[Challenge:Future] Youth Cooperation Network


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[Challenge:Future] Youth Cooperation Network

  1. 1. “Out of the PHrameS” Latvia School of BusinessAdministration Turība
  2. 2. Overall economic situation shows…• …that high unemployment is observable in all age groups; overall migration balance is negative (Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia)Ministry of education thinks that…• …lack of new entrepreneurs, barriers in information streams, non- understanding of dependence between study lectures and its appliance into real life labour market, inexperienced youth are the main causes of youth unemployment (Ministry of Education working group during the conference “Youth unemployment problem solution”)Entrepreneurs do not want…• …to hire inexperienced, but educated youth, because there is a lack of integration into work process (Latyian Bank economist)We and our peers experienced in…• … impossibility to be hired because of lack of the experience, being offered primarily unskilled job. Youth is suffering from non-belief *Youth age of getting high positions, that’s why the youth is leaving the group: 15- country in the search for better life 24 Different opinions, one result. Situation in Latvia.
  3. 3. 10% - unemployed youth to totalnumber of unemployed (State employment agency)30% of youth are non-economicallyactive (State employment agency)29 – number of unemployed people onone working place (Ministry of Welfare) Figures show it all Youth unemployment is not the main issue of the country, but still one of the important problems related to youth in Latvia
  4. 4. Consequently, the situation in Latvia could be shown as following: Youth experienceYouth = lack of integration into work process Entrepreneurs = employers of youngstersGovernment = integration into work processOur aim - to transform “ ” into “ ” Is it possible?
  5. 5. YES! I do have…. Youngster I do not have… great motivation contacts business ideas knowledgecreativity drive to experience financial create resources According to youngster portrait, solution should fix following problems…: to provide higher youth competitiveness in the labor market; to decrease youth unemployment …and meet certain criteria: to be accessible and affordable to the youth; all parties to be involved and benefit (holistic approach). Our solution is : YOUTH COOPERATION NETWORK
  6. 6. Youth Cooperation network - a web based network, which allow youngster tofind partners on-line (among the youth as well) , but with real-life meetings/work andknowledge / experience share and tangible project outcomes, which could be done free ofcharge. YCN Working principle1st option Contact SearchGreen is a Tourism Faculty Yellow is an IT student. Expert in webstudent. Expert in tourism programming. Active, creative, wants to -Project implementation field. Wants to create a get real work experience. -Real work experience tourism web site. Zero -Further development and cooperation knowledge in IT. No -Success = new enterprise financial support 2nd option Knowledge barter Violet could speak German. Red is young entrepreneur, which has an Wants to know how to use web enterprise, providing software. Wants to design software. learn German since his childhood.
  7. 7. Youth Cooperation Network WorkingScheme Business Government Students YCN Students/Youth Young knowledge barter;entrepreneurs youth project development in any occupational field NGOs, other interested youth How the Youth Cooperation Network could be supported?The youth could be involved through universities, NGOs, professional schools and Employment Agency. Business enterprises, which are often seeking for creative, interesting solutions could finance student’s implemented projects or hire those, who are implementing them.
  8. 8. Role of Students / Young Entrepreneurs /Youth in Youth Cooperation Network Input Benefit Content creation (profiles and Real work experience projects , could be related to Opportunity to share/obtain new study programme or own knowledge (in cooperation with business) other youth) Opportunity to implement your idea with minimum finance and Skill/knowledge barter with maximum time savings other network participants Creation of your own business (just by creating a profile) In further, global perspective – an easy search for partners for business or research all around Project creation the world
  9. 9. Role of Entrepreneurship/Governmentin Youth Cooperation Network Entrepreneurship GovernmentInput: Input: Project financing , work Tax rebates for enterprises (for offering or mentoring example, enterprises’ financed projects could be perceived as a donations)Benefits: Ability to order/buy new Benefits: project from young specialists Increase of youth entrepreneurship Ability to find young, Decrease into financial activities adventurous specialists in related to youth integration into different occupational fields labour market and project implementation Decrease of youth unemployment experience (due to enterprise interest and Tax rebates youth entrepreneurship)
  10. 10. Project Timeline 6-8 month Involvement of NGOs,Project 2 month Network creation, young entrepreneurs andDevelopment University other youth involvement Actual Start of the Initiative Government and enterprise involvement The project could last as long as it serves to the youth and maintain its’ main functions Potentially, the project would be accessible to all youth in Riga (Latvia) In further perspective – international youth cooperation