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Smart Hub – Knowledge For the 21st Century

  1. 1. Event: 5th Smart Hub – How to Motivate YourselfGoal of the event: Learn how to motivate yourselfand others, hear some interesting experiences,networkingWhere and when? VERN – University of AppliedSciences in Zagreb, February 23rd, 2013Name: Saša Petar, Ph. D.Country: CroatiaAttendees: 146Number of people engaged in organization: 9Smart Hub – Knowledge For the 21st Century
  2. 2. We have chosen a lecture type of event that wasfollowed by networking and mingling. Type of theevent was perfectly suitable for the target audiencebecause of the casual atmosphere where a person ismuch more relaxed and open to learning.
  3. 3. Our mission at the SmartHub is to provideprofessional developmentopportunities for ourmembers by organizingvarious projects, seminars,trainings, events and otherkinds of youth gatherings.Nothing makes us happierthan to see a young personreach its goal. Making thathappen is our added value.
  4. 4. 13.00 How to Motivate Yourself, lecture by Saša Petar,Ph.D.14.00 Panel discussion about motivation and how is itconnected with Croatias entering EU (Ivan Burić,Ph.D., Elena Cvjetković, motivation coach and HrvojePavlačić, NLP coach as guests)14.45 Formula Student – an example of greatmotivation (Domagoj Bolfan, team leader of FSB racingTeam, presented how he motivates his colleagues)15.00 Start of informal minglingMost of the 146participants were studentsand young postgraduates.
  5. 5. The opening of the global labour market for youngpeople in Croatia, except for the unstable conditions inthe local labour market, creates a growing need foradditional knowledge that can not be acquired duringformal education. Lecture such as „How to MotivateYourself” is part of the kind of knowledge we areoffering as well as the opportunity to hang out in a non-formal way with colleagues they did not have chance tomeet before and exchange ideas.
  6. 6. The magic happened when the professor started hislecture. Everyone were completely focused for almost 60minutes. Seeing their facial expressions and knowingthey will go home enriched and fulfilled was definitely oneof the highlights. It all continued in the cafeteria whereeveryone exchanged contacts and commented on whatthey have seen and heard.
  7. 7. Nowadays, competitive knowledge ismultidisciplinary and social while businessenvironment is multicultural. We want to focusourselves on sharing knowledge, promoting andexchanging experiences in order to engage andencourage our members into life-long learning, self-employment and exceptional communication withtheir environment. That is the only way to create aneffective background for successful long-termpersonal and business decision making.
  8. 8. In the framework of the global market, thecompetitiveness comes only from onesknowledge, cooperation with colleagues fromother business sectors and contacts withpotential buyers of their ideas, services andproducts. This is where we interfere to make ithappen.
  9. 9. We tend to prepare students andpostgraduates for real-life businesssituations that are often remorseless toones who do not understand the laws ofbusiness environment functioning.
  10. 10. „I met a girl who is now my colleague and we started abusiness together.“ - Ivona P.„Thanks to Smart Hub, I learned how networking isimportant. My business started growing since then.“ -Milka D.„I think it is enough to say that I found a job afterattending a lecture at a Smart Hub where I met mypresent boss.“ - Josip Ž.