will be+ the largest automatic car park in Europe+ the most accessible building in Europe+ a landmark+ a sustainable icon……
  13. 13. using p g participatory design inspiration for p y g pThe project is not only a large-scale building project as such, it is also a project+ddeveloping th city, l i the it+ the identity of the organization and institution,+ new services, services+ defining roles,+ defining use,+ developing and building the new house and city area.www.urbanmediaspace.dk
  14. 14. Core values are+ The citizen as key factor,+ Lifelong learning and community,+ Diversity, cooperation and network,+ Culture and experiences,+ Bridging citizens, technology and knowledge,+ Flexible and professional organisation,+ Sustainable icon for the City City.
  15. 15. 2009-2010 Winner 2014-20152001 Go! selected Opening 2006-2008 2011 Competition Construction established initiated
  16. 16. Transformation labhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpFO_L_jA1chttp://www youtube com/watch?v=TpFO L jA1c
  17. 17. The Interactive Children’s Library y
  18. 18. Project team: industry, libraries and research institutions Goal: increase interest for the library and reading visualise information and the use of new technology Method: observations, field studies, video sessions, drawing sessions, brainstorming, sketching, Wi d of O bodystorming, prototyping, user testing k t hi Wizard f Oz, b d t i t t i t ti
  19. 19. Children…..…do not search for books…do not prefer shelfs or the back of books…find it hard to separate the books…can not find a physical place for them p y p…like pictures and covers of books…find new technology natural
  20. 20. Workshop brainstorming sessions- based on findings from children’s libraries- mixing industry, research and libraries- creating a common understanding through sketches ti d t di th h k t h
  21. 21. Concept sketching- sketches as inspirational boundary objects- sketches for internal and external communication- sketching the intended interaction k t hi th i t d d i t ti
  22. 22. Rating
  23. 23. Slider
  24. 24. • The Moonrock
  25. 25. ”Wizard of oz” tests
  26. 26. Design iterations- dividing the search activity into two parts- relating the physical design to the body engaged in the activity- creating a direct visual connection between floor and table- multi-user aspects and sharing
  27. 27. StorySurfer – A Playful Book Browsing Installation for Children’s Libraries-A visual and physical way to search for books in the children’s library
  28. 28. Storysurfer http://www.youtube.com ///watch?v=rW‐rrQI06OA
  29. 29. BibPhone
  30. 30. Interactive Children’s Libraryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu7XciJi6xY&feature=relmfuhttp://www youtube com/watch?v=Fu7XciJi6xY&feature=relmfu
  31. 31. Families at Play in the library Project-team: • Danish Agency for Libraries and Media • Aarhus, Randers, Aalborg Libraries • Center for Playware • The Alexandra Institute, Center for Interactive Spaces
  32. 32. • The project investigates shared play culture through innovative new services and family activities at the library with focus on play, and also how new play concepts consisting of different types of installations, services and settings can support families playing together in the context of public libraries libraries.• Examples of concepts are a time music machine, an interactive treasure hunt, a pirate world, a nostalgic playroom and the interactive installation U.F.O.scope
  33. 33. • ….tradition as resource• ….common ground• ….intertwine services and play-ware• ….exploration• ….multi-modal interaction
  34. 34. Families at Play in the Libraryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUEcZ6dI0Vghttp://www youtube com/watch?v=mUEcZ6dI0Vg
  35. 35. Sum up
  36. 36. From individualdesign to social design d i
  37. 37. From closed andregulated systems to extendable extendable,evolvinge ol ing and open systems t
  38. 38. From disjointed to intertwined systems t
  39. 39. Sources:Mission from Mars: a method for exploring user requirements for children in a narrative space pDindler C., Eriksson E., Iversen, O.S., Ludvigsen M., Lykke-Olesen A. http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1109540.1109546Inquiry into Libraries - A Design Approach to Children s Interactive Library Childrens Library.Eriksson E., Krogh, P.G., Lykke-Olesen A. http://www.nordes.org/upload/papers/106.pdfStorySurfer - A Playful Book Browsing Installation f CS S f f for Children’s Libraries.Eriksson E., Lykke-Olesen A. http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1297289&jmp=cit&coll=portal&dl=ACMbibPhone: adding sound to the childrens libraryLykke-Olesen A., Nielsen J. http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1297307Spatial explorations in interaction designEva Eriksson http://bada.hb.se/handle/2320/10688
  40. 40. Eva ErikssonChalmers University of Technologyeva.eriksson@chalmers.se